Sea to Sky by the Salish Sea in September

Traipsing along the shore by the Salish Sea in September is splendid. Yes, that is a lot of ‘s’ sounds. But never mind… shall we?

A stunning September day

Looking south is equally as inspiring.


Gazing into the water with its layers of seaweed…

And then looking up again…

Sea to sky by the Salish Sea in September is Splendid.

Sprout Question: What is the colour you smell and hear in September?

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

6 thoughts on “Sea to Sky by the Salish Sea in September

    • Oh Laurie that seems like the beginning of an Haiku poem. “September/ the color green/ softly whispering good-bye” or something like that. I have a book of Haiku and they don’t all have the same syllable structure but there is consistently that profound surprise in the last line. This is what you have gifted us in your Sprout response. Sweet!

  1. What a Gorgeous beginning to my day, Terrill! Love your Beautiful pictures!

    Sprout Questions: What is the color you smell and hear in September?

    Greens meld into golds, making way for crisper, cooler days.

    • Thankyou Antonia and great sprout response.

      Dear readers, I am having some computer trouble this morning and will post Friday’s submission later this afternoon – with a bit of luck. Have a great day. Terrill

  2. There’s a sense here of brown, as autumn is moving closer, and all the things we associate with September begin to take shape –the leaves changing colors, the beginning of the football season, hayrides, Halloween within hailing distance, and some pumpkins to be harvested.

    You have featured some of the most known-dead beautiful photos I’ve ever seen at this site Terrill! You are so lucky my friend.

    • Yes Sam I am lucky for so many reasons. I am deep gratitude for friends like you who have shown up to share moments with with me. I am grateful for all the wonders I call my life and living. This is this moment and that is all we really have. Tomorrow is another day and we do not know what it might hold for us.

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