As promised here are two more original oil paintings on canvas by artist Sue Wiebe.

Learning and practicing how to create depth and shadow is an ongoing process for most of us that apply paint to canvas or paper. COURTNEY IN THE MOONLIGHT provides a direct work out for this artistic muscle.

COURTNEY IN THE MOONLIGHT, 12 X 16 inch original oil painting, by Sue Wiebe

Well done Sue! Exquisite!

Sue painted this next oil painting, AUTUMN BOUNTY, during the time that she was working on WATCHING, the painting of the cougar.  There are only so many hours an artist can paint fur before there is an unrelenting desire to break free. This painting certainly does this in spades.

AUTUMN BOUNTY, 11 by 14 inch original oil painting on canvas, by Sue Wiebe.

I have AUTUMN BOUNTY as my laptop background at the moment and smile every time I sit down to do some work.

Sue, thank you for being our feature artist this week. It is always a pleasure to have you here at Creative Potager. I look forward to seeing your work in person in a week from now. There is nothing like a studio walk and a face-to-face viewing.

Sprout question: What creative muscle are you exercising at the moment?

STUDY OF BLUE  solo exhibition opens Thursday June 30, 2011.

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17 thoughts on “AUTUMN BOUNTY and COURTNEY IN THE MOONLIGHT by Sue Wiebe

    • Kimberly! It was you! 🙂 I have been wondering since the order went through redbubble on Friday for three large prints. I asked a few likely sources if it was them but no… nobody knew who it could be. I think I am almost as excited as you are. It is not everyday that someone orders three pieces of my work. I think that makes you officially a “collector” Kim. Thank you so much and I do hope they meet your expectations. Let us know when you have them up. If you want, pictures would be good too. Just email them to me.

      • Terrill – Isn’t it COOL that Kim is getting your work?! I’m so excited for you BOTH! Whoohoo! Thank you for pointing to EGGstra today. The minute we discover what they are, I’ll spread the word.

        • It is VERY COOL indeed Laurie. Such a thrill to have work going to new homes where they are appreciated and become part of the lives of others. Looking forward to what you discover too over at EGGstra.

  1. Terrill – I love BOTH of them! Courtney in the Moonlight softly pulls a person inward for introspection, while the Autumn Bounty flows outward — simply bursting at the seams!

    THANK YOU for sharing Sue’s work with us.

    Sprout question: What creative muscle are you exercising at the moment?

    As the weather permits, I’m weeding our flower garden — more about that next week over at Speaking from the Heart 🙂

    Have yourself one heckofa weekend!

    • Very nice description Laurie. That is how they strike me as well. I just dropped in on you “EGGstra” to see if anyone had solved the mystery but it appears not yet. Enjoy that garden. I am hoping to do a bit of that too – when taking a break from finishing a rather large and cumbersome report.

  2. The moonlight on Courtney in the Moonlight sweeps out of the picture and pulls me in. How does Sue do that? Magical.
    This week I’ve been in the figurative kitchen with my manuscript–taste testing, adding what’s missing and blending it all together. It’s tons of fun and I’d rather be in my figurative kitchen than in my actual one. : )

    • Leanne, Sue has away of quietly drawing people into her life as well. It is just her way and it shows up in her painting in the same manner. Magical it is. All the best with your manuscript-taste testing.

  3. Hi Terrill,
    It has been a privilege to be featured by you this week and so much fun reading what others think about my work. Thank you all for your kind words!
    So looking forward to family arriving next weekend. On that note, my creative energy has been focused on the bathroom renovation that we hope to have done by then and on getting my garden ready to plant which in my case means, weeding and more weeding. Take care, Sue

    • Yes Sue, it is always great to connect with other creative being here. It is one of life’s great pleasures actually. Seems to do the creative spirit good to have other pause for a moment with our work and then leave a comment.

      Good luck with the weeds and the bathroom Sue…. and I shall see you soon. David has decided to keep the home fires burning so it will be just me.

  4. I have company coming for dinner and so my creative juices figured out to make the last apple pie from the last bag in the freezer….I made the top crust GF with cut out hearts, for that matter the bottom crust is GF too!

    Little red potatoes and onion are roasting and the last bag of garden peas are ready for steaming; putting these along side a lovely piece of halibut that was tucked away in the freezer too!

    I have been saving my pennies for the Danish family that is coming to stay with us, rent and RV and tour Canada this summer. Having surprise company tonight, really made me peer and look at what to fix and match up.

    I love the pictures you highlighted, they are lovely and my eye was very caught up with the red, red fruit of the vine. As I look out my window I see all the little ground cover strawberries in bloom – happy little white faces and it makes me so happy for spring and color and new life.

    I am getting my new business off the ground next week – WISE EARS I am going to offer my gifts of listening on the internet….I wish I could create a business card – paint a business card that would attract attention….I have my first clients this week and that is exciting. A young couple planning their wedding – and they want a mediator so that they can do it together…and 2 little guys who need someone to listen to them read….2 on the phone and 2 via email….we are going to set up a marriage conversation journal… some more creative muscle and my first pay checks in a great while…Whoo hoo
    I am excited for you show…hope you will share lots of pictures

    • Patricia it is a good thing I ate dinner before coming by to read comments. Wow! What an excellent menu. Yum! Congratulations on your business start up. It sounds awesome and it seems to have got off the ground with cracking good start. I look forward to hear more about in the future. And hurray to pay checks!

  5. AUTUMN BOUNTY makes for a terrific laptop background, Terrill, as the vivid oils give new visual elegance to the color orange. The other painting is of course more brooding and philosophical, but again its magnificent–as you note a lesson on how to expertly apply depth and shadow. Those two would grace any room in any house, that’s for certain.

    I have been asked to revamp the literature/creative writing curriculum at my elementary/middle school just this past week, so I’m trying to flex those mussels! Ha!

    Have a beautiful week Terrill. It seems the weather is cooperating.

    • I agree with you Sam on your reflections about Sue’s paintings. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Your literature/creative writing curriculum seems like an excellent inspiring undertaking. Good luck with that. Weather here has been mostly rain so far but it won’t matter much as it is shaping up to be a great week regardless.

  6. Exquisite work. Autumn Bounty is especially awesome. Thank you Terrill for the intro to a new artist.

    As for the creative muscle I’m flexing at the moment, that would be the getting-back-on-track-after-an-extraordinary-week-in-paradise muscle. . . . in the end it always comes down to the same thing, chop wood/carry water or in my case do laundry, buy groceries.

    • Alison I like the practice of chop wood/carry water. It offers such a cellular satisfaction of sustenance and sustainability. Enjoy!

      Dear readers, have I ever told you that I have almost all hand tools in my kitchen? No microwave, no coffee maker and now no electric teakettle. The big stainless steel one on top of the stove is working just fine. It is about twenty years old now. For safety reasons I had an electric one, and then another and then another. They last about a year each before wearing out. I gave up. If I accidentally boil the one on the stove dry so be it. I have a hand coffee grinder and a hand mixer though I usually beat things with a fork or spoon. If I want something chopped I use a knife.

      But I do have three modern conveniences I wouldn’t want to live without though sometimes I dread the thought that I might need too… and I could, but it I am glad I don’t. Can you guess what they are?

      1. Hot water that comes from a hot water tank and runs out the tap. I much prefer not to heat my bath water on top of the stove when I want to get clean. (more than 50% of the world is without running water – never mind hot water)

      2. Refrigerator with a freezer compartment. I am not fond of trying to prevent food poisoning by storing things in a cold room or having to eat everything the same day to keep it from spoiling. (however, for all its fine qualities, our whole dependency on refrigeration and what we do with storage and transporting our food is an environmental nightmare“without-refrigeration-modern-life-would-be-impossible” )

      3. Toilet paper is my last luxury “must have”… along with an inside toilet – though I would like composting one rather than a flush one. Of course T.P. is one of those “sh*ty things” that is seldom mentioned even when protecting our environment…or thought of as a luxury (for more on the squares and history of toilet paper )

      Sorry everyone, it was because of Alison and her mention of chop wood/carry water.

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