Time Found

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Today is a sketching and painting day. While I work in the studio, I bring you a poem I wrote in October which may hold the treasure-chest of gray I live today.

Time Found

Run away with me –
I’m leaving now following a warm trail of imagination.
Slipping between – moist vapor swiftly moves,
trees appearing and disappearing – deception a namesake.
Moments pass quickly when noticing the slice of moon
sliding across night’s gateway to tomorrow.

Darkness settles into the corners of the room as lamps are silenced.
Be my imagination not that of Goya’s ghosts –
I seek a warmer, friendlier, more hopeful place.
Lifting evening’s gentle cover close under my chin,
time greets me as familiar as an old friend –
one I have been missing.

On this West Coast, mid-January day … as dawn carries the rain into rivulets down earth’s spine – I shall live each moment of each day to my fullest.

Sprout Question: What creativity might be hidden in your shadow?

Additional reading for the unwilling explorer of darkness: a powerful article by Lissa Rankin –  Owning Darkness: Accepting The Shadow

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9 thoughts on “Time Found

  1. Terrill, I love your creativity and your eager promotion of all our creativity! Have been thinking about that a bit today. Your poem also reaches into a peaceful place lit with lamps.

    What creativity might be hidden in my shadow? Hmmm… I wonder how one might know? Interesting that I took many photos today of snow shadows. There was so much to see and view and explore in those shadows. Almost as much–or more!–than in the objects themselves.

    • Kathy I made it by your amazing creative assignment and snow shadows (and by the way – thanks for the mention). I think your statement “Creativity is your only master, your only guide. Consult her [or him] wisely.” is a great way to lead yourself into your shadow. If we allow ourselves our full range of expression in our creativity, we can decide later what to share with others. The question I am asking is inviting that exploration. Your statement sets the intention. I believe the entire body of our work gains depth when we turn the soil of our creativity deeply, feeding the roots of our inspiration with fertile compost gathered from our shadows.

  2. Terrill – You asked, “What creativity might be hidden in my shadow?”

    The human body doesn’t know positive adrenaline (wedding nerves) from negative adrenaline (funeral stress). The body just works with the adrenaline.

    I think creative energy may be somewhat like that. Similar to the light side, the shadow side provides a remarkable amount of creative energy. Frustration, sadness, revenge, anger, jealousy, and rejection have been channels for so many successful works of art, music, performance and writing (i.e., Ernest Hemingway, Van gogh, Mozart).

    I personally prefer working from the lighter side, but can honestly say that some of my best work has been born out of sheer frustration.

    “Conflict … that’s where we find art.”
    ~ Garrison Keillor

    • Laurie, I am with you there… “the lighter side” is often more accessible and desirable for me. However, I have someone who is close to me who has a creative bent similar to mine. His creativity though, is fed and inspired most often from brooding melancholy that had us discussing the finer points of our right to choose suicide when he was very young. Now well into his 30’s, he said to me one day… “oh don’t worry about me committing suicide, I will never want to end a good run of inspiration by checking out.” I knew what he said was true. He had found a way to befriend his dark muse. I learned a valuable lesson – my dark side is as necessary to my creativity as my light side. Both have there place. With understanding and compassion for my shadow, I can trust I will move through to the light again.

      There is an edge of danger we fear in our shadow – the edge of being consumed and becoming lost in our darkness. This is not imaginary and has had serious consequences for many. So though I advocate exploring our shadow, I also advocate for living. If you are suicidal, consult a professional immediately. If you are worried about exploring your shadow alone, invite a skilled person you trust or a professional, such as Laurie Buchanan, to share the journey with you.

  3. Hey Terrill, Found your blog through Kathy’s (Lake Superior Spirit) and am looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful photos and exploring my own (and yours!) creativity! 🙂

    • Hello Cindy, Please to meet you. I have been off line with a power outage due to high winds (120 km per hour) early on Monday morning. I will have a new post and Sprout Question up in the morning (PST).

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