Winter Waves

Leaving Vancouver B.C. to catch a ferry back to Mayne Island on Boxing Day there was a slice of early morning sun coming through the heavy rain clouds. I was early. I took a left at Tsawwassen and headed for Boundary Bay Regional Park. This park is a seaside wetland sanctuary for birds and bush bunnies like me passing through on their trek home.

To day the wind and sea were both high as waves rolled up and sometimes over the sandy beach.

The scene was dramatic. The contrasting colours between sea and sky were unusual. The light changed fast as it rose above the sea towards the cloud bank. If I had painted it, the viewer would have had a hard time believing its authenticity.

Even with a photograph… you might think “she did it with Photoshop! You can do anything with Photoshop.”

But I didn’t. I just happen to be at the right place at the right time with camera in hand.


Sprout question: When is life grander than your imagination?


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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada


14 thoughts on “Winter Waves

  1. Terrill,

    Great energy in these photographs, the ocean is active, splashing, curving, creating drama of its desire to be seen and view. The sky is only its backdrop, allowing it to stand out.

    Life is always grander then my imagination! All Ways !

    I am Love, Jeff

  2. There is movement and contrast in these photos that goes well beyond anything photoshop can replicate. There’s a seasonal change here in the air, which I would say is compellingly illustrated in the stark color shadings of sky and ocean. So you are back on Mayne Island, eh? And nearly ready to resume your enviable journey that brings art and nature full circle.

    Welcome back.

  3. Oh my gosh, Terrill, the colors are exquisite! You and I are on the same coastline, enjoying the same ocean (although I am much further south).

    Sprout question: When is life grander than your imagination?

    This morning as I stood on a hidden lookout point enjoying Moonlight Beach (Encinitas, California) from the cliffs.

    • Laurie that sounds fantastic. I hope you got some photos. Though sometimes it is just nice to take it all in. I have never been south as far as California. It is on my list of “someday traveling” to come down along the Oregon coast and just keep going south.

  4. Oh, I love these pictures. The waves are so dramatic.
    Visiting Iceland was a teenage dream. When I had an opportunity make this dream a reality, I spent much of the time as a zoombie. My reality had become too grand for my creative mind to comprehend.

    • Leanne I like how you share that zombie experience when our dream is made real and we are in overwhelm. This is a place that is so seldom written about or talked about because in order to do so we are reflecting back with clarity that didn’t exist in the moment. My daughter helped me to overcome this obstacle when I traveled to Peru by suggesting I email my observations everyday before I could reorganize and make sense of them. It worked.

  5. You captured the essence that’s for sure. . .I can feel the personality of the water and almost hear the coverstation between the waves:) Awesome transmission, thank you. And as for the ‘sprout question’ for me life is grander when my imagination manifests as my experience.

  6. Beautiful work! My imagination always lingers on the beach hollering, “come on in! The water’s fine!”. Of course my imagination lodges in Panama City, Florida. Having spent a good deal of my childhood in the outports of Newfoundland, Canada where the whales and seals frolic with the icebergs, I tend to gravitate to water hovering around 85 degrees. But I’ve enjoyed the coastlines up and down the East Coast, the more dramatic, the better.
    I’m glad you had your camera for THIS sky, it’s nearly surreal!

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