Only the SEA

View full resolution and purchase print of painting here.

The original has been sold to Annie Q Syed and now hangs in a sun-filled apartment in New York City. To learn more go to Annie’s post “The Soul of the Sea.”

It’s me. It’s me. The sea, it’s me, it’s me.

Calling, calling, calling.

Winds blow clarity into my being, while the sea continues to call. Every ounce of my earthly body is drawn forward… heaven-ward. I remind myself – it is only the sea.

This wee painting of a mere 8X8 inches on gessobord mounted on a 2 inch birch cradle has only one image… the final image. The painting spilled onto the surface like a wave coming to shore. No effort really. A simple whuuwwwwiiisssshhh! There it was. Well, actually hours had passed but I didn’t notice. I didn’t stop. I painted. I remembered to breathe. That was all.

Sprout Question: What will mesmerize you?

Note: Creative Potager has a new page Artist Biography and a post announcing my solo exhibition “SEA, LAND AND TIME.” Please share both as appropriate.

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

39 thoughts on “Only the SEA

  1. Absolutely wonderful painting! Great colors and composition. I love it!

    What mesmerizes me? Right now I have been losing myself doing rock masonry. I am pushing to complete a rock wall and rock walking path over steep, rocky terrain. The curved stairway with 12 treads is done, and now I am connecting it to the rest of the sidewalk that comes around the side of the house. The end is within sight. Nothing is better that the satisfaction of making something that you know should stand forever. Rock and mortar is pretty indestructible.

  2. This is really precious. I love how you forgot yourself and flowed into the waves. There probably was no separation! You were a wave in those moments.

    I am mesmerized sometimes when writing…carried away on a sea of words. Not always, but sometimes. And those times are precious indeed.

    • Thank you Kathy. I do sometimes get lost inside my paintings but it is not an unfocused lost. Hard to explain but it is different than not knowing where I am… I know exactly where I am but I have no idea what is going on around me.

    • Welcome to Creative Potager Shekhinah… ahhh, I mean Julieanne:) Yes it is awesome… always have to remember that what has come before leads to this ease. That is how the heart, the hand know what to do. Thank you so much for stopping by.

  3. having this painting will mesmerize me. if i could afford it first!

    standing at this scene in real life would mesmerize me.

    you did such a stunning capture! really.

    you are incredibly talented. wow. i could stare forever.


    • Annie this is the smallest painting I have ever done. It is only 8″ X 8″ A tiny wee thing (but powerful). Therefore, you may be able to afford it… you never know:) I will email you directly. Thank you for your interest and your comments… it always makes me smile a BIG GRIN when people think about what it would be like to own a piece of my work.

      Dear readers, if you are interested in an original painting, please feel free to step up – even if it is to go in the exhibition. All I will ask is if it can be shown before it is shipped to you… and you could say “no” 🙂 So feel free to send me a direct email and we can chat. Of course if you are interested in a photo print that it much easier… just go directly to
      and pick out what you want and put the order in. Done! I am showing my photography as canvas prints but there are many more formats you can purchase.

  4. Awesome painting!

    I too would be interested in one of your oils!, as I have a couple that are similar.
    I also am mesmerized by trees, and butterflies, as well as the sea.
    recently when we were by Green Bay and Lake Michigan, it was mesmerizing to just sit by the water and breathe….


    • Thank you Kim, we must chat!:))) Is there a particular painting that takes your fancy? I shall drop you a direct line.

      You and Annie have made my week… along with this lovely couple from Victoria who bought #4 and #5 of the “window with a view” series of 5 prints from the Mayne Island Summer Group Show today.

      Dear Readers it always amazes me how energy sometimes flows like this and then it will wane for awhile and then flow again. I must admit, my life has never been much about trickles. Even mistakes, I save them up for big ones. Does this happen to you sometimes as well?

      p.s. thank you for your sprout Kim… “mesmerized to just sit by the water and breathe” Maybe we should all take in a deep breath and exhale it slowly together… there that is better:)

  5. “Even mistakes, I save them up for big ones. Does this happen to you sometimes as well?”

    Yepper. I’m pretty sure the size of my mistakes are where the phrase, “It’s a doozy!” comes from 🙂

  6. The sea the magic of the sea!
    You convay this magic with every brushstroke you make .
    The light on the sea as its sparkles on the sea, the spirit of place is there!

  7. I just returned from the “sea” or the Atlantic Ocean as it is.

    But nothing I saw on the trip is as beautiful as this stunner!!!

    Your gifts are remarkable and I am “mesmerized” just taking this in!

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    • Thank you John and I am thrilled to see you here on Creative Potager. I know from your comment over on Sam’s interview with me that you are a regular reader. Always nice to know who is out there. Drop in anytime.

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