Dentist Doctor and Birthdays

How many of you still use a hard copy calendar hung on a convenient wall to keep track of appointments, birthdays and holidays? Come on put your hand up. Way up so I can see it. Don’t be shy. Surely not everyone uses a blackberry, iphone, or the back of their wrist to keep track of things. Most people still have a big calendar with all sorts of notes written on it that they can easily reference with eyes blinking sleepily in the morning. Don’t they?

Actually, I have no real idea. I only know it is fun to take my new images for the year and make these lovely large calendars. Here are the three new calendars for 2011. Just click on each one and have a browse – much better than trying to remember to send a birthday card to Aunt Myrtle by the smudged ink on the back of your wrist…

Sea, Land and Time MAYNE ISLAND 2011

Mayne Island Tree Spirits 2011

And something a little different…  Kitchen Company 2011

If you would like one to arrive before the New Year or get one for a Christmas gift, now is the time to order.

Yes, I know. I am shamelessly marketing but if you don’t know what I have in the store, how can you decided if you want to buy it? At the very least, you will get to have another look at some of the best images posted this year on Creative Potager. Now that shouldn’t be too painful. Enjoy!

Sprout question: How are you going to keep track of important creative dates in 2011?

AND if you have a calendar with your own creative work for 2011 be sure to leave a link with your response to the question above. I love looking at these calendars and seeing all your favourite pieces for the year.

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Liberal usage granted with written permission. See “About” for details.

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

19 thoughts on “Dentist Doctor and Birthdays

  1. Terrill,

    what a shameless plug for your calendars? Smile! You have such beautiful work, having it hang on someone’s wall all year long is a plus… not only that they can keep track of what is going in their lives…

    Now that we are in competition, oh I mean in support of each others creative artistic work, My calendars can be found on redbubble as well and can be found here Of course all of our work can be purchased as wall art, cards, posters, post cards, etc.

    Nice new page set up here Terrill!

    • I am so glad that you took me up on my offer to compete… ahhh I mean share :))) I really admire your work Jeff and it is a pleasure to share the stage with you here today on Creative Potager. Thank you for mentioning about wall art, cards, posters and post cards.

      I just got a box of 200 cards for a local retail outlet. Cards are a great way to support local artists and to share images you love. I also put in an order for seven new small canvas photographic prints as the store wanted these for people traveling. She felt they were small enough to pack in a customer’s luggage. What a great idea!

      Good to hear you like the new page set up too Jeff. I wasn’t sure I had found the right blog when I opened up this morning. But yes… it is still Creative Potager.

  2. Terrill:

    Remind me please, as I am a hopeless scatter-brain. I told you in a previous post that I would be honored to have your 2011 calandar hanging in my computer room, and the samples here have increased my resolve. Shameless? Hardly. This is beauty incarnate, and if I created these ravishing pictures, I’d be proud and excited. (as you are). So, again, how do I order it? I will do so today or tomorrow for certain.

    As to your sprout, the answer is simple. Your calandar will mark my upcoming itinerary! Ha!

    • Sam, ordering is really quite simple. You click on the image on this page for the calendar you want. That click takes you directly to the online site where you can purchase the calendar by clicking on the “buy/preview” off on the right (just below my picture). This takes you through a checkout process and your order is complete. That simple. If you are reluctant to order online, send me a direct email and I can make a different arrangement with you.

      I am sure Sam you will enjoy making all those marks about your upcoming itinerary this year on the calendar of your choice. And I will deeply enjoy thinking about you doing so.

    • Well that was what I was thinking Patricia… no good having put all that work into creating a calendar if nobody knows it is available. By the way, thank you for sharing a link yesterday on your facebook profile – most appreciated.

  3. Sprout question: How are you going to keep track of important creative dates in 2011?

    Well it’s certainly not going to be on the beautiful MAYNE ISLAND TREE SPIRITS 2011 calendar that I just ordered. That’s a work of art that I’m going to admire daily in my office at HolEssence. This year I’ve enjoyed a Jeff Stroud calendar. In 2011 it’ll be a Terrill Welch calendar.

    • Well how exciting Laurie! I saw the order come in and thought it was from Sam because I had just got done replying to him on how to order. Let me know when you get it Laurie and what you think.

      Just so everyone one knows, I can’t see who places an order when it is made directly on redbubble. You have to tell me if you want me to know… and I hope you do because it is always fun to imagine where my work is “hanging out.”

  4. My pleasure about sharing the link – I do that for all the fine posts I read….I wanted a very good writer from Australia to read it so I also emailed it to him… Your write up made me think about what an amazing loving person Tony is too…

  5. awwwwwww……. new lay out blog.. look so fresh..
    and about the calendar, hell yes, i’m still use hang hard copy calendar on my room wall. it make us easy to see the appointment of the day. esp on preparing time of my wedding, when i woke up, i can read what to do today.
    my fav is kitchen company calendar terrill, it give a bright colour, love it..

    PS: finally you are captured on previous post..


    • Wulan I knew there were some people like yourself with bright-colour preferences – actually there are a lot. A gallery that was interested in my work in the final analysis decided it wasn’t bright enough for their clients. The gallery owner said there trend for bright colours has been going for about five years. Imagine that? And yes, I was finally captured on the previous post. That is how I look most days except I have my transitional gray, tri-focal, glasses on so I can see. Nice of you to come by even when you are so busy getting ready for your wedding. Congratulations! Or I think for the bride it is suppose to be – best wishes!

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