The saying of wedding vows

David’s youngest son Dan

Okayyyyy, here we go...

married his long time love Deirdre June 27, 2010.

Together they continue their journey in life…

These previous two photos are courtesy of wedding photographer Federico Vanoli who can be reached by email at balores17 at hotmail dot com in Victoria B.C. Canada.

What is all this saying of vows about anyway? Well, there is probably a slightly different answer for each one of us that gets married.  But one of the wonderful aspects of these unions is thoughtful loving-kindness towards our family and friends.

We seem to be renewed by weddings.

David’s daughter Amy and her husband Fede (the wedding photographer) Dan and Deirdre.

The laughter, the love

Deirdre with her mom

and all the hugs.

I hope you have enjoyed this glimpse of our first wedding this summer… stay tuned and we will bring you some photos from the second wedding as well.

Sprout Question: How does your love for others appear in your creativity?

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17 thoughts on “The saying of wedding vows

  1. Well Terrill, the glowing couple and their kin could hardly be better served than this loving post, and the beautiful photos for all to see. It’s one of life’s greatest joys as everyone knows, and it’s the single most event that is rarely taken for granted. It’s the one time where even cool relations thaw out, and in fact it’s often a time of renewal and forgiveness. In spirit of love and bonding, it’s a time that will always be reflected upon, and revisited with the help of such priceless evidence.

    I also love displaying pictures of my children, and their presence is always a form of inspiration in how I move forward every single day.

    • Sam I have greatly enjoyed how you weave your family into some of your posts and share snapshots of your time together. In my art work and photography I mostly focus on interpreting how nature feels and filters through my daily life. Yet family and community are deeply important to me. This sense of community spreads out into my online community as well. You are so much a part of that network and it is wonderful to get a glimpse into “the rest of your life” with snippets about your family.

  2. What a beautiful couple and such a sweet gathering of loved ones. Weddings always make me cry. I’m tearing up just looking at your pictures! I think it’s because a wedding is so full of hope and aspirations for the future. May their path together be blessed.

    How does my love for others appear in my creativity? I don’t know, but I think a successful and joyful work of art carries a part of the artist’s spirit. I do think about that when one of my paintings goes to its forever home, and I make a little wish that it brings joy to its new owners.

    • Martha I am smiling as I imagine you making that little wish and the joy your new painting will bring to its new owners. I must confess now that I have visiting rights to some of my paintings. It was a deal struck to get me to part with them. Though I seldom follow up with a visit… I always know that I can:)

      Martha your comment “I think a successful and joyful work of art carries a part of the artist’s spirit” is truly insightful. I suggest you may want to make this a Martha quote:)

  3. What a great wedding photo story! Very lovely.

    How does love for others appear in my creativity? For me, without love there is no creativity. It is all one can do to just maintain, let alone create. How can one produce a meaningful, creative expression with hatred in your heart? It would come out dark and sad. Love and forgiveness are fundamental to good performance.

    For example, Tiger Woods, the greatest golfer of all time has not been able to perform as he would like to since he got caught cheating on his wife. His marriage is obviously on the rocks. Until he can make peace at home and resolve those problems, I do not believe he can focus and achieve top performance.

  4. Thank you for sharing those lovely pictures. As I pondered them, I wrapped in memory of my wedding day. So, with happy tears, I continue to write…

    How does love for others appear in your creativity?

    Too many people describe themselves as ordinary. Too many people think — oh, that’s just me. That’s just my story.

    Acting out of love, I hope to reflect their ordinary life and reveal how extraordinary, how profound it is.


  5. Terrill – I know that my eyes should go to the main subject — the people — in each photograph, but they’re drawn to the natural background and the floral bouquet — stunning!

    It’s clear that the bride, her sister and mother are all cut from the same bolt of cloth — beautiful.

    Sprout Question: How does your love for others appear in your creativity?

    What a difficult question! I’m not sure how it “appears” in my creativity, but I can say that my creativity is born out of compassion for others.

    • Well Laurie I make a point of not giving such talented Creative Potager readers an easy sprout question… where would be the challenge? hee, hee, hee. Actually I really don’t think about how easy or hard the questions are… only try to capture a question that comes up from my writing the blog post. I have been thinking that some of the questions may even repeat themselves but if I can’t remember I decided it was okay to ask it again.

      Dear readers, I’m pretty excited. I am off on a a camping trip into the high desert of Washington about 50 miles from the Canadian US border. I catch an early ferry tomorrow and expect to be off line until Tuesday noonish. I am scheduling Tuesday’s post but will be back in the afternoon to join in the sprout discussion. The best of the weekend to you all.

  6. Loved these glimpses at the wedding couple. And the way you wrote it. Love how Dan is in color and then Deirdre is in black-and-white. The hugs, the smiles…bet you had a great time. What a summer of weddings for you!

  7. What lovely photos, Terrill. To answer your sprout question, I would say that my love for my grandchildren inspires me to write. I know that I’ll be gone long before they are adults, and I want them to know something about me and my imagination and inner life.
    If you’d like to see some of the things I’ve written , you can go to my website at
    I also have two blogs, one for Magda, my fictional character, and one for me and my other writing.

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  9. it is the face of joy that touched me when i looked at these pictures – and the idea of sharing that love in each and every piece of art is perfect…what could be more artful than love in a garden?

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