I like a few clouds in the sky

I have an unrelenting habit of looking at the sky. Sometimes I take a photograph of just a cloud because it pleases me.

I don’t often show anyone these photographs because well… they are just clouds. Still, they make me feel good. I smile on the inside when I look at them.

Sprout question: What is a creative habit you don’t often share?

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26 thoughts on “I like a few clouds in the sky

  1. I completely understand! I often look at the clouds in the sky, especially when I’m outside with my boys – there’s nothing better than watching the two of them running around, laughing, and then looking up…. and seeing the beautiful clouds float across the sky! There’s something about them… the way they take their time, but keep trudging on – like they’re on a journey. It’s a gentle reminder that we will get to where we are supposed to go, but there’s no need to hurry!!

    These are beautiful clouds!!

    Sprout question: My creative habit that I don’t often share would probably be my knitting! I learned how to knit a number of years ago, and I pick it back up every now and then when I need to do something creative that doesn’t take much thinking (I don’t use complicated patterns).

  2. Terrill – The second photograph, especially, is the one that’s eye candy for me this morning. Simply delicious!

    Sprout question: What is a creative habit you don’t often share?

    Keeping a “vase” of freshly sharpened number 2 pencils at hand. To me they smell like a creative bouquet — only pencils instead of flowers.

    • Thanks Laurie. Freshly sharpened number 2 pencils – what perfect Laurie creative habit. Our regular host for our writing group has the most delicious collection of sharp pencils that she brings out for our meetings. I’m sure that the two of you could share your favourite pencil bouquet ideas.

  3. Good morning Terrill, or good day which ever time you get to read this!

    I have tons of photographs of the sky and in particular “clouds” trying to see if I can catch the (gods) coming down on those big fluffy space ships or riding down the beams of light… Ha!

    I am not sure that I have shared much of those. Maybe I will soon!

    I am Love, Jeff

    • What you have shared is perfect Jeff… not everyone lets on to a habit of trying to “catch the (gods) coming down.”

      Our power stayed on through the winds last night and things seem to be settling down some as dawn approaches. So I am here though will be in and out today with other commitments – like going to the neighbour and buying three pairs of socks made from the wool of the sheep we see in pasture below us.

  4. I love, love clouds! These two pictures are beautiful in their own right, and could be paintings.

    A creative habit that I don’t often share? Looking at and photographing cows. I love their faces, their eyes, and their expressions. Now that I live near more of them than before, I very much want to do some portraits of them. Whether they will be photographs, or paintings, or mixed media, is yet to be determined.

    • Martha I remember seeing one of your more unusual representative or realist paintings of cows in the pasture awhile back. I am not surprised but intrigue with what will I expect become a full blown cow project. My parents have registered horned Herefords cattle. Big animals. Some of them do have such personalities. My sister has painted one of them. I have taken photographs. The cows that are around for years start to feel like part of the family. Martha I am looking forward to seeing what comes of your cow habit.

  5. The puffy white cotton in an azure sky is always a breathtaking visual tapestry, and I can’t blame you for fixating on the view. During the autumn season that is now winding down, I often take the family for car rides to indulge in the fiery reds, burnish orange and muted yellows of changing leaves in concentrated wooded areas. It’s meditative and good for the soul as well.

    • Sam I couldn’t agree more. Drives into the fall colours…. nothing better. Somehow I didn’t get as much leaf kicking time this years. It might have been because the snow came before all the leaves had fallen. We do not get great colours here on the coast unless they are non-native planted trees. Mostly the leaves turn golden and then brown, where they fall and then the rains turn them into mulch.

  6. Beyond words in beauty, Terrill. The sky is fascinating, I agree! In fact, I wrote a children’s poem about the sky not long ago — the next time you drop by sunnyroomstudio you can find it on the page called Children’s Poetry. Let me know what visuals come to mind when you read it!! Blessings and all good wishes! –Daisy

  7. I confess, I too am a sky watcher. ; )

    A creative habit that I don’t often share. I have few: photograhpy (emphasis on the amateur), joke writer, and poet. I’m sweating as I type the last confession. It is the hardest for me to admit. However, that said, one of my (Non-rhyming) poems was published in a literary journal.

    • Leanne I thought you would be sweating over “joke writer” as this is the one that was most surprising to me. Poetry is a construction with so many possibilities. Thank you for being so free with sharing your creative habits Leanne.

      I am certainly enjoying today’s sprout questions. Most fun!

  8. a creative habit i don’t share—probably because i don’t think of it as part of my creative process it happens so naturally and is so needed that it is like breathing—i go on long walks sometimes and walk, walk, walk till i remember i have been walking aimlessly for hours. : )

    doodling is something also i do a lot, usually of the same symbols and flowers. i like feeling the pen and watching movement in my hand.

    • Walking and doodling. Annie I remember skipping class in high school to walk the river trail in the fall. I went by myself and would take the afternoon off and stroll the wooded trail until it was time to catch my bus home. Doodling – how many doodlers are present? Don’t be shy. Put up you hand high. There is a school of thought that intellectual potential is released when part of the mind is occupied doing something else such as doodling, playing with a string, squishing a or piece of play dough. To the person who is doing the talking it can look like the other person isn’t paying attention. But often they are listening and may learn more if left well enough alone.

  9. What a good question. A creative habit I don’t share? I suppose it is the way my eyes are always skimming everywhere looking for odd angles and interesting shadows. Although I have shared that. But not a lot. I like your sky photos. There are magical creatures living in them.

    • Kathy your comment “there are magical creatures living in them” reminds me of Jeff searching for a glimpse of the gods. My first thought was of Thor thundering across the sky. Of course, I have always imagined angels in the heaves as well. I am sure there are many other magical creatures that we have yet to discover.

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