Fan Your Creativity

When we live a creative life, we create, we manifest and we pour out our inspirations day after day. In the language of Julia Cameron the creative well needs to be refilled – an “artist’s date” is what she prescribes.

We need to fan the flame of our creativity with cushy pampering. My “artist’s dates” often include enjoying the creativity of others.

Going to the city is a great place for tapping into rare creative gifts. We dined at Café Ceylon. Chef Tamara Bailey, a native of Sri Lanka – uses principles of Ayurveda in her cooking and prepares the most delicate dishes I have ever tasted. We seldom get to take in Chef Tamara Bailey’s masterful art work because of ferry schedules. Last evening I feasted under her talented palate on blackened coconut curried prawns – the sauce takes five hours to prepare. My creativity is stoked.

Later back at our room in the Humbodlt House Bed and Breakfast, following a lengthy lounge in an oversized soaker tub (we only have a shower at home), I browsed through my blogroll to see what other creative souls had been doing. Leah Piken Kolidas of Creative Every Day is featuring creations by amazing CED participants.

Ahhhhhh! See you back at the studio next week. Friday happy dance to you.

Sprout Question: How do you pamper and fan your creativity?

Note: I have limited computer access today but shall be on-line again this evening.

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8 thoughts on “Fan Your Creativity

  1. Walking in nature is usually good for fanning my creativity, or just lying on a nice, warm beach on the shores of Lake Superior, or digging in my gardens…..OK, that’s it! :}

    • Thanks Cindy Lou for so gracefully responding to today’s Sprout Question. I can relate to all of these… though I admit to having a hard time staying still on the beach – unless I make a sand castle.

    • Jerry, I wish you were closer because when I am painting or writing I want someone to cook for me when I step away from my work. My partner knows when I’m on a creative roll that it is simple fare for the duration. I’m fortunate that he isn’t fussy and will join in the prep if not the cooking. However, when I get to one of those completing and celebrating phases then I first clean up the little and big disasters I’ve left behind and will fan the flames with company as you have described. I always find it interesting how we all work just a little differently.

  2. Wonderful sprout question, Terrill! I also tend to go into nature to ‘fill the creative well’, but also find that doing dishes, or rhythmic chores can help me tap in, as well. I searched my own blogroll to find this support! 😉 Thanks for sharing, Lovely Lady!

    • You are welcome Antonia… I like the addition of rhythmic chores. This is what I do when I have a challenging problem I seem to be circling and getting nowhere. Nice addition to the conversation Antonia.

  3. Sprout Question: How do you pamper and fan your creativity?

    I pamper my creativity by taking long walks in Nature by myself.

    I fan my creativity by cleaning the house to within an inch of it’s life!

    • Laurie, I am sure glad for our sake that your house is still living:) Thank you for sharing your Sprout answer.

      I have mostly long city walks these past few days… so looking forward to being back out under the trees and over the sandstone shoreline. The bright lights are beautiful, with exotic spice filling the space where exhaust fumes were only the moment before. Yet it is raven’s call, the eagles flight, the deer browsing while wind soothes that tells me I am home.

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