A red leaf heart to begin December

I could have waited and shared this image in February for Valentine’s Day. I could tell you about how I just looked up and there it was – this magnificent red leaf heart shining brightly against the blue sky.

(View full resolution – available for purchase here.)

But it really wasn’t just “there it was!” I had been predisposed to this image. Let us see how.

First, there is Laurie and her Speaking from the Heart blog. Laurie is passionate about heart connections. On her Holessence website there is an image of a beautiful heart with wings painting by Russell D’Alessio and farther down there is also a photograph I gave Laurie with a heart on the cliff wall. Needless to say whenever I think of a heart or see a heart shape, I think of Laurie.

Second, there is L. M. from someplace in the USA. I know nothing more about her, other than her tweet name is  @ellepiari . If you look at her profile at http://twitter.com/ellepiari , there is a most beautiful red heart leaf avatar almost exactly like my photograph. I know L. M. for her warmth, sharing and engagement.

So you see this beautiful red heart leaf image is heavily influenced by the creative expression of others.

Sprout question: How is your creativity influenced by the creative expression of others?

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

12 thoughts on “A red leaf heart to begin December

  1. Oh my gosh, Terrill – I’m sure you can imagine my jaw-dropping delight when I read your post this morning. That photograph is UTTERLY FANTASTIC! The red against the white background is breathtaking!

    Sprout question: How is your creativity influenced by the creative expression of others?

    I’m drawn in and filled up by the creative expression of others. It’s like getting a drink of cool, sweet, refreshing water at a natural spring. It recharges my personal battery.

    • Laurie I am not surprised… I gave you no warning. I wanted to surprise you 🙂 Just so you know the background has a hint of blue it is but the sky was too far a way to be more than an blue-white. I would have liked it to be more blue but then the leaf sort of faded towards the sky so I had to decided. This is image is the result of my decision. And I too experience that recharge from the creativity of others. I think it is one of the reasons I am inspired to host Creative Potager for us.

  2. The creative expression of others feuls me big time and also recharges my soul.

    Seeing this picture this morning is especially meaning full as I sit in an exam room with four others who are changing the wound vac on large deep wounds on my moms leg. They also called the Dr to come and check as well….ugh – see IV antibiotics coming….

    I will keep my heart going, because if I engage my mind I will break apart…..



    • Kim I am so glad you could come to Creative Potager this morning and find the red leaf heart. I know that you are connected to others that are part of our community here as well. Sending you light, love and strength as you care for your mom. Warm hugs back Kim.

  3. Occassionally I hit the writer’s wall–the words just won’t come. Discouraging? Yes, it would be, however, thankfully, I have a cure. I pop Stephan Kings’ audiobook On Writing on and just like magic–usually by the second side of tape one–the words flow. Just like magic, his creative expression influences my creativity.

  4. breathtaking! and so what i needed to see/ feel today.

    i am speechless.

    in yoga marco rojas is always saying, lead with your heart. he means it literally. a lot of the poses require alignment that can’t be attained any other way, but as soon as we extend our rib cage or open our shoulders wider and etc. the heart literally pops open and through some wild adjustment the rest of the posture becomes easier, breathing becomes easier, and you find strength to hold the pose that you didn’t have before.

    but just like in yoga, also in life, when we lead with the heart, it can heart. physically and literally (let’s leave the metaphor out for now). so for example, due to practice monday night, right now the intercoastal muscles, the ones behind and between the rib cage, are hurting. in yoga that is a sign of ‘expansion’—your body has been stretched into new realms. so it is with opening our heart to others and new experiences. even when good, it does hurt a little.

    and this ties to “How is your creativity influenced by the creative expression of others?” too perfectly. when we are creatively influenced by another, like this photo, like you were by the “Speaking from the Heart” blog, eventually we expand, grow, and create something spectacular like the photo you share. But we can’t do that, unless we are leading with the heart.

    as always with immense gratitude for creating this space.

    break over. back to finishing my “only the sea” piece, leading with the heart.


    • Annie what a great story from your yoga class. I sometimes think that my heart and my head are running neck and neck and have forgot to ask my feet to join them – leading this giggling, tumbling, rolling and joyful movement through life except for those few moments when all parts of me seem to get it together and glide gracefully along as if we have done it forever. I am so looking forward to your complete “only the sea” piece. Annie, I know you are dedicating significant amount of time to writing at the moment and so I extra appreciate that you have taken time out to comment.

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