Three Bandits Spotted

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These three bandits were spotted on the southwest side of Mayne Island on Sunday. It appears to be a mother and her two offspring but this has yet to been confirmed. Eye witnesses state that the three were relaxed and showed no signs of agitation. No looting was evident at the scene. Nothing much in particular seemed to be amiss as the three masked characters strolled away into the trees.

Sprout question: Are there any creative bandits in you midst?

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

12 thoughts on “Three Bandits Spotted

  1. Oh my gosh Terrill, they’re adorabled! It looks like you were pretty close to those desperados.

    Sprout question: Are there any creative bandits in you midst?

    Thankfully, no. The universe is just giving, giving, and giving some more.

    • Laurie I was pretty close to these rascals. As you know I don’t have much of a zoom so it takes patiences to find just the best way to be able to get a good wildlife photo. And no creative bandits? So close to Halloween I was sure there might be one or two lurking around. Oh well, keep the giving coming your way… no need to upset that for a few desperado:)

    • Oh Jeff you had me laughing out loud at your sprout response. Having read your blog since it began on wordpress, I feel like I have witnessed you wrestle your personal creative bandit to the ground more than once. I always appreciate that you share this struggle with us because then when it happens to me, I have a reference point. I usually try my best creative Tia Chi move first:)

  2. Great Photo Mom!

    It took me forever to see the third one halfway up the tree. I can’t believe some of the photos you are able to capture!

    • Thanks Jose! I think the photos come from taking my camera with me almost everywhere when I am out walking. It comes from hours each day not really looking for a shot but waiting to be invited to take an image by what is going on around me. So glad you dropped in:)

  3. Well I may be a touch off beam here But our Government at the moment is perhaps being the biggest bandit around cultural wise. There has been a big spending rev,iew and its cut cut cutting!
    I believe though that good art will continue to be produced no matter and perhaps we may be stronger but theses are uncrtain times for the artistic community in UK
    Liked the photo by the way cheeky animals;-))

    • Chris it is the same here in BC Canada. But like you say… we may be stronger and will continue to produce no matter what. I am sorry to hear that it sounds even worse for the artistic community in the UK. I can see you with your chin up ….. and still painting.

  4. Yesterday I sat down to have my lunch and out the kitchen window I spied 2 huge bandits stealth fully walking across my neighbor’s yard into my orchard and then into the woods. I have never seen raccoons so big. Early in the evening I think they attacked a dog in the woods or a coyote – the noise was great and we turned on our outside lights and heard the noises of a take off and brush moving – all became silent.

    Our neighbors had a whole family living under their deck this summer. They love to climb the apple trees and crunch out on the apples before dropping them to the ground to take away or abandon. Our old trees did not set this year so few sightings of deer or raccoon. Nice photograph

  5. Looks like you caught a suspicious bunch. We have several that appear at the neighbor’s salt lick and bird feeders.

    The only creative bandit in my life now is parental responsibility–which is not such a bad thing anyway.

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