Time Found

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Today is a sketching and painting day. While I work in the studio, I bring you a poem I wrote in October which may hold the treasure-chest of gray I live today.

Time Found

Run away with me –
I’m leaving now following a warm trail of imagination.
Slipping between – moist vapor swiftly moves,
trees appearing and disappearing – deception a namesake.
Moments pass quickly when noticing the slice of moon
sliding across night’s gateway to tomorrow.

Darkness settles into the corners of the room as lamps are silenced.
Be my imagination not that of Goya’s ghosts –
I seek a warmer, friendlier, more hopeful place.
Lifting evening’s gentle cover close under my chin,
time greets me as familiar as an old friend –
one I have been missing.

On this West Coast, mid-January day … as dawn carries the rain into rivulets down earth’s spine – I shall live each moment of each day to my fullest.

Sprout Question: What creativity might be hidden in your shadow?

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