New Paint Box

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Do you know that excited tingle you get with a new writing pen or journal or new lens for your camera or a new box of paints? Well, I found such newness where it had been all along – in my program. I did the unthinkable and digitally painted on one of my photographs. Ahhhuhhhh! Yes, I can hear your gasp but it was so much fun… kind of like writing on the dining room wall with coloured felt pens (and much easier to clean up).

I was inspired by the work of Martha Marshall who creates digital art and collage as well as abstract paintings and regular collage… sometimes even using composted papers. Martha is a prolific artist with an outstanding blog “An Artist’s Journal” that captures the essence and strength of her keen eye for design, texture, patterns and composition. I encourage you to drop by for a browse and read.

Sprout Question: What is the latest new tool or technique you have used and who inspired you?

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

27 thoughts on “New Paint Box

    • Good morning Kim… no luck on that bean pot yet? I am sure the most perfect one is just going to jump out at you one of these days. It will be love at first site and then I will be able to see your smile all the way from Mayne Island.

  1. Thanks so much for the mention, Terrill! You know already that I am inspired by you and your work as well.

    I hope you don’t come looking for me, tearing your hair out, when you realize just what a rabbit hole digital painting is.

    New tool or technique for me? I have to say I’m absolutely intrigued and fascinated by a technique I just heard about and want to try. It’s using CitraSolv with printed pages to transform them into incredible looking art papers. I’m reading that old National Geographics work best. Here’s a link:

    I can just imagine these in my collages!

    • Thank you Martha for dropping by – feels like “in person” but I suppose not quite:) Well, Martha I have lots of hair and I don’t run very fast any more and first I would have to swim to the mainland or catch a ferry so I think you are pretty safe. Thank you also for your sprout response and I am looking forward to checking out that new link you have left behind.

  2. Our Mutual friend in Art ,Martha always inspiring to visit,
    I have recently been experimenting a bit more with watercolour soluble crayons on canvas ans on top of acrylic,a nice effect to be had

    • She is grand isn’t she Chris? And so are you for that matter. I feel so darn fortunate to have such a wide range of regular visitors who joyfully and freely share their work and inspirations. Chris do you have any of your mix medium work using this technique on your blog? Would love it if you could share a link. Thank you Chris for stopping by:)

  3. Terrill,

    It is always fun to get a new tool, discover a new technique… I have been hearing the call of a new lens, which will have to wait until next month, I almost had it in my hands but fate step in.
    I followed your lead to Martha’s blog, Thank you! You have such great connections, so I connected with her blog too!

    I am Love, Jeff

  4. You introduced me to Tweeter. I’m enjoying writing short, short, short stories.
    Here’s one…
    Starving, she searched. All she found was an axe. She cut off a toe, ate it. She ate until she was full — gone.
    I enjoy the challenge — the fewer the words, the more you need to think.
    Along those lines I have also begun to write logline synopsis for my manuscripts.
    For example, my paranormal/psychological thriller logline is: the birth, life, death, and possible redemption of an artist.
    So, in short, my new tool is brevity.

    • Leanne I am not even going to ask what the toe is off of. I have the most squeamish stomach ever. My kids still warn people if they start getting to graphic their descriptions – particularly if we are eating. Twitter is a great tool as tweets force brevity and also clarity. I can think of no better tool for practicing this art. Thank you Leanne, as always, for your contribution… though cut off toes may make me feel slightly ill, I loved your Salt Spring Island adventure that you posted yesterday… great photos as well! Good luck with your summer sales at ArtCraft gallery.

      Dear readers, I have one of Leanne’s natural fibre artisan pieces that will be in the Mayne Island Summer Group Show in July. I am hoping for a chance to do a couple of posts about the show over the next few weeks. These will be bonus posts that will be put up on Saturdays. I will have more about this soon.

  5. Terrill – That’s slick as a whistle! Very cool, indeed.

    Sprout Question: What is the latest new tool or technique you have used and who inspired you?

    As you know my hard drive crashed and burned last Friday morning. A tool I’ve resurrected in the interim is the old fashioned tablet and pencil. And while my hand aches from writer’s cramp, it gets the job done. The inspiration came from basic necessity.

    • Thank you Laurie, I’m glad you could still squeeze by without your own computer today. I wasn’t expecting that you would make it. And your sprout – tablet and pencil always seem fresh and new to me… even the stubby pencils because they make me laugh. And Laurie, just think how expedient tablet and pencil are compared to chiseling each letter into a slab of stone. Better writers cramp then carpel tunnel syndrome.

      I am sending a wish to the goddess of all computering that you are up and running soon.

  6. This post reminded me of my ‘pinhole’ project, building my own pinhole camera, without any ready-made parts. I’m so curious to see how it works out in the end, can’t wait to ‘take’ the first picture 😉

    I hope to actually see the photo-graphing, and look forward to new discoveries. It’s kind of ‘back to the very basics’… exciting, challenging, and maybe a new art, for me 🙂

  7. I enjoyed your new paint box! What a cool idea. You did a great demonstration. Will have to try it. And I also would like to try CitraSolv that Martha Marshall mentioned.

    What is my new tool or technique? Both of my ideas are photographic. I never cease to be amazed by the quality and versitility of the camera on the iPhone. This past winter when we went on the Panama Canal cruise it was the only camera I took… and you can see those pictures on my blog in March archives.

    The other cool feature I enjoyed recently was the self timer on my new Nikon D300. It allows one to get into the picture and do a self portrait, if you wish.

    • Sherwin iphone photography has become quite an interest for people. There are whole groups of people connected on twitter who post their iphone photography to share with each other. Your photos are great in “the March archives“… I wouldn’t want to watch that dive though it looks stunning. And the self timer – I have never really figure out this self timer thing – maybe it is because I would much rather be behind the camera than in front of it:) However, I think it is a great traveling skill for when you are on your own or you want a whole group (including yourself) in the photo. Thanks so much for adding your new tools and techniques:)

  8. Terrill, what a cool photo/picture! Love it.

    Re: a new tool or technique? Well, I am a novice so everything is new to me…This past weekend I used the back side of a piece of watercolor paper because I didn’t like what I had done on the first side and thought I needed more practice so why not? Well when the paper is not attached to anything it usually wants to curl and really looks bad and can be difficult to work. I laid my paper on a thick towel while I worked…and I was somewhat wet in my application of paint and the paper is very flat and nice…you would have thought I had the paper still attached to the pad. It seemed to like the absorbing quality of the towel.

    • Shirley that is a brilliant idea and one I will file for future use when I don’t have my board handy to tape the water colour paper down. Did you leave the towel dry so it acted as a wick for the water or was the towel damp as well? So glad you dropped in Shirley and shared this new learning.

  9. I don’t really use any post production techniques as such in my photography as I am a bit of a purist. I have, however, been experimenting with “painting with light” – ensuring that there is plenty of direct light on my floral subject and using my macro lens to blend the colours and give an almost ethereal feel to the image.

    • Renee thank you for coming by and leaving a sprout at Creative Potager. I tend to be more on that side of photography as well using minimum post production. Then in the last while I decided that as long as I am honest about what I am doing… why not play… much better choice than felt pens on the white expanse of a dining room wall:) Hence my “New Paint Box” post. Renee your “Light Painting” is stunning and beautifully composed with such a delicate yet firm hand.

  10. The paint box yielded a larger than life illustration that (joined with others) would look beautiful in a children’s picture book, where exaggeration is a commonly appreciated style. Have you ever considered doing this?

    Recently, I learned how to utilize a classroom “smart board,” which combines audio visual and colored chalk writing (and drawing) on a white canvas. Internet access enlargement makes for quite a versatile teaching tool. I was inspired by the recent promotion of the school’s art teacher, and a desire to enhance the visual possibilities in the classroom.

    • Sam I have heard of the “smart board” as my daughter Josie is a teacher and she uses one to each physics and other science classes. I would be interested to hear how you like it and how it enhances or detracts from your teaching environment.

      What an interesting consideration… children’s picture book? No Sam I hadn’t considered that. I sometimes write children’s stories with little drawing for children in my life but they are more personal to that child. I will have to give this some thought. Thank you Sam for leaving a sprout and an inspiring suggestion.

  11. “What is the latest new tool or technique you have used and who inspired you?”

    Not so much a new tool as having been reunited with a technique that I thought I’d forgotten! Who inspired me? Myself. I’ve a folder on my computer of tips about how I do what I do, that I sometimes remember to add to – and I actually found something in it that I needed to remember!


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