Beginning the Big One

Yes it is time. My intention for this first week of January 2011 is to complete the under-painting on my 3 X 4 foot canvas. It will be the largest oil painting on canvas I have ever done. I have painted wall murals before but that is a completely different artistic expression than a large canvas. What they have in common is the need for lot of paint.  I think I have enough. The second challenge is how to set up the canvas so I can work on it. I am thinking that these two chairs should work if I can move things around in my small studio to accommodate them.

I will tie the cross-bar support to the chair with gardening twist tie to keep the canvas in place.

Then I will make the final decision on the image I want to paint. This remains unknown for the moment.

Before I wander off to get to work on this new project I thought you might like to see the first light on shore for 2011.

(image may be purchased here.)

I look forward to checking in with you on Friday and reporting on my results.

Sprout question: What creative problems are you resolving this week?

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26 thoughts on “Beginning the Big One

  1. Terrill,

    It looks like a big project, yet I know you can accomplish the task. Because it is not only a project it is work of art and your passion to create, setting in motion your goals is a great way move ahead!

    I think my creative problems this week are to think about my creative problems, especially my Blog writing!

    You are all ways an inspiration!

    I am Love, Jeff

    • Thanks Jeff! I have always found that telling someone or a lot of someones what I my intentions are helps me to maintain my focus. I am an internally directed person but like most humans feel a sense of responsibility if I tell someone I am going to do something.

      Dear readers if you think it is useful feel free to set an intention on Mondays along with me and report out on Fridays. Links to what you are working on are always welcomed.

  2. Terrill, Happy New Year to you. I laughed to see the Mother of invention at work again! I’ve had to deal with this problem before when an easel is way to small to support the canvas without punching a hole in it’s back. I have almost always ended up sitting on the floor with the canvas leaning against the kitchen or dining room table legs. You do what you got to do.
    I would give a lot to visit your shoreline just peer into the tidal pools and search for wave-polished rocks. How beautiful it is there!

    • Sandi there is a lovely abstract artist who I believe is in your neck of the woods who has shown some shores I would love to explore. His name is Chris Bellinger and he sometimes comments here on Creative Potager. I get the feeling from his paintings and photographs that our seashores are much the same though I am not sure if there is the sandstone which we have on the Gulf Islands. However, if you ever come this way Sandi I would be delighted to show you around.

      As for painting in unusual positions… I thought I might end up with this canvas leaning up against something and sitting on the floor as well. I am happy to report that it is set up as imagined in my tiny studio space. However I will likely get paint on every piece of clothing I wear on a daily basis as I slide by to get in and out of the space.

  3. Terrill – A 3 x 4 feet canvas is a tremendous undertaking. Yowza! I can hardly wait to see what you’re going to to with it.

    Sprout question: What creative problems are you resolving this week?

    Having just returned home from being gone for over to weeks, my problem was “Where to start first?” After asking myself “What’s your first non self-imposed deadline?” I knew right where to start (and I don’t have much time)…

  4. Checking in, being accountable, my plan for this week is two-fold–both writing and knitting related.
    I plan to sell my hand-knit baby sweaters in a gallery on a neighbouring island this summer. In order to do this I must knit my inventory. I’ve begun one and hope to have it complete by the end of the week.
    My writing group meets on the last Friday of this week. I plan to use this as motivation to continue writing my WIP.
    Beginning with clear intention–let’s see how we do, Terrill.

  5. Wow! Good for you! My goal this year is to reopen a shop on Etsy I closed with art pieces of small to medium size, both paintings and mixed media things. I hope to do one per week along with 9 other listings in my other two shops…mainly sewing. I’m going to try to check in to see how you do!

    • Welcome to Creative Potager Catscalls! I loved your Cat’s Mew Year Resolutions. You have quite the schedule set for yourself. Please feel free to check in on Friday and let us know how you are making out. Links to any listed works are welcomed. Fridays are going to be a little like our very own Creative Potager show and tell.

      Dear readers we can share what didn’t happen as well as what did on Fridays. Not all weeks go as we intend. That is life.

  6. Beautiful sweetness in that first light photo Terrill. As for what creative problems I’m resolving this week, humm, well lets see, probably foremost is how to keep the anxiety level at bay while I continue to trust and have faith that all is in divine order – I’ll keep ya posted on how it does. Good luck with your art project, can’t wait to see what magic you create with paint! Happy daze.

    • Alison you are keeping us in suspense here. I hope you can share more on Friday. I am so curious. Oh well, all in good time.

      As I look over my shoulder I can see the beginnings of the Big one. There is paint on the canvas. Yes!

  7. I am attempting to be creative as a puppy this week – said puppy barks all the way through my exercise regime and rings the bell by the door to go out just to get my attention, because he does not need to go. We are working out how to work and be a puppy at the same time –

    Lovely picture and impressive canvas. My partner just finished a smaller piece of a cabin on the Cathlamet canal near the Columbia River entrance ( am not sure of the spelling of the canal) and I like his painting – it is bolder than usual, but the cabin has smoke coming from the chimney and that part of the painting truly offends me. I am wondering why?

    lots of creative thinking going on here. Like your chair supports!

    • Patrica good luck with your work and puppy week. I can imagine that it is a lot of effort between all the laughs at their silliness but it sounds like you are enjoying yourself. Have fun with your creative thinking.

  8. Starting 2011 with something you’ve not attempted before is a great & positive start to the New Year. Look forward to learning how it goes. Lovely photo of the first light. Can I ask: what camera do you use? I am a compulsive photo taker, it helps me focus on the moment.

    Happy New Year Terrill!

    Kat X

    • The large canvas is grand fun Katina! But the amount of paint! Yikes!

      I use Canon EOS 40D with a EFS 17-85 mm lens. I desperately want a 300 mm lens for birds and animals and getting detailed images of the mountains across the Georgia Straight. But for now this baby does most jobs for me. It is a heavy camera but I am now used to it and like the weight for its stability when shooting in difficult terrain. Some how it is easier to get “squared up” with a camera with a little weight behind it.

  9. You have a challenge up ahead there Terrill, one I’m sure you’ll meet head on with passion and commitment. I couldn’t even imagine negotiating that kind of a project, but you proven over the past months that such an undertaking is a kind of natural order of progression. Like others here I hanker to see the finished product, and know it will be magnificent!

    Beautiful look there at the light on the shore!

    My own creative challenge this week is to re-launch the creative writing program for the middle schoolers in preparation for the state-mandated standard testing scheduled for mid-March.

    • Sam yesterday I painted for over four hours. It was my second sitting after doing the underpainting. The painting is not finished yet but I will be able to show you some progress in tomorrows post.

      I would have loved to be in your class when in high school (we didn’t have a middle school then). I know without even thinking twice that I don’t have to say “have fun” because I can just see you applying your creativity with your great depth and knowledge of various writers, film directors, theater productions and artists. Lucky students!

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