Summer Crossing

I know I said I was only going to post as I chose this summer but it seems as if I choose to post frequently. Maybe it is the good sales of my work last week. In addition to the medium size canvas photography print, I also sold another original oil painting from the STUDY of BLUE solo exhibition. The 8 x 10 inch painting of SALISH SEA THREE is going to buyers from Vancouver B. C., Canada. This means there are only 10 paintings left to choose from so if you have been mooning and musing over a particular piece, now is the time to act.

In the meanwhile, let’s do a summer crossing starting at Tsawwassen across Georgia Strait.


When I look back towards the ferry terminal I realize that it is no wonder I have done a study of blue.

I often feel that I am wrapped in time when at sea.

There is an openness

and a containment when traveling across the straight on a small vessel like the Bowen Queen.

Ah yes. One more stop at Galiano Island while I admire the Mayne Island lighthouse with Mount Baker looming in the background.

I shall be home soon.

Sprout Question: What creative crossing might you traverse this week?


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15 thoughts on “Summer Crossing

  1. “I often feel that I am wrapped in time when at sea.”

    Terrill – That’s one of the reasons it’s so fun to live vicariously through your photographs!

    Sprout Question: What creative crossing might you traverse this week?

    I’ve been at the library all day doing some research for an up-and-coming piece. It’s been extremely productive and has fed fed my creative spirit.

  2. Ummmm LOVE Mt baker in the background. What a majestically beautiful area you live in Terrill. Each time I see the sights through your lens I want to jump up, race to the car, drive to the airport and hop on the next flight to the ever so great north west. And someday, someday I may very well do that my dear (wouldn’t it be a hoot if we bumped into each other on the ferry:)

    • That would definitely be most fun Alison! They would be able to hear us hoot are call of delight right over top of the Ferry foghorn sounding whistle. Having lived in the interior of the province I do understand this feeling because many times as summer approached I did just that. I loaded the kids, our tent and camping gear into a beat up old Honda civic and we were off! We camped part way down the province at Cashe Creek and then would drive the rest of the way the next day to Port Renfrew on the southwest coast of Vancouver Island. We had little money but the code was we had to eat and sleep someplace so the only additional expense was gas and ferry. As the kids got older, I came by myself. Then one day in 1998 I was asked to take a temporary assignment in as a senior policy analyst for the provincial government in Victoria B.C. I have never gone north to live again. Not that I wouldn’t but it would only be if I felt had to… not necessarily because I wanted to do so. I’m afraid the Pacific ocean and the rugged west coast has a piece of me that runs core deep.

  3. Beautiful pictures. I love riding the ferries and these pictures brought back memories from my childhood birthday wishes. No one was every around for my birthday so I would make my parents drive to the ferries and then we spend the day riding as my party. Thank you for sharing this.

    I launched Wise Ears this week – not a great many subscribers but am getting a few lookers. Now I need to be patience and just enjoy the ride. Crossed over to adding another business and being a planner and dreamer of how funds are going to come in and pay the bills 🙂

    • I am signed up for the Wise Ears newsletter Patricia. I have been anticipating your launch and wish you the very best with this new service. I encourage everyone to drop by for a read and see for yourself.

      Your story Patricia about getting your parents take you on the ferries for your birthday is precious. My birthday is at the end of August and no friends were ever around for it either. We always had a special money cake (sponge cake decorated with a dusting of icing sugar and coins wrapped in wax paper stuffed in the bottom at just the right distance so that there was one for each slice. The adults always gave their coins to the birthday person and everyone made sure the little kids had a share. Like your riding the ferries it wasn’t a usual birthday practice but it was one I came to love even without being able to have friends over. I still have mostly family birthdays with maybe a few friends. My daughter has started to make the money cake for our family birthdays. My children laugh because I have never made one. It has always been something my mother did. Sometimes good things skip a generations.

      • Oh Terrill, my mum used to put coins under pieces of cake too. She boiled them and wrapped them in waxed paper – It was the best part of the cake!.. When I was putting a box together for charity I came across and old coin purse this spring…and there were all the coins from my birthday cakes – including a Canadian Silver Dollar from the Centennial.
        When is your birthday? – mine is the 23rd of August and my wonderful book group decided to keep me company and we are discussing the book Cutting For Stone that night.
        The discussion on letting go was powerful and connecting. I referred my friend Jane to your site She is quite the artist/ painter too. I hope she will come by

  4. Beautiful, cool, blue pictures. The creative crossing that I am traversing this week involves narrowing my focus and acting like a professional when it comes to my creativity. Meaning giving it the time, attention and priority that it requires to grow. xoxo Terah

    • Cowgirl Red (or Terah) welcome to Creative Potager! I have just finished admiring that beautiful blue quilt on your latest post and reading “Unreasonable Sweetness in the Sorting Pens.” Dear readers this story is a must read on benefits of prayer and having tight controls over how much your lips move.

      Terah I am guessing from your comment that you are finishing up that quilt or have taken on another fabric art project. I will be watching for your next post.

  5. This is my kind of fun. It is so important to just play and when I am around your art I become the real me ad remember to play. Thanks for that flow. I love, Love, LOVED the last picture here “the Mayne Island lighthouse with Mount Baker looming in the background” at Galiano Island. It appeared as a water color at first. I’d just frame it on the spot. How much love is important in photography. Mind you, the photographer, you, bring talent and love for what’s being done, along with a vision of what you want to do in any picture. And all a camera does is a recording of light. This can be tricky but all you need is love once you know the cameras and I see the love each time I see your work.

    Look at how well composed these shots are… I feel we are on this ferry ride too and sense the weather, the moisture, the light… hm… what clothes should we wear to be in this scene to be warm.

    Q: What creative crossing might you traverse this week?.
    A: This week is a milestone as I am throwing out old clothes and stuff in boxes I’ve been carting around for years. I have gone to the Good Will and have my closet back where I can actually walk in it again. I’m down to two boxes tonight and will have gone through every piece of paper in my place making sure the ones I keep have a place to be where I can find things faster. It’s been a traverse to me and I found papers that were important, and from that learning to revalue some of my talents. When done Jerry and I are going to Santa Barbara for the weekend as the prize for all the hard work preparing to have a more controlled administrative system.

    • Kathy thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful words! You will never know just how well timed your contribution was for me 🙂 By the way, a light hoody or sweater is all that is needed for the the ferry crossing on this day. I envy you your emptying and decluttering… I have some of that to do tomorrow.

  6. The blogosphere has certainly gained Terrill, by your unexpected presence on a regular basis here in the summer! Again you’ve posted some eye-filling pictures! Just what the doctor ordered!

    Ah, this week I’ve been indulging in an extensive pre-Code Festival at my Manhttan movie mecca, which has required my attention every night this week. It’s arare opportunity to take in some rarities, and with Lucille in tow for most it’s been fun. I guess the “creativity” you speak of is the manner and method that I must employ to reach my destination during brutal rush hour traffic! Ha!

    • Well Sam if you came to Mayne Island you wouldn’t have to worry about the traffic. If David and I see three cars in a row we can make a reasonable guess that a ferry just came in. On a Saturday market day in mid summer a person may have to park a city block away from the fresh vegetable stands. However, if you whistle real loud you can probably call your dog who is visiting with a friend on the other side of the island. In the winter we often have a hosted movie night at the Agriculture Hall which has a lovely pull-down screen in front of the stage. As you know, we mostly order our movies through the mail. Which works – if a person is patient. But the temperatures will be mostly mild and traffic equally so. And then there are days like the one I photographed in this post where the ferry crossing feels like time on your own personal yacht.

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