A Study

After yesterdays eclectic group of photos, today is a sparse offering.

These lovely little canvas prints from my East Point Images I shared with you in February the “Simplicity” post. They arrived in yesterday’s mail. I am starting to gather together material for my September solo exhibit and these are going on a particular spot above the books in the library which is hard show.

Like many people I feel physically, emotionally and spiritually naked when I bring my work into the public. This is particularly so do a reading from my writing such as on this coming Saturday or when I have my canvases on the wall in such as the September show. Yet, I have learned that it is a part of “the business of creativity” which must be navigated. So vulnerable or not, the show will go on…

Sprout Question: How do you prepare for a public viewing or listening of your work?

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13 thoughts on “A Study

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. I am thinking that I need to develop the same comfort I have with posting my work on my blog when it comes to face-to-face letting it “hang” out there.

      Note… I will be out today and will be back to check in this evening to see what inspiring sprouts have been sown. Have a great day!

  1. Terrill – Oh so lovely. I remember these WELL from your Simplicity post. They are among my favorites in your great lineup of work!

    With the speed at which time passes, September is just around the corner, and Saturday is basically here. Break a leg — you know I mean that in the very best way!

    Sprout Question: How do you prepare for a public viewing or listening of your work?

    I am no stranger to public speaking. One week ago today I gave a keynote presentation. Regardless of the amount of preparation, or the amount of time I sit quietly in wrapped in the embrace of Spirit …

    … my undies still get in a bundle beforehand! Thankfully, the moment I’m on stage I’m fine.

    Laurie Buchanan

    • Laurie I know about that “undies still get in a bundle beforehand” bit. I am usually saying to myself “what was I thinking!” Fortunately five minutes after it is all over I re-frame with “hey, that wasn’t so bad. I had fun and will be looking forward to doing it again.”

  2. Hi Laurie
    On Terrill’s urging I checked out your blog. Well I liked what I saw so now your blog has been added to my list of favs.
    On to the business at hand.
    How do you prepare?
    Well, public speaking…um…for me it’s a love hate kinda thing. You see because I’m dyslexic my earliest memories of public speaking weren’t pleasant.
    Thankfully, I come from a family of public speakers. I received tons of advice and followed their example.
    I still didn’t feel comfortable about it. However, years of working with children in day cares made it necessary for me to read…aloud.
    Then I moved to Mayne Island…I was asked to read at church…I was honoured…and decided to overcome my phobia. I read. Those around me celebrated my effort.
    I began to seek out opportunities. Now I’m hooked.
    Thank you for reading my biography. : )Thank you for the opportunity to expound, Terrill.

  3. After all that I don’t even think I answer the question. How do I prepare…I’ll keep it short and simple…what I do is practice by reading the piece repeatedly in front of a mirror.

  4. Hi Terrill
    I love the colors in the art work….Lovely.

    Sprout Question: How do you prepare for a public viewing or listening of your work?

    I first will add, I too am a reader at church, some how speaking in front of 600 people does still put a little sweat on my brow. It is scary, exhilerating, and challenging in putting my vulnerability on the line, not mention my familes, who are the ones listening the most intently, especially my son.

    I have been a public speaker for many years, all the way back to debate team in jr and sr high, I was pretty good too!

    I guess my biggest challenge is to put my vulnerability out there every day in my work, especially when employees/co-workers are looking to me for answers, being an example, encouragement, and relying on my expertise-regionally and nationally. I sometimes, especially when on national calls with experts, feel that vulnerabiity in a big way. It is exhilerating when I can step out, be in the moment, step up to give input and feedback.


    • Kim thanks for your lush and detailed sprout response. As an executive leadership coach (when I don’t have a camera over my shoulder or a paint brush in my hand) I can really appreciate the vulnerability required when we are leading. Keep going for what is exhilarating!

  5. 9:00 pm – I am just sliding into home now after the umpire of late ferries yelled “SAFE!” as we got to the ticket wicket with every extremity crossed and thanking the gods of green lights for seeing us on the last boat tonight sailing to Mayne Island.

    I thank you all for the beautiful sprouts shooting up in my absence. I have watered them lightly with affection and will tend to each one in the morning. Until then, may your dreams become visions of possibility and warm you with simple abundance.

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