Dramatic Seas

What I am about to share with you is from last evening’s meanderings. Can someone please choose a perfect piece of well-known classical music for me?  It needs to start softly as the light gives way to early evening.

(image may be purchased here.)

Then the notes should rise slowly but with confidence.

Building with sweeping sounds as we begin to embrace the clouds over Vancouver…

Going quiet as we come close to the mountains catching the sinking rays of the sun.

Now large sounds that make your heart pound with anticipation! Symbols crash!

(image may be purchased here.)

Building, building until you think you are going to burst….

(image may be purchased here.)

All sounds coming at once… the same notes dun, dun, dun… then releasing you to the Salish Sea.

(image may be purchased here.)

Sprout question: What is drama has your attention today?

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Liberal usage granted with written permission. See “About” for details.

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

15 thoughts on “Dramatic Seas

  1. These photographs — each one — are breathtaking. As for the music…

    Johann Pachelbel Canon in D major doesn’t have the crescendo you need.

    Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata is getting closer.

    Mozart’s Requiem just may hit the nail on the head.

    Sprout question: What drama has your attention today?

    Today I have one final meeting on my dad’s behalf. Tomorrow afternoon my sister picks me up on her way home from the airport (she’s been in France). We’ll do a de-brief as I spend the night at her home and then I fly back to Chicago on Saturday. My drama is almost over.

    • Thank you for the music suggestions Laurie… I was thinking Mozart but I don’t know my classical music well enough to name a particular piece. Laurie your passenger car ride yesterday was enough drama for me. Len and the three four legged family members will be glad to have you home again.

    • Jeff thanks for that. I could hear the music in my head as I my fingers were getting stiff in the cold from the wind off the water. It truly was a grand twenty minutes! The nice thing about the drama being your own is that you can change the music whenever you like.

  2. Gorgeous photos, sis!
    No drama here today. Peace and tranquility are the entities, after a busy Christmas season, that will allow me to breathe, relax, and pick up the paint brush.

    • Except for last night’s sunset pretty much the same here too Sue. With the gorgeous sun today we are just back from a hike up Henderson Hill. There is a particular Gary Oak I want to catch in just the right light. I was about 2 hours too late but will try again. Getting closer all the time. Enjoy your time painting. I start again on Monday on my big canvas (3X4 feet). I have had it for months and have painted several different paintings on it in my imagination. Now it is time to get busy with the brushes.

  3. Oh, I’m definitely with you, Sue. No drama here, either. It’s a long tradition here to take a well-earned break after the holidays, and that means meditating, puttering in the studio, just thinking, and a lot of hibernating! 🙂

    I love your dramatic photos, Terrill. A piece not as dramatic as your description but I think of “The Swan” by Camille Saint-Saens and performed by the Philadelphia Orchestra featuring Yo Yo Ma:

  4. The photos are indeed exquisite and the music I’m hearing could be Yo Yo Ma’s version of Bach’s “Prelude – Cello Suite No. 1” OR it may be George Winstons’ “The Venice Dreamer” part 2 from Winter into Spring. This has always been a dream of mine, putting music to photos, making videos that inspire. . . your photos so easily adapt to this.

    As for the drama, not much of that right now for me. This is my break from high toned and bushey tailed excitement – been there and done to much of that allllllllll year. Right now I am enjoying ‘being’ more and painting as snow falls and then melts.

  5. My present drama revolves about the constellation “COMMUNICATION” – the methodology imposed has me reading a lot of blogposts – following links that come across in tweets – for I am somewhat new to the reality of the blog and the adventure is in these new discoveries.
    End of story.
    My vacation from drama includes the reading of blogs.
    Enjoyed the dimension of “engagement” in this post-inviting the visiting consciousness to participate.
    Thank you.

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