STORM COMING oil painting in progress

We have been issued a wind warning by Environment Canada this evening: Sustained southerly winds of 70 to 100 km/h with peak gusts from 100 to 140 km/h will develop Wednesday morning. So if you don’t hear from me for a bit… it is only because the electricity is out.

I was going to post this painting on Friday along with another I painted this week. But the title of this painting is “Storm Coming.” I decided it would just have to be a Wednesday painting post. Seemed like a perfect day to share its progress.

Starting with the most yellow orange underpainting

I carefully selected a few colours. I’ve decided to capture my palettes for each painting and thought you might like to see.

Everyone has their own methods of organization.

I am not big on organizing my paints in a certain way. I think about what I am going to need and organize them in a manner I will use them.

For example, I am left handed and often work counter clockwise on my palette. Generally I work the whole canvas at once but this painting developed a little differently.

I chose my main brushes and palette knifes often having two brushes and a palette knife in my hands all at the same time.

STORM COMING 8 X 10 inch cotton canvas original oil painting is resting. It may be ready by Friday but maybe not.

Sprout question: What creative storm might be coming your way?

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Liberal usage granted with written permission. See “About” for details.

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

23 thoughts on “STORM COMING oil painting in progress

    • Thank you bearrunner and welcome to Creative Potager. I generally post Monday with my intention for the week and Friday where I report out on the results. But every once in awhile I put up a post or two in between. Enjoy!

      Dear readers, so far the winds have not been as bad as expected here on our little corner of Mayne Island. The odd branch and cone has pounded the roof and we can hear the wind howling even louder in the distance but it seems to be missing us. And we still have power. So who knows, we might just stay connected today after all.

  1. What a Wonderful journey! I could feel the progression; a visceral building towards the Beautiful finished work! Fantastic, Terrill!

    Sprout question: What creative storm might be coming your way?
    I am currently playing with the largest piece I’ve ever made, so I suspect the creative storm shall brew around her? 🙂

  2. Terrill – I’m amazed that the first and last photographs are of the same canvas. How it gets from point A to point B is a glorious mystery — clearly the work of an artist.

    I hope the storm that’s coming your way is exactly what you want – nothing more, nothing less.

    Sprout question: What creative storm might be coming your way?

    Our cross-country driving trip in April (with the bicycles/hitch on the back) should prove to be a great opportunity for photographs and food for thought. After attending a wedding on Coronado Island (off the coast of San Diego), we’ll head north to ride our bicycles through wine country (Napa and Sonoma Valleys). This, is quite literally on the heels of my attendance at the Writers’ Institute (UW-Madison) which in itself should be a fantastic creative storm!

    • Laurie our winds here have petered out and were actually kind of disappointing after being prepared for a big blow. But the ferries including the Mayne Queen on the inside passage are cancelled so it blowing hard in other places.

      As for the point A to point B mystery of a painting even as the artist it seems so. Even with capturing the evidence of the transition it is still a mystery how the final painting comes to stand on its own. Sometimes I burst with laughter and the wonder of it when I step back and see that the painting has come alive on the canvas. David usually stops what he is doing when he hears me and says “okay, what is it!?”

      Your creative storm Laurie seems like it will be a positive and magnificent adventure. I can hardly wait for the post that will go along with this one!

  3. I am watching those winds also – as we are heading across the straits to Victoria for my Aunt’s Memorial Celebration – She has a painting just so like your one here over her fireplace – I went with her nearly 30 years ago to an artist’s festival somewhere north of Long Island where she picked it out.

    Hope you stay warm and dry

    • We are doing great here Patricia. After almost four years on Mayne Island and many more in Pedder Bay we are used to high winds and power outages. It is just an inconvenience to lose our internet. Today is much better here than forecast though I noticed that several ferries have been cancelled due to the winds. All it has done so far is blow the chimney off the stovepipe for our wood cook stove outside. I will go out in a bit and put it back on.

      Well, another 8 X 10 painting to the resting point this morning. Now it is time for a wee bit of housecleaning and planning a dinner with friends for tomorrow evening.

  4. Great painting! I love the progression, and seeing how differently one artist approaches things from another…thanks so much for sharing. The feel of the wind is so strong it made me shiver.

    Sprout question: What creative storm might be coming your way?
    I have a painting sketched out on my easel which is a portrait of my mother, rather it is three portraits at different stages of her life contained within the larger one at her oldest age…it’s going to be a challenge. We’ll see what happens…

  5. I never knew you were left-handed Terrill, not that it means anything one way or the other, but the cottoned waves here are stunning as is the extraordinary progression from the beginning point. Interesting too that the current situation with high winds on Mayne Island gave you a kind of atmospheric inspiration and feel. It’s again shaping up to be a magnificent work, but with what you’ve been doing as of late, this is not any kind of a surprise.

    My creative storm has been taking the helm of WitD’s film musical poll, slated to commence sometime in June or so. Writing 50 essays and reviewing well over a 100 films will be no easy task even with the overload of passion for the material.

    • Let’s try this again (had response all written when wordpress went down). Yes Sam, I am very left-handed. Both my children are right-handed. I use to have to switch everything around when teaching them how to do things like slicing fruit and bread.

      Sam your creative storm seems like a mammoth task! I must say I am looking forward to the outcome though.

  6. Thankyou so much for sharing your creative process Terril. I always wondered how artists built up their pictures. This reminds me a little of a place near here but also the west coast of New Zealand is very rugged and windblown. You would love it there if wild and rugged turns you on. I did. It has the most amazing powerful energy.

    I had a different sort of creative week. The person I asked to present a workshop on Cultural competence and cultural safety in health coudn’t come so I had to pull something together myself in 2 days and present a two and half hour workshop. I managed it and built on one I presented last year on decolonising information in health. This is a creative progression for me and I always had plans to infiltrate the department of health with a more indigenous friendly approach but thought somebody else would do it better than me. I still have plans to continue building on the knowledge, awareness and philisophy of the department so it really has become a longterm creative project. I presented on Thursday to 18 people and have already been asked to present again in a bigger forum. Have decided to write it up properly and put it together with last years paper then start work on the next one. Feeling really excited.

    • You are welcome Jenny and glad you dropped in. Your facilitation sounds like a great creative opportunity. I tend to paint much less when I am doing other kinds of creativity such as facilitating workshops. Go get’m Jenny!

  7. Hey, I forgot to visit this one. I think I got wet! The storm and the sea. Wonderfully done! It is amazing the colors the you choose causes the hues of color that begin to materialize on the canvas.

    Now I know how difficult God/Goddess job is creating the world around us! Ha!

    May creative storm was within myself, see yesterdays blog, Self-Competition:

    I am

    • Jeff I saw your email notice for your post and glad to see it here. It may be a bit before I can get by but I shall soon. By the way, you look totally invigorated splahed with ocean spray 🙂

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