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I discovered yesterday that I could make a slideshow for my wordpress blog and I have just the subject matter I want to test it on for us. The day is that very gray day when I took the sacred rock photographs. It is not a very interesting day when you look out into Navy channel but as I turn my attention to the large sandstone forms on shore, I become intrigued and lost in their wave-washed beauty.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sprout Question: What is your most inspiring subject matter this week?

Note: Here is the link to the tutorial by Jesse P. Luna I used to build the wordpress slideshow . The only information that is missing is when you click on the photo icon, make sure you then are using the “Flash uploader” not the “Browser uploader. ” Have fun!

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

16 thoughts on “sandstone slideshow

  1. Terrill – WOW, that is so cooooool! Thank you not only for the slideshow (gorgeous photographs), but the link to the instructions, and the additional leg-up regarding “Flash uploader.”

    Sproud Question: What is your most inspiring subject matter this week?

    “The Seven Selves” – the subject of my keynote speaking engagement this evening.

    • Laurie it was so much fun to make the slideshow. I think it is great tool when wanting to actual “take” your readers with you on a visual journey. Good luck, break a leg, sing loud, have fun and remember to celebrate your keynote speaking engagement this evening.

    • As I said on your blog Laurie, your story about your experience with your future self had me tingling all over in a kind of vibration sense that I do not experience often. Outstanding post about letting go! Note to readers: you will want to read the link that Laurie provides with her post.

  2. Terrill,

    Thank you for being creative and finding a new way to enhance and show off one of your many gifts!
    These are amazing “rock”, and the photographs capture the power and beauty of nature in all her/his glory!

    Sprout question: What was my most inspiring subject this week? The inspiring subject was Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia Pa. And here are my Photos to show for it!

  3. Terrific navigation of the tutorial, and the end result is a magnificent sandstone slideshow presentation, that flows perfectly on wordpress. ‘Wave-washed beauty’ indeed!

    I guess for this week, I was inspired by a staging (last night) of Robert Anderson’s “I Never Sang For My Father” in Manhattan, which featured Keir Dulea and Marsha Mason among the four leads. It wasn’t in a class with the film with Melvyn Douglas and Gene Hackman, but it’s was a worthy presentation of a deeply-moving drama.

    • Thanks Sam and thank you for your sprout question response. Mayne Island Theatre does a play every two years. The last I attended was the Tom Stoppard play, The Real Inspector Hound. It was in the put on in the Agricultural Hall (circa 1899) and staged on the floor with the audience surrounding the play and part of the acting happening within the audience. This combined with the audiences delight at their friends, neighbours, ferry staff and so on playing various parts made it a unique experience. And the acting was great! I think it was the most fun I have ever had attending live theatre.

  4. Awesome slide show. Thanks so much for showing us how. I like how you grasp nature and bring it to us in such perfect form as she is.

    What is your most inspiring subject matter this week? For me it’s been researching the web on where to post my group if ning goes away.

    • Yes Kathy the ning for paid sites only is going to create yet another round of change for those of us creating and participating in conversations on the web. Thank you for your sprout and I look forward to hearing more about what you find and decide will work for you.

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