Dance with Me

Dance with me calls the blue, blue sea.

(image may be purchased here)

Invitation accepted.

(image may be purchased here)

Caught in the arms of the blue sea I am swept across the shoreline – stepping, reaching, giving….

I have an idea for a series of smaller paintings exploring the many shades of the blue sea. These two images keep coming to mind but there are others.

However, my intention this week is to take care of art business. There are new phtography prints and paintings to inventory, a new portfolio page to develop and such things. I may start on some new paintings but that is not my intention. We shall see. Friday’s post will tell the story.

Sprout question: How do you keep your balance when the creativity waters are running fast?

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

16 thoughts on “Dance with Me

  1. Terrill – The deep sapphire and indigo in the ocean, in contrast with the white caps on the waves and the soft blue breath of the sky is exhilerating!

    Sprout question: How do you keep you balance when the creativity water are running fast?

    I throw caution to the wind, jump in, and go with the flow!

  2. Balance is so important.
    we would all like to just spend all our time being creative. ( that would be exhausting )
    There is more to being an artist than just producing work.
    One thing keeps my head above water dealing with all the tedious tasks that go along with being an artist and are just as necessary. I maintain a work schedule. I paint so many hours a day, work on administrative tasks a certain amount of time each day weather on not i want to and spend lots of the remaining time each day at workshops. ( creative play )

    • Jerry I deeply agree with you about the importance of balance. I probably need some more “creative play” in my balancing act and that could just mean tea or a walk with a friend.

      Today I took the camera out by myself to catch some big waves as it was sunny with high winds. It was glorious! I will see if I can get them posted on my blog for morning. No promises though… may have to wait until Wed.

    • Leaving my work area is helpful for me as well Leanne. I tend to be a creature of habit and structure so sometimes I don’t even notice that it is time to shift gears until I start to feel weary. Then I go “oh, what is going on here?”

  3. How do you keep your balance when the creativity waters are running fast?

    I keep my Blackberry Calender charged up!

    I pride myself in balence, the word “no”, I just cannot do everything all the time……

    (Smile) Wonderful Images….

    • Thanks Kim… I can say “no” reasonably well except to my self-willed own self. I have so many things I love – I mean LOVE to do. The days just aren’t long enough sometimes. But it is all good. Mix it up once in awhile. Take some down time. Skip off to the city for a day. You get the picture.

  4. wow i miss this blog..
    everytime i see a sea or wave i just think about you..
    because you have a great instinct on capturing them.. love it..

    and about managing balance, i’m still learning about it.. sometimes feeling lazy always wins everything.. haha

    ps: i love your painting on previous post terrill..


    • Wulan, good to see you here again. I am humbled that you think of me when see a sea or wave. What an honour. Sometimes feeling lazy does win. I am a big believer in naps – a great way to find my balance 🙂

  5. How do I keep my balance when the creative waters are running fast? I go with the flow, capture as much as I can, write it down, set it aside and pick the most important things up now. There will be a place and time for the rest of the ideas that come, just have to capture them first.

  6. Again, a feast for the senses, in this Pacific northwest rendition of Eden on the seashore. I guess one must establish priorities (consciously or not) so the inspiration reaches the favored intentions, and the right point in time. But the ‘go with the flow’ proposition is sound as well.

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