Sagebrush blue dawn

I wake sleepily from disturbing dreams where I walk across a border crossing into the U.S. with plans to take a bus somewhere into a city I don’t know. Then miss the bus and it is dark.  The morning’s soft edges and my dream bring me back to earlier this summer and the high desert in Oroville Washington. There was a photograph I wanted to play with. Let’s have a look….

View full resolution and purchase print of painting here.

Can you hear the morning dove? Is the sagebrush perfuming your lungs with a slight hint of damp dust from the night’s thunder showers?

Sprout Question: How did you greet the dawn today?

Note one: Yesterday Sam Juilano, from Wonders in the Dark, posted an interview with me that if you haven’t already read you might want to wander over to Artist and Nature-Lover Terrill Welch: Mayne Island’s resident Creativepotager. Special thanks to all Creative Potager readers and twitter followers who have already been and commented. And an extra special thank you to Sam. Though I find it overwhelming to see my  ordinary life so extraordinarily presented, it has been fun.

Note two: Creative Potager has a new page Artist Biography and a post announcing my solo exhibition “SEA, LAND AND TIME.” Please share both as appropriate.

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

13 thoughts on “Sagebrush blue dawn

  1. Today I greeted the dawn slowly, for the first time in a long time. Snuggled in bed I browsed a Gardens West magazine before rising to feed the horses at 7:30. Then I enjoyed the quiet as I ate my granola topped with farmer’s market fresh peaches. The peaceful morning was a real treat and I savored it.

    • Sounds lovely Sue… and I know you have been pushing the outside of the envelope for weeks. So very glad you had a chance to just hang. And you took a moment out of your day to come visit Creative Potager:)

    • Oops! Your comment was caught in spam for some reason today…. I am still giggling partly at your joke and partly because your husband didn’t think its funny. We all have our own understanding of what is funny I think. My children used to say that my jokes were never funny but because I would be laughing so hard telling them – everyone else would be laughing… but not about the joke. So glad you left this joke sprout today:)

  2. That IS the most beautiful painting. I LOVE it! Love the colors in it. It’s stunning. This is one of my favorites that you’ve shown.
    How did I greet the dawn? Oh dear. Not too outwardly attentively this morning. I was deep in meditation when the sun crested the trees. By the time I went outside and drove to the school, the sun was shining quite intensely. I did notice my blue Teva sandals sitting sandy on the front lawn and vowed to take a hose and spray them clean. That hasn’t happened yet and it’s almost sunset. Oh well, one of those days filled with other kinds of adventures…

    • Thank you Kathy… it is a photograph that I have digitally rendered as a painting. I played with the colours and textures to capture the feeling that I wanted. The original image was much cooler in tone – even more blue in some ways.

      I like what you say Kathy “Oh well, one of those days filled with other kinds of adventures…” The freedom of accepting what is.

  3. Well Terrill, that “rendering” as you refer to it as is absolutely magnificent! Eye candy of the most delectable variety. I agree with the esteemed Ms. Buchanan that the ‘sagebrush blue dawn is stunning’.

    Dawn here in the NYC area toady was rain-soaked, as it was all through the night. I greeted the dawn by carrying some garbage bags out to the curb. Too early to “think.” Ha!

    Thanks so much once again Terrill for the acknowledgement, and for being the subject of an extremely popular post as per word press numbers and the exceeding enthusiasm of the respondents. Your own readers here deserve the highest praise for their fantastic responses.

    • Sam I am still taking in all the comments on your post and your kind words. I can’t thank you enough for the care and time you took to shine a light on my work and on my life. If you ever get a chance to come this way I promise to give you a chance to experience Mayne Island first hand. It is a magical place. Hugs all round. Terrill

  4. I love the photo and the title, Terrill – such a fresh, emotional light blue with a warm quality. The title is a wonderful rhythmic cadence with a hint of a tongue twister “…brush > blue” and the relaxation on the wide vocal of “dawn”, opening up like the landscape in your photo. I enjoy to say it loud.

    I start my day with a good cup of cappuccino and a croissant, just sitting in the echo of my dreams – until the espresso kicks in 😉

    • Detlef good have you drop in and you know I love how you love to say words out loud. Thanks also for the sprout.

      Dear readers if you have never stopped by Detlef’s blog and listened to his spoken word or one of his pieces of music you are in for a treat. Here is a perfect start to your morning with Love and sunshine for everyone. It is nice and short… only a minute and a half then you will be on your way with a smile on your face.

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