Unusual Light

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Harbour Air is part of the Victoria B.C. morning view. In this image the sun has found a hole in the heavy cloud cover as the float plane taxis out, taking passengers into Vancouver. The lighting was very unusual. It has a surreal effect on our senses. We might ask: “Is it day or is it night?”

Often, an image captures our attention because it is ordinary but seen in unusual or different light. Take for example, photographer Jeff Stroud’s image “waiting II” and the uniqueness of this ordinary bench. Impressive!

Sprout question: When has unusual lighting caught your attention?

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

16 thoughts on “Unusual Light

  1. Terrill,

    I love this photograph, the light is truly effective it creating a beautiful image.

    Thank you for referring to my Waiting II ! I am thrilled how this came out, the moment was there, I took it. The station is not that dark, yet through the window of the train which is tinted in someway, plus the low lights of the station, creates whole different effect.

    I am Love, Jeff

    • Jeff thanks for sharing a bit more about how you came to take Waiting II. It is a stunning image and I am thrilled to have just the place to share it this morning. My pleasure to share such an exquisite piece.

  2. What an amazing example of lighting! The photo itself is great, but with the sun peeking through the clouds (I can just imagine what that looks like), and casting a beautiful, soft glow – it adds a whole new element. I also love Jeff Stroud’s example of interesting lighting. He was able to take an ordinary object, and turn it into art.

    Lighting (I’m learning) makes a HUGE difference!! Thank you for sharing these great photos!!

  3. Terrill – First let me tell you that Len, a general aviation pilot, is drooling over your photograph!

    Sprout question: When has unusual lighting caught your attention?

    The first photograph in the slideshow I published this morning on Speaking from the Heart caught my attention because of the way the sun was “spotlighting” one particular tree. It was like the sun had actually singled it out: http://holessence.wordpress.com/2010/10/20/preparing-for-winter/

    P.S. I love the link you provided to Jeff’s work!

    • Laurie what a great slideshow of fall… and that one tree in the “spotlight” is incredible. I love some of the others with their big branches reaching skyward as well. A real visual feast! And tell Len I am happy to hear he liked the photograph… I was wondering who might find this image pleasing for its content – a pilot of course.

      And I love Jeff’s piece as well. Such a unique capture and he handled it so beautifully.

  4. Terrill, I forgot to mention in my earlier comment – to answer your Sprout question, I found (what I believe) to be a beautiful example of interesting lighting. It’s from an earlier post of mine (tooting my own horn, here):


    It’s the 6th photo (the one with the twisted tree trunk), I loved the way the glowing light from the setting sun was illuminating the subject – soft light on the trunk, and the nearly-silhouetted branches up above.

    • Holly “tooting your own horn” is encouraged here on Creative Potager. It is a place where we are friends and can get excited for each other – a place where we can show our favourites or our best work without holding back. So please, feel free to toot away and leave us appropriate links to your work anytime you feel inspired.

      I went look at your sixth photo Holly and it took me forever to get there because I was enjoying the previous five so much. I do really appreciate the unusual lighting in the sixth though. Keeps my eye glued to the tree – admiring. Thanks for taking the time to come back and leave a sprout response.

  5. Lovely photograph. I particularly like the vibration generated by the dark blue/purple clouds as back drop for the warm light on the house fronts

    I am a sucker for unusual light, sunset, sunrise, mixtures of natural and artificial light, sharply contrasted lighting etc… so I am always seeking out such subjects for my painting.

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    • My pleasure Jeff to share your perfect image for today’s post. I am extra pleased that I found it only hours after you posted it on redbubble – so new an fresh… hardly viewed yet… and I was able to bring it here:)

  7. Incredible picture that is surely most difficult to sort out. There is an incandescent beauty and contrast that is crystal clear. Jeff Stroud’s photograph is similarly breathtaking to behold.

    There is a Halloween display on a house in the town next to us that is a veritable example of how to use lighting to convey what is the very essence of this holiday. It’s remarkable just how far people will go to decorate their homes, but it’s extraordinary to look at.

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