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To reflect or “cast back from a surface” is a large part of my photography, writing and painting. As a self-proclaimed storyteller, it is the art of reflection that is “the brand” of my creativity. My desire is for you to be with me – seeing what I see. I want you to smell the damp earth as you look at the trees reflected in the pooled water from resent heavy rains. I want you to hear the small winter birds and feel the sun as it finds its way through the forest canopy. I want you to notice how blue the sky is through the trees in the image reflected on this surface.

My desire is to be with you in this sharing. This is what motivates me to post, to have a blog and to specifically have the Creative Potager blog. It is my kitchen garden of creative thoughts and moments for us to enjoy. I am thrilled when you stop by to plant an answer for the Sprout Question or add an idea or appreciation in the comments. I love the easy gathering that happens with each of these posts. I am fed and nourished in ways I find hard to describe by our shared reflections.

For this I thank you.

Sprout Question: What are you casting back to the world from your creative surface?

Note: I am traveling on Monday so posting today, Sunday, before I leave.

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14 thoughts on “Reflect

  1. Sprout question: “What are you casting back to the world from your creative surface?”

    With my writing, I cast back a space for thought. Sometimes the space is comfortable; at others, a bit edgy. But it’s always cast for the reader to step into the space and embrace contemplation.

    • Laurie many times when I have read your blog I have felt “wow, she just did a great job of saying what I haven’t been able to find the words to clarify – even to myself.” Once you have articulated the idea or thought – then it is much easier for me to say “of course!, that is it!” Plus, a bit edgy is perfect… keeps me from staying under the warm blankets and allows me to step out into a morning breeze now and again. Thank you Laurie – I’m looking forward to you continuing to do what you:)

  2. i would like to think i cast back something of my self especially with my drawing.
    reflection is a really good way to describe it, and as it is with reflection you always have more than the individual object. it is always a unique relationship between two.

    • Jerry you have hit on something that (to me) is core in creativity – “you always have more than the individual object. it is always a unique relationship between two.” This is where I emotionally connect with a drawing, piece of writing or music that expresses more than a carbon copy of the original subject. It is the casting back of another “self” in this process that I can recognize in some aspect of my “self” or my experience.

  3. I am casting back my unique vision: ripe with crunchy apples, power-cords – which I no longer see as a barrier to beauty but as a breakthrough, music from Samuel Barber’s adagio accompanying my journey, casting back… and coming back and casting back again.

    Thank you for asking.

  4. I appreciate your thoughts and efforts with the posts/photo combinations. I also agree that reflection is an essential part of growing as a person.

    In response to your question, I hope that through my writing I am able to provide a unique perspective to interesting stories and get readers to consider the there are usually many possibilities as opposed to one or two answers.

    Safe travels.

  5. “What am I casting back to the world from my creative surface?” I think I am casting back views and stories and thoughts about seeing the world a little differently, about opening our eyes wider, about getting out of the way of rote interpretation, of the usual way of seeing life.

    Thank you for this thoughtful moment of moving deeper this morning, Terrill!

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