Earth Day Mayne Island

It is 6:00 am when I arrive at Bennett Bay and head down the trail towards the rising sun in the Gulf Island National Park Reserve on Mayne Island, British Columbia Canada. No other human is here yet. Today is Earth Day.  I am celebrating by taking my camera and going for a walk at dawn. If you are a regular reader this will be a familiar stroll. We have been here together before…

Morning song birds, honking Canada geese, cries of eagles, the bark of a seal, and seagulls intersperse between a gentle wind coming off Georgia Strait into the firs, arbutus, gary oaks. Feeling the soft ground through my shoes I notice the dampness starting to seep under my sweatshirt searching for the places open around the edges of my turtleneck. I spy a lady slipper but it is too dark under the trees to share her with you. Walking purposefully I am soon at Campbell point.

Low cloud over the Mainland.

Vancouver hidden in cloud

Georgeson Island begins to warm.

Seagulls feast on a starfish breakfast.

Sun on the shore catches my attention.

I sit for a while feeling the rough sandstone cold beneath me as I watch the waves, smell the sea, and hear the sounds of earth waking to another day. Then it is time to head back through the gary oaks.

Between the arbutus.

And past the big firs.

The morning light through the trees is filled with mystery.

Close to the entrance of the park there is a swing reminding me that humans are part of Earth and it is this relationship between the two which leads us to celebrate Earth Day.

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I hug myself. I spin once slowly with arms outstretched… another day – yes another glorious day I get to see dawn in her slip before she has a chance to dress for the  sun’s rising. Lucky me!

Sprout Question: Does Earth Day play any part in your creativity?

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

17 thoughts on “Earth Day Mayne Island

    • Thank you Tobin… they are pretty much only softly edited due to timing – except for the last one of the tire swing. I took the time to render it as an oil painting because I just loved the effect of the lighting on the composition.

  1. Yours is such a lovely walk. I find myself drawn in, following you down the wooded path. When I saw the seagulls & the rocks, I was missing only the sounds of the waves hitting them… Happy Earth Day to you!

  2. I am there in mind and a few paintings may be inspired by the photos at some point!
    Every day is Earth Day for me as Artist I get my inspiration from the landscape but to focus peoples attention on our fragile world it may be a good idea

  3. Earth Day?? I don’t know.
    I just returned from florida where i lived from age 9 till 16 where i spent considerable time reflecting on how much things have changed there. I kept coming back to my grandfather telling me how different it was when he would visit Florida in the late 50’s. ie the price of land, how abundant the fishing was ect.. I had the same feelings about how much every thing has changed.

    • Hello Jerry – there is always that change thing isn’t there? Here the elements change the shoreline and tree lines regularly. So even if people are not making the changes, the environment still is. Sometimes I like to watch period movies just to stretch out in the hamlets instead of feeling like an ant between the towering building. But change it does and change it will continue to do. Thanks so much for your sprout response… and sharing a bit of your time away with us.

  4. Your have no idea how much I enjoy your photos and stories. Living in suburbia in Chicago gives me totally different pictures to take, almost as if I am on another planet compared to the views that you have close by.



    • Thanks Kim glad you enjoyed your walk with me… Chicago… it is a place in novels to me – a place Emily Carr went to by train. Do you take your camera with you when you are taking that new puppy for walks? I would love to see what you see, hear, feel, smell and experience in Chicago.

  5. You live in such a beautiful earthy place… Being a morning person and sensitive to variations in light, I especially felt a tug at my heart seeing your ‘mystery filled morning light through the trees…’

    • Well, well Barbara… another morning person:))))) I love early mornings most days though I need to go to bed early or have a nap if I otherwise I don’t wake up until 7:00 am which this time of year is too late to be called “early morning.”

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