Salish Sea painting series

I’ve never been one to do a series of paintings on any subject. But I find myself wanting to now. I have three water miscible oil paintings in what may become a lengthy series of seascapes about the beautiful and mysterious Salish Sea.

The first oil painting in the series you have already seen as it is “Winter Sun

The second is painted on a 16X20 inch gessobord in a birch wood cradle 2” deep. It is the first time I have painted on a hard surface other than finished plywood. I used a palette knife and was so involved in the painting there are very few shots of the progress.

A start…

working to bring the blue forward…

And now for the finished painting…

View and purchase full resolution print of painting here.

For now and maybe forever it is called “Salish Sea 2

On Thursday I will show you “Salish Sea 3” which is an 8X8 inch gessobord in a birch wood cradle 2” deep that is an abstract oil painting… or at least more abstract than most of my other work…. You will have to wait until Thursday to see though.

Sprout Question: If you could sail the Salish Sea with me what might you like see?

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

11 thoughts on “Salish Sea painting series

  1. Gorgeous! I love it and three shots of the progress are better than one 🙂

    I didn’t know there was a Salish Sea…we live in the foothills of the Salish Mountains here in Montana. I love the synchronicity.

  2. I didn’t know there was a Salish Sea, either. Still amazed at how you create a painting…would have never imagined how you put color on top of color like that. Good work! (And three feels like the right number.)

    I had a journey after yoga today of being on a sailboat in a sea surrounded by a pod of dolphins. I let go of the rudder and control and surrendered to a deep trust. In the dawn, the dolphins led me back to land. If we sailed together, perhaps we would surrender together in trust, deeper and deeper, and let the sea show us the way.

    • Kathy because I am physically surrounded by the sea on our little island it does feel like “we would surrender together in trust, deeper and deeper, and let the sea show us the way.”

  3. Me three – I didn’t know there was a Salish Sea, either. I love the beauty in your work Terrill, it just reaches out and through my eyes to my heart.

    Sprout Question: If you could sail the Salish Sea with me what might you like see?

    I would like to see a merman and a mermaid.

  4. Just to let you all know I am home and fine. The ferry that was to pick me up from Vancouver had an accident at Mayne Island and was taken out of service requiring passengers to be rerouted through Victoria and then back to Mayne. You can read more about this here at

    Then we went to get groceries when I got home and the car broke down so we walked back.

    I don’t think I will water the garden tonight… a major water line will be sure to bust.

    Thank you Helen, Kathy and Laurie for your comments… I will reply in more detail tomorrow. Until then Terrill.

  5. Your addition here Terrill, concerning these mishaps doesa admittedly dampen the spirit of the original post. Sorry you had to endure all that, and happy to hear all is well in the end.

    The finished Salish sea painting is magnificent.

    I’d love to see The Flying Dutchman!

    • Okay, one Flying Dutchman coming right up for Sam!

      Yes dear readers, the Salish Sea always has its own story to tell. I will likely do a bonus post today covering some of yesterday’s experiences and sharing some great shots I got of the fog when leaving last Friday morning on the Queen of Nanaimo which was in the accident yesterday.

    • Chiaink Winkin, Blinkin and Nod is one of my favourite poems. I use to read it outload to my little brother, then my baby sister and then my own children. Always a hit! So yes we could possibly see winkin, blinkin and nod as we sail the Salish Sea together:)

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