The Duck That Came Wagging Its Tail

Yesterday we went for our usual afternoon walk and were greeted by an unexpected new friend.

The duck came talking and wagging its tail up to the property fence to say hello. I am sure one of the regular passersby must have offerings in their pocket. I was sorry we didn’t. What a delight. The duck had the softest voice and the most pleasant desire to have a good tongue wag – or rather tail wag…. bringing new meaning to the jingle “it’s not the size of the tail that matters but how you wag it.”

Of course we stopped to visit for a bit.


Sprout question: What unexpected creative guest has come wagging its tail lately?


Psst! Sam let us know on yesterday’s post that he has purchased a calendar – says he doesn’t think he will write in his either. Laurie said she isn’t either. I suggested that the large images on the heavy card stock can likely be framed for years of enjoyment – or as Sam and Laurie suggest the calendar can be kept as a piece of art in itself. Such fun!

If you are still thinking about ordering a calendar, here is a quick link to all three


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13 thoughts on “The Duck That Came Wagging Its Tail

  1. What a beautiful duck (and friendly) duck! I can just picture him running up to you with the hopes that he will be receiving some “nummies” (that’s what my boys call cat treats)! 🙂

  2. Terrill – Oh how fun! I love these photographs. You have the greatest times on your walking adventures!

    Sprout question: What unexpected creative guest has come wagging its tail lately?

    I have 3 tail-waggers at home — Willa, Lexi, and Claire– but they’re expected. So that can’t be my answer.

    The UNexpected guestS (plural) we’ve had in our home haven’t been “creative guests” per say, except for the creative way I’ve chosen to get rid of them. You see…

    …we must have missed the memo that the National Box Elder Bug Convention was being held in our home this year. They’re perfectly harmless, but I’d rather not share our space with them, in droves, thank you very much.

    I’ve been “creative” by not killing them. Rather, I’m offering free rides on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper out the back door. I’ve not had any willing takers yet, but like it or not, they’re experiencing this airborne activity!

    • Laurie, I haven’t seen a photo of Willa, Lexi and Claire for a long while now. How are they doing? Your “airborne activity” for the Box Elder Bug reminds me when my niece was visiting a few years ago and I was tossing big slugs away from the garden and off into the trees. She looked at me with her nine year old eyes twinkling and said “auntie Terrill, I think they me slow learners when it comes to flying. May I help them practice too?” Needless to say, her younger brother got into the act as well, each carefully sliding a stick under the big banana slugs and letting them sail through the air. Maybe you too can find some willing participants in offering carpet rides.

      • I used to write book reviews for pay when my children were little, now lots of folks do that on their blogs in hopes that folks will click over to the bookstore reviewed to purchase the book…then if it is a new book/not a used or e-reader addition…the reviewer gets about 1% of the purchase price. I review books for many of my blogging friends for free and because they were helpful to me.

        I have a lot to say into this world and a great deal of information and integrated a great many ideas and I blog to share those thoughts and ideas and attempt to do it with as much beauty and joy as I can muster. I need an outlet and conversation in my life and I do tons of volunteering in my community, but I now need to learn how to make money for myself to support myself and I am finding this hard.

        Your comment was great….isn’t that fun information?!

        I want to inspire folks to be the best they can be and thus their communities to be the best they can be….and the earth to benefit in that experience.

        I have a number of professional degrees, but do not seem to get hired any more…I had to drop out of the race because of an special needs child….The health insurance dilemma is truly damaging families State Side….and we are just one example of the stories you do not hear.
        Thank you for asking

        • Patricia I am so glad I asked and I am extra glad for your full answer. Your story touched me deeply. Here you are finding your way through a difficult stretch and you buy one of my calendars for a friend who “lives far away in a dry spot.” If I could, I would reach right across the earths round surface and hug you right from here! You are in good company here on Creative Potager. I am so blessed by a large, giving, interactive, community on this blog. I am so glad that you are a part of this community.

          Your blog Patricia is very impressive with one of your top posts receiving over 10,000 views. I am surprised that a company or organization hasn’t scooped you up to write copy and to create online community for them. If it was the right fit and you had the flexibility that you I am sensing you need for your family, I can see it being a win-win.

          In the meantime, I hope you let us know what your are reviewing and provide a link so we can slip by and have a read. Who knows, maybe someone will ask if you can review their book that is in a book store and you can get the 1 % of the sales.

          Dear readers, these are interesting times that are changing swiftly. Creativity is in great need to find our way into our tomorrow. My wish is that Creative Potager can be one place that new seeds are planted, and new sprouts of hope and possibility grow for all who visit and connect.

          Thank you again Patricia for sharing your story.

  3. Awwwww! What a cool duck! I love the first shot. I also am enjoying your new WordPress theme. What unexpected creative guest has coming wagging its tail? Almost all guests are unexpected. How could we plan for the uniqueness of their individuality as they come visiting?

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