Early Easter

Looking at that big sky I am reminded that today is the last Creative Potager post until the morning of Tuesday April 6, 2010. Early Happy Easter to you as we take one last quiet stroll before departing to family and friends.

Bull kelp rests where it was thrown during a high tide, its long tail reaching back into the sea. Bull kelp has been the inspiration for many a child who spies it on the shore. It is an annual and can grow 80 feet long in one season with leaves up to 10 feet long. They grow together creating an underwater forest.

Spring has arrived to the shoreline…

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Here is my personal favourite view looking down on the grape hyacinths, iris stocks and snapdragons growing next to the shore.

But mostly I want to share with you one of  my favourite arbutus tree….

View and purchase full resolution image here.

If you look way across the Straight of Georgia that is where Vancouver, B.C. is, just below the cloud covered mountains. On Saturday afternoon, I will be waving back to you from there.

Sprout Question: How do holidays fit with your creativity?

All the best of the Easter holiday weekend to you.

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

27 thoughts on “Early Easter

    • Thanks Jose. We went out just before sunset to the lighthouse and David was laughing at me because he said I had this huge grin on my face and I was bending around and scurrying everywhere snapping pictures. I admit to being very focus as I wanted to get my shots in before we lost the last of the light. However, I had no idea that I had this ear-to-ear grin while I was doing it.

  1. Terrill – Did you see the FACE of the man looking down, eyes and mouth open, at the bottom of the photo “Snapdragons in the rocks?”

    I LOVE THE ARBUTUS TREE! When I come there one day Terrill, I’ll ask you to take me there for a visit.

    Sprout Question: How do holidays fit with your creativity?

    Ahhh, because holidays are usually spent with other people, they provide me with many more ingredients to add to the creativity pot.

    • Laurie if the tree has survived the high tides and the sandstone hasn’t loosened its tight grip on very edge of the shoreline and if the hurricane force winds haven’t taken it down… then we will for sure be make this tree a priority when you come to visit. I think it is one of the reasons I visit this tree often… it reminds me by its very presence that nothing stays the same.

      Yes time spent with others… a refueling station on my creative journey.

  2. Great photos Terrill! I usually associate holidays with having more time to express myself creatively. I also find that my holiday photography tends to be on the more colorful. For example, on July 4th you just can’t avoid the colors ( http://www.flickr.com/photos/pamhule/3690991778 ) and in the winter time I look for colors to break the dreariness (see here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pamhule/4231050941 and here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pamhule/4231051875 ).


    • Thank you so much Jens for the links to some of your photographs. I am particularly fond of your red umbrella images. What an interesting observation that you take more colourful shots when on vacation. I might just be a curious cat but that seems worth exploring further. Say with a question like “what is it about holidays that brings out the colour in you?”

  3. the thing about holidays for me is similar to the changing of the seasons. they help mark time and are great points of reference to explore memories of the past.

    • Yes Jerry there is certainly this aspect of holidays for me especially not being in the same community with any of our family. Holidays usually mean travel for a few or a lot of us to be able to get together.

  4. Terrill, your pictures are heavenly. I can imagine you running about with that big grin, enjoying every moment of the late afternoon sun. No matter how many times I see these trees, rocks, and shoreline, they remain fresh and new, especially through your lense.
    Holidays are time away from my writing, always a pull for me. I love my family, so very much, yet yearn to put words to paper. I just have to get better at writing “in the cracks,” putting it down in my little notebook and then transcribing later. I will get better at it.
    Happy Easter.

  5. Hello, Terrill…wherever you may be! I hope you are having a wonderful Easter with your friends and family. Your photos are lovely…the lone arbutus tree, the flowered signs of spring AND that trailing tail of kelp.

    Since the kids left home and are rarely here for holidays–and our other family members are also far away–it’s just Barry and me for the holidays. So creativity really isn’t affected…if anything there is more open space for it to poke its head from the curves of rocks.

    • Kathy I can say that your chipmunk was for sure a creative stroke of luck poking its head up. I am going confess now that I have been enjoying a complete rest from creating… well except for managing a power outage which always requires a bit of creative thinking.

  6. I am not at all surprised that you have treated your readers with pictures of this breathtaking beauty. And it does remind us even in th edying throws of winter that some lovely weather is ahead. I hope all of you at this beautific hamlet have enjoyed a wonderful Easter Sunday.

    Ah, helping the kids color eggs, setting up the bunny finds the night before, and joining them in an Easter egg hunt at a local park, run by the Borough Council. We really did have a glorious day.

    • Sam it sounds wonderful – enjoy it while you can… there were no eggs hidden in our house this weekend. In fact we spent much of it in the courtyard with the outdoor fireplace going due to a lengthy wind storm that took the power out for a day and a half. All is good though – even if I didn’t get to go away to see my grandson and his mom and dad during the holidays. Soon. I will plan something soon.

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  8. I’ve just been catching up with your blog. It is a feast of inspirational images & ideas. Wonderful. The photo of the arbutus tree is my favourite on this post. Your question: How do holidays fit with your creativity? Is a question I’ve been pondering over since my children broke up from school this weekend for 18 days. I am just beginning to establish my creative practice again & need to find a way of integrating that with my role as mum.

    Happy Easter to you.

    • Happy Easter Kat and good luck with finding creative ways to answer the sprout question over the next two weeks while your children are on break. They grow up and are gone so fast part of me wants to say… go play with them and maybe do some art, writing or story telling together. But you will know just what is right for you and them and it whatever that is – it will be perfect! I too went and caught up on your blog and thought that it would be fun to connect readers to your “Seaside Inspiration” post about Polzeath beach Cornwall. It looks beautiful.

  9. Enjoyed these images of the northwest Pacific shore.

    Holidays is a time for family and I enjoy capturing the joy, merriment and spontaneity of it all. Especially the children who see things so different than us adults do.

    Safe journey!

    • Thank you Scott for your sprout and best wishes for travel. Your post today filled with bird photos is a delightful feast for the curious.

      As it turns out, because of a rather lengthy windstorm and power outage I didn’t get to go anywhere. My partner’s daughter came to visit for overnight as planned but I didn’t want to leave them to cook on the wood cook stove outside and manage the outdoor fireplace at the same time. We have no alternative source of heat in our home but because it is strawbale construction with hot water in-floor heating, it will stay warm for 24 hours but then starts to cool down. By the time the power came on it was 61 degrees which isn’t too bad but not as comfortable as being by the fire in the courtyard.

      So we have spent a very quiet Easter weekend and tomorrow a new post will be up for us to enjoy and come by and have a good visit. I am looking forward to it!

  10. again and again, wonderful and gorgeous photos… i never bored to see these.. i’ve tried to take a good photos too but it’s not work yet..

    terrill, long time i dont come to ur blog bcause of i’m so crazy with this new phase of working,, but thanx a lot for ur tweet yesterday, it support me ..

    love and hug

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