Summer Holidays

A young boy, maybe 11 years old, coasts his bike down the hill towards us. He makes eye contact and grins. I grin back. No words are necessary. It is the first week of summer holidays. The evening is warm and the sun is coming down between trees with bugs dancing in its soft rays.

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With the tide being low, I am able to get closer to where the seals sunbathe in Oyster Bay. I can’t help thinking how their shapes on the rocks mirror the jaggedness of coastal mountains across the water. How many years of July days have seals rested on these rocks?

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We walk on and coming to Reef Bay. Carefully I meander out onto the sandstone. Tall grasses are trapped in a golden glow in front of the beach house.

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But it is the waves that are calling me. Sitting on the warm sandstone, I study them. I listen. I feel. I smell. I see. I engage with their presence….

wave one

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wave two

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wave three

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and wave four

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I hope you have enjoyed your summer evening walk with me here on Mayne Island… swisssshhhhh!

Sprout Question: Are you taking your creativity for a summer holiday?

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

26 thoughts on “Summer Holidays

  1. Now that is what I want to be doing! Instead I am sitting in my car blogging!! Lunchtime here, fish sandwich!!
    I am taking a long lunch! – am working 615 am to 5pm today…someone scheduled a meeting at 4pm. – am usually long gone home by then.

    Thanks for bringing me along,especially to see the waves and the seals.


  2. Thank you for sharing your summer creative walk with all of us blogger.
    Wonderful photographs! I have already visited your http// where everyone can view the wonderful wave photos in full glory.
    My creativity is my holiday!
    I am Love, Jeff

    • You are welcome Jeff and thank you so much for your awesome sprout response… has me giggling because it is so like that sometimes. Yes I see Jeff, redbubble is up again so I will put a link in for each photograph now. By the way, I am super enjoying your new profile photographs… so full of energy, connection and dare I say it – mischief:)

    • That could be Laurie my inner child mostly is an outer child and always up to something! And what a ride you had… I have been over for a quick browse but need to come back for a chat.

      Dear readers, it is really the next visit you should take on your summer holidays… follow Laurie’s link and go for a bike ride with Laurie and Len through the countryside.

  3. Terrill – I vividly remember a funny picture of you on the old Gaia platform where you crossed your eyes and stuck out your tongue — every time I looked at it I cracked up! You have a wonderful inner/outer child!

    Thank you for pointing to Speaking from the Heart.

  4. Lovely summer walk, Ms. Terrill! That first shot with the blue road is awesome. Love that color.

    Your story brought me right back to that carefree feeling of childhood. That sense of freedom and endless days. But, strangely enough, after thinking about it–I don’t think I’ve lost that carefree feeling. Because of two part time jobs that let me choose my hours, I’m still feeling pretty free. Maybe even freer than childhood…

    Thank you so much for your beautiful blog and photos.

    • Yeah Kathy there are some parts of childhood that should stay with us forever… like summer evenings and that carefree feeling. Your welcome regarding the post. It was my pleasure.

      Dear readers, I have the photograph of the seals as my background on my laptop right now. I find it an unusually calming image. You have my permission to “borrow it” for that purpose. Give it a try and see how it works for you. I would love to hear about your experience.

  5. wonderful shot terrill..
    i adore the first photo and the 3rd when the sunlight peeks from the trees.. what a wonderful picture..

    and ur summerhollyday seems fun, i envy u terrill.. i can’t take holiday.. i’m too sick of the job and annoy people here..

    have a great day for u dear..

    • Wulan you are just going to have to come by over the summer for wee Creative Potager vacations… all work and no play makes for a very unhappy wulan. Good to see you here:) Glad you enjoyed the photos.

  6. Hi my friend aye the highlands are stunning even though we are being hit with gales (which i enjoy) the old bus is semi permanent but i wander of in the old horsebox to get my films and pictutres

    love and peace from me and mel

    • Good to hear Andy… always is nice to be exactly where one once to be… and a gale or two in the mix keeps things fresh. We are finally getting summer here on Mayne Island… just in time for my daughters wedding which will be on “the big island” Vancouver Island in Mill Bay.

      Dear readers, I have a busy few days ahead of me with “the wedding” but I think I have it figure it all out. I am contemplating doing two pre-scheduled posts for you next week where you can view and comment amongst yourselves. Some of you regular readers, I am sure, will be comfortable chatting between yourselves while I am off celebrating. What do you think? Does it sound like a good idea?

  7. My creativity is my summer holiday! Always and forever, making me feel like I’m on vacation. Even for a few minutes in the day.

    • Thanks Jeff – that is awesome! And I will do my best to uphold my end of the bargain with stories and photos.

      We still have tomorrow’s post thought that I will be around for – sort of… between tasks shall we say:)

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