Hunting Waves

Every once in a long while, on the inside passage of the southwest coast, high winds and sunshine meet, bring in high waves to our sandstone shores. Yesterday was one of those ideal days. About 2:30 in the afternoon I went hunting for waves. Enjoy!

The warmth of the sandstone against the blue of the sea with the waves rolling in. I took another photograph.

And then another…

Until I got this…

(image may be purchased here)

Draped in sun, the sea spray settles as the water rolls over the edge of the rocks.

For my study of blues, the day couldn’t have been better.

The seagulls were plentiful hovering over the churning waters.

(image may be purchased here)

My heart soared and sang to the rhythm of the sea. This is an image of Active Pass looking from Mayne Island to Galiano Island at the lighthouse.

But it is this next image I went hunting for. It happened early on in my shoot. As you know, Reef Bay is incredible most days. I crossed my fingers that it would be even more so today. The tides are low. Long stretches of the reef are bare. I need to leave shore to get the shot I want. I walk out on the reef with waves thundering beside me. It was safe but loud when the breakers hit. My heart pounds.

I get my shot.

(image may be purchased here)

And so did you.

Sprout question: What are the ideal conditions for one of your creative inspirations?

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

33 thoughts on “Hunting Waves

  1. Terrill – Oh My! You found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for your study of blues. “I got my shot and so did you” is SUPERB!

    Sprout question: What are the ideal conditions for one of your creative inspirations?

    “Can hear a pin drop” quiet and plenty of uninterrupted space

    Nature’s song and a focal point

  2. They are all great, says the water lover that I am. However, that last one, well, I’d accept a proposal of marriage if it was offered to me, says the sea-nymph within!

    Ideal conditions??? They exist??

    • Glad you enjoyed your trip to the sea here on Creative Potager Alison. And to answer your question ideal conditions probably don’t exist but how will be know if we are close if we haven’t given it some thought? I always like to define my ideal so I know what I am aiming for. I tend to get a lot closer that way. I take your point though. We just watch a movie called Black Swan skillfully illustrates the dangers of “perfect.” It is not a pretty picture. Thank you as always for dropping in Alison.

  3. Terrill, wonderful images and post! I like the idea that you went “hunting” for the image. You knew what you wanted and got it. Or another way I would think of it… you set the intention of the image you wanted to capture this day, and it came to you. Thanks so much for sharing!

    What are the ideal conditions for one of my creative inspirations? It depends on the creative inspiration itself… sometimes it’s a camera in my hands and a new place to explore. Other times it’s quiet and a cup of tea. That’s the beauty of having several creative inspirations – they can have many different shapes and forms and thrive in many different environments.

    • Thanks Kat and you are most welcome. I see what you mean about ideal conditions depends on the creative inspiration itself. I wonder if that is why I seldom run out of creative zip. I usually have something I can work in a variety of environments. Hum… it might be.

  4. Terrill , Thank you for the trip along the shore line. The setting sun catching the water spray and the dancing waves onto the rocks.The crest of the height of the splash against the rocks. Captured well. Good detail and the composition as always well done. Enjoyed the journey and thank you for sharing.

  5. I said “Oooooh,” then “Aaaah,” and then I looked, and then another incredible image, and still another one. And then the last one — it has to just take your breath away to be there in person. Your pictures almost take me to that spectacular place. You are so blessed to have such surroundings.

    Beautiful photographs, Terrill.

    Ideal conditions for me to create would be solitude, a nice, meditative frame of mind, and some wonderful music. Fortunately, these conditions are possible most days.

  6. Creativty is always there with me but i am very taken with these wave photos as you know i love the sea and have many paintings of seascapes!

    Something seen something flickers through the mind and needs to be created exposed on canvas expressed with paint and shared
    The passing seasons and passing hours of the day from the dawn or dusk sunrise or sunset

  7. Stopping in here from an internet cafe in downtown Manhattan, where I have just completed the first half of a four-film Fritz Lang in Hollywood marathon. My stamina is holding up pretty well, and the Mayne Island tour is just what I need to replenish my spirits after the hand of fate dommed the protagonists (Henry Fonda and Sylvia Sydney) in the masterwork “You Only Live Once.” The unpredictability of nature can be applied to the fate motif, though your captures here have a ravishing beauty, accentuated by their rare accurance. Monitoring seashore waves over a period of hours was a favorite activity of mine during vacation time.

    Ah, the creative juices can flow at any time in any place, indoors or outdoors. They are as unpredicatable as nature’s attention to the sea waves.

  8. Being a water person, I looove the ocean and you gave me a wonderful, quick visit to the sea shore. Those deep blues are so beautiful. Great capture of the crash of the waves. My creative inspiration comes from finding the beauty and order in the world as I move through it.

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  10. I have been meaning to get back here to visit your walk/photographic session with the Waves! Wonderfully done! I have not seen the ocean in ages, we don’t have rocky shores here but the waves still splash and the sea galls sore above.
    I came here via your friday blog… The ideal condition to be creative is getting out of my own way, allow the light and shadow to play, to be shown the beauty in the the simple everyday.

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  12. Oh, fabulous – such gorgeous seascapes! You captured both the dramatic and the calm of the sea so well.

    jennifée / littlescribe

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