Poppy Opening

Poppy Opening

Poppy petals unfold,

their crinkly wrinkles.

Laundry on a summer line.

Sun-kissed and fresh.

Moving gently with the breeze,

these frocks of orange.

(image is available for purchase here.)

Happy Summer Solstice.

Sprout question: How might you celebrate summer solstice?

STUDY OF BLUE solo exhibition opens Thursday June 30, 2011.

© 2011 Terrill Welch, All rights reserved.

Liberal usage granted with written permission. See “About” for details.

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FromMayne Island,British Columbia,Canada

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23 thoughts on “Poppy Opening

  1. Terrill,

    Happy Summer Solstice to you!

    Wonderful unfolding of a poem! Beautiful photograph as well !
    It looks like I may be celebrating solstice singing and dancing in the rain! But the weather is as unpredictable as a woman mind. ( no offense to the women out there)

    • No offense taken from this woman Jeff. I consider my ability to change my mind a strength in flexibility 🙂 So maybe you shall have a wee bit of sun later. Who knows… Happy Summer Solstice just the same Jeff. Glad you enjoyed the poem and photograph.

    • Orange is beautiful Alison. Sometimes these poppies are red but these in our clay acidic soil are definitely orange. I do love them and each year I have to take at least one photograph of their lush beauty.

  2. Beautiful…pure poppy perfection! Sweet Summer Solstice to you.

    Sprout question: How might you celebrate solstice? Walk on on grassy lawn and star gaze ~ pure yum

  3. Yay for orange! Thanks for the link, with the move and limited computer access I don’t have much time for blog reading. Apparently my solstice activities were sorting our apartment for the move, and managing a stressed-out family. Lots of emotion around here!

    • I can image there would be a lot of emotion Kat. This is a big move from some place you have really enjoyed being. So much letting go and preparing for what is next. Glad you were able to drop by considering all that you are in the middle of doing.

  4. I love poppies and have 3 pieces of stained glass my husband did in the dining room and living area – and Georgia O’Keeffe over the fireplace ! Mine in the front garden were just opening, but the 4 deer ate them all this morning al ong with the peas and every columbine bloom ????and the raccoon is back now that the Danes are gone and they so wanted to see him. ZIP wants to play – but he is rather a dangerous fellow.

    I celebrated IT Girls birthday by going on a sailboat ride with her Danish host family who are visiting and we topped off the day with strawberry shortcake….and the moon in our eyes through the skylight 🙂

    • Time for a deer fence Patricia or venison steaks. We opted for a deer fence and then it took us another two years to keep them from crawling under and threw it. Now (crossing fingers) I think we can keep the curious critters out.

      • We have loads of deer fencing and it works well for the roses, but they just go under to get to the apple trees and when I have to mow – it takes me so long to get it back up around each tree and garden bed.
        We tried men’s first “pee” for awhile and that worked until the apples started falling.

        Baby deer also go under the fencing and then head butt out the fencing to let the bigger deer in… One or 2 deer we can handle…this 9 to 12 a day is getting hard to take….one reason we went to a CSA box and not planting so many veggies. The deer do not eat the foxglove or lupine so we are planting lots of the lupine and spreading the seeds of the foxglove too.

        Zip had emergency surgery for something caught in his esophagus this weekend…his mighty little bark was a good chase the deer program – now I have to keep him quiet

        A tree man said he was having great luck with those motion sensor sprinklers…
        the fawns are so beautiful!

        • We have this same kind of dance here Patrica. And the fawns are beautiful… but we haven’t seen many this year. Not sure if it is because the spring was three weeks late or if the birth rate is just down.

  5. I can feel the ordinary specialness of summer unfolding with the brightness of the poppy and the smell of laundry drying on the line. May summer bless you, Terrill!

  6. Have a great summer Terrill. I know there will some eagerly-anticipated updates on your completed projects and a diary-like report on your outdoor adventures. The poppy is beautiful.

    I’ll be teaching summer school, and then going on a seaside vacation with the family. At the site, I will be busy with the musical poll.

    The best to you and David!

    • Thank you Sam! But I am not leaving for the whole summer – there shall be just no regular blog post until September. And don’t tell anyone but I have a post going up first thing in the morning… contains an interview with by Bill Maylone which was published in our local monthly magazine. Shhhhhh……

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