Held Over by Popular Demand

Thank you everyone for your support. The show has been a whopping success and it is not over yet!

The STUDY of BLUE solo exhibition was extended at the request of the venue until tomorrow August 2, 2011. However, SEVEN of the original fifteen paintings are now SOLD. I have replaced some of paintings at the end of the original close date so that they can be delivered to buyers. The Oceanwood Restaurant & Inn has also asked to hang paintings in their luxury B&B rooms so their customers will get another chance to purchase them. This is a lovely offer particularly for some of the larger paintings.

Here are quick links to my seven original oil paintings from the show that are still available for purchase at the ART OF DAY online gallery:

ONE 24 X 36 inch oil on canvas BUY NOW.

OWL’S VIEW 24 X 18 inch oil on canvas BUY NOW.

SALISH SEA FOUR 24 X 48 inch oil on canvas BUY NOW.

EAST POINT CLIFFS 24 X 18 inch oil on canvas BUY NOW.

BREAKING THROUGH 36 X 48 inch oil on canvas BUY NOW.

WINTER SUN 18 X 24 inch oil on canvas BUY NOW.

And the very last of the smaller paintings still available…

STORM COMING 8 X 10 inch on canvas BUY NOW.


Sprout question: What creative accomplishment are you celebrating this week?


p.s. I have a surprise that I hope to share by the middle of August… once I review the proof. I think you are going to like it.


STUDY OF BLUE  solo exhibition extended to August 2, 2011.


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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

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18 thoughts on “Held Over by Popular Demand

  1. It is always a treat lingering by your paintings and photos. Have been cruising through many of your past posts, simply admiring. The blue in your first picture (up above) is stunning. Congratulations on the extension of your show! That is indeed delightful.

    • Thanks Kathy. Your comments are similar to those of the venue hosts. It is a busy time for them and they said they would slip into the exhibition and just breathe in the quiet and come away feeling renewed. It is because of Creative Potager friends like you that I have the confidence to set these paintings on the world stage. It is because long before a painting is exhibited I already have received significant feedback. So thank you for being part of this very important process.

  2. Terrill – CONGRATULATIONS on an amazing showing. You’ve got to feel exhilerated!

    Just LOOKING at the colors in this post are like taking a cool, refreshing dip. Ahhhhhhhhhh

    Sprout question: What creative accomplishment are you celebrating this week?

    This weekend was a high-energy, teaching weekend for me. According to the feedback I’ve received from the students, the knowledge was transferred in a way that made receiving it not only effective, but fun!

    My son and Kayley were in the class. Kayley sent me a text message later that said, “Thanks for a great class. On the way home Eoghan said, ‘Isn’t my mom awesome?!'”

    Now THAT made my heart sing — definitely a cause for celebration.

    • Oh THAT is music to here Laurie. I can see your grin from here! Thank you for your ongoing, post by post support Laurie. All of your sharing on twitter and facebook is so appreciated!!!!!! You are as much a part of this show as hanging wires themselves. Thank you!

  3. I’m so happy for your success Terrill. All of your hard work in preparing for this show has brought this ‘whopping success’. I know you are aware that success is a journey, not a destination. So I wish you many more opportunities and many more triumphs….. and many more chances to enjoy the exhilaration of celebrating your well-earned accomplishments!

    • Thanks Maxine and yes success is a journey which is ever fleeting as what is next comes into view. I do like to take a short pause and acknowledge what has gone well otherwise I can miss that moment of satisfaction and it all becomes work and reaching further along a trail of tasks. So glad you could join me just before I go dismantle the show.

  4. AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME. . . . possibly even UBER-AWESOME – you go girl!!

    Mega kudos to you for showing up in life so strong, beautiful, positive and in total snyn with the high vibe of BLUE!!!!!! Congratulations on making ‘work’ FUN and for lighting up the world with your talent.

    • Ah geesh! Thanks Alison! Its been a busy time and sharing it with you has helped me notice the strength and vibration of blue. I don’t think this blue series is finished yet… but it may take some new and interesting turns on the five new canvases I have under and ground painted. They are ready now for the next round of work – with a bit of luck, I shall begin working them up tomorrow.

  5. Great job Terrill! Kudos is right! sprout question: What creative accomplishment are you celebrating this week? I’ll be celebrating opening my first etsy shop at the end of this week. I created the account yesterday and will start listing items tonight. I’m also celebrating solving html coding layout puzzles at work.

    • Thanks Jessica. I do hope you drop back in and leave us a link to your new etsy shop. I would love to see. Congratulations on you follow through and solving that coding issue. Sounds like it is a great start to the week.

  6. Many congratulations Terrill!! We were visiting family and friends on Vancouver Island and had been hoping for a chance to see your exhibition and wonderful work in person. Unfortunately it wasn’t able to happen this time. I found myself catching glimpses of your paintings in our travels around the Island. And appreciating all over again the beauty of this place and your stunning work that always seems to capture the very essence and soul of these islands 🙂

    • Thank you Colleen for your kind words. Sorry you were not able to make it all the way to Mayne Island but glad you got out and about and experienced things directly. Nice to think of my paintings being seen in the essence of other places.

  7. Terrill,

    I share in you joy! It is wonderful news that you have had an extended exhibit, that sales were truly amazing!
    Congratulations to you once again, you and your work/art deserve the honors!

  8. I would be happy dancing for you Terrill, but I have this painful foot…Good news is that I am figuring out myself how to get some relief from the pain and I figured out what it was…
    I am going for 2 acupuncture sessions before I get on the plane for my niece’s wedding – I have heard wonderful things about this kind of pain relief –

    I have been creatively healing and exploring healing this week…
    Looking at your paintings makes me think of the beach I visited this past weekend…and I had 2 hours of being all by myself and just watching the water…ahhhhhhhh

    • Two hours to yourself on the beach Patricia. I can imagine how heavenly that was. I am sending along some good old fashion healing energy for that foot of yours but I seem to recall that time is required for this kind of injury to repair. Something tells me you are SUPPOSE to have your feet up for a bit. Will be nice to have the pain let up though. That is never fun.

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