Being With What Is

Waking quickly, I glance out through the big window next to the bed. I can see the sun streaming its warmth across the valley floor. After being up until two hours past midnight, I have slept in. It is 8:00 am. Feeling panic, I do a head-rushing leap onto the cool tiles. It is summer. We have the heat off. I had wanted to water the garden. Then I remembered it was raining hard when I went to bed. That job is done. I can relax and be with what is rather than what I had planned. This is my summer so far. I had planned to do a lot of plein air painting. It is not yet happening. Either it is raining or I have another commitment to take care of. So today I am going to share with you a few images that have come about because I have just been with what is – and mostly I have been out and about on Mayne Island with David and my camera.

It stormed all day but the evening was grand….


(this image is available for purchase here.)

with the sandstone shore turning to gold.

(this image is available for purchase here.)

A sailboat sailing a sacred sail as the light catches the surface of the water.

(this image is available for purchase here.)

Just for a moment Georgeson Island is caught in the evening sun’s brilliance and we happened to be there… being with what is.

(this image is available here. There is also a beautiful new poem that poet Bat-Ami Gordin is inspired to write about this image posted in the description.)

Night is coming. The tide is high… a boat house with mist rising.

(this image is available for purchase here.)

Sailboats anchor in the soft edges.

(this image is available for purchase here.)

Night settles in.

Only to have another day begin in a tangle of Arbutus and sun.

The trail ends but my desire continues… off across the sea, over the hills and into the distance.

(this image is available for purchase here.)

Then, without complaint or longing, I am squarely back to the summer grasses beneath my feet, being with what is.

Sprout question: How are you being with what is?

STUDY OF BLUE  solo exhibition open until Wednesday July 27, 2011.

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18 thoughts on “Being With What Is

  1. Terrill,

    First of all these images are just stunning! I love that time of day when the golden sun just paints the world with its shine and shimmer! Transcends the worldly !!!
    I get to see this on occasion here, yet at Easton was a daily event, morning and evening!

    I am being what is, just being with myself lately, not doing much of anything, which is somewhat depressing yet at the same time a re-discovery of who I am in the process.

    • Thank you Jeff. I do enjoy these golden times and the softer light seemed to hold even in mid-day yesterday. Shouldn’t be so for at least another month but I am happy to take it up on its offer whenever it happens. Enjoy being with you 🙂

  2. Terrill – The photographs you’ve shared here are absolutely mouth-watering. Each one plucks a distinctly “satisfied” chord in my heart.

    Sprout question: How are you being with what is?

    “What is” are 100-degree, humid temperatures. In the 17 years we’ve lived in our home, we’ve never had air conditioning.

    Thanks to Wi-Fi, I’m “being” in Eoghan’s old room in the basement where gratefully it’s at least 15 degrees cooler.

  3. With the weather being just what is these days, I have been doing a lot of sleeping in…I have been enjoying the rain and it has taken care of the watering for me for nearly a week now…more time to work on my launch project and writing.

    Your photographs are exceptional…ah me…what is is looking fine 🙂

  4. Ok, so just when I think I have seen the ‘best of’ Terrill Welch, there ya go again.

    THESE ARE AWESOME – every single one of them is incredible. These responses are getting silly I know, but it’s true, you just keep getting BETTTTTTTTTTTTTTER!!!!!

  5. These images are truly magnificent, each and every one. I guess my favorite is the very first one, which seems to imply a merging with autumn, which frankly is a dream now that many of us are being baked and steam bathed by 100 plus degree temperatures and all kinds of discomfort and unhealthy air levels. Reminds of an episode of “The Twilight Zone” (The Evening Sun) when the earth is knocked off it’s orbit and is heading towards the sun and food is cooked on the sidewalk.

    Right now Lucille and I are “being” and “doing” what we can to be comfortable, which of course is easier said than done. But creativepotager’s pictorial wonderments have helped to sooth the distress this afternoon!

    • Sam I am guessing from this that it is still extremely warm over there on the east coast of USA. We are still running a bit on the cool side but never get very warm. That is the thing about the Gulf Islands – we have moderate temperatures year round. Some high winds and a lot of rain make up for the even temperament of the place. Good luck with staying cool… in a movie theater maybe?

  6. Your photos are spectacular. The light is exquisite. What is for me…..I’ve surrendered to the heat. Up at 5AM and out to do my outside stuff, dogs, horses etc. Then in my studio in the A/C the rest of the day. Usually a long nap in the afternoon.

  7. Good Lord…sometimes that’s all one can say…Lady you ARE talent. What an honour to meet such simple, straightforward – no messin’ about – talent.

    • Pea your response has me giggling and blushing that pink colour that only someone with porcelain white skin can do. Thank you! I like that descriptions “simple, straightforward – no messin’ about” It does ring true for how I approach my photography and painting.

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