Head in the Clouds

Usually if someone says “oh, she has her head in the clouds” it is a sign that the commenter believes the person is being unrealistic.  As a naturally optimistic creative human-being, these sentiments are something that I have often endured . I easily shrug them off. A life of joy is simply too much fun to allow such sour grapes to over-ride the obvious. So here are fourteen photographic good reasons for having your head in the clouds.

It all started with these wild and wonderful mares tails that I spotted at Village Bay as we left for Victoria yesterday.

Wouldn’t you just like to swing on these wisps for awhile? Which do you prefer – portrait

(Yes, I left that little bit of tree and hill in on purpose.)

Or landscape…

with just clouds?

But these are nothing compared to what is to come. On our return trip, the sky at the Swartz Bay terminal really starts to dance.

Who is trying to peek at us?

It is getting late and a bit of colour is breaking through.

The Mayne Queen is loading. Let me get Miss Prissy aboard so we can head up on the top deck and see what we can see. Are you ready to do a twirl or seven?

Again, landscape?

or portrait?

I want you to remind you that I am taking these on a small moving passenger ship in very low light. A tripod, even if I had one with me, would be useless because of the vibration from the diesel engine and the ship’s rippling movement over the sea. So enjoy the soft focus and relax.

Can you feel the swish of calm?

Only to have the energy build and expanse one last time…

It is getting cool. I head back to my old pick-up truck and grab my shawl to enjoy the last of the light as night settles in…

Sprout question: When was the last time you were accused of having your head in the clouds?

p.s. I do have new grandson Isaac photos too. That post will be up for Friday.

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17 thoughts on “Head in the Clouds

  1. I love these photos! I really like the first one in particular as it’s not often you see such a lovely pattern repeated across the sky. I’m often accused of having my head in the clouds – but more meaning that I’m a day dreamer. Either way, I don’t think it’s always a bad place to be 🙂

    • Me either Helen… I love to day dream. Those mares tails were sure in abundance and it was an unusual site. If I had done a painting you might have thought I my brush got stuck… but nope they are for real.

  2. Beautiful! Great to have such an expanse to view such beautifully creative sky/cloud. Thank you for sharing those with us.
    When I first started taking photographs the sunsets at Easton Mountain where often amazing and I would stand and shoot until it was dark… which would not be long.

    I recently went to the river down the way to shoot the clouds, because they where being awesome…

  3. Ok, so ya, I am relaxed and calm. .. . and totally blooooooown away by the beauty of the heaven-sent photos of my favorite subject . . . .SKY!!!! Your work is seductive and I have to admit Terrill, I have been seduced. So much so that I have arranged my sechedule so as to be there in the flesh in September. Yup that’s rite, I’m a comin up there. . . finally!!!!!

    • Well, Alison that is wonderful news! I am looking forward to seeing you and possibly poking around to see what we can see! Please drop me a direct line with the details so we can tea-up (?) or is it T-up or tee-up? I have no idea really, just looking forward to meeting you face-to-face.

  4. Beautiful and full of life and energy

    I am a responsibility junkie – rarely has anyone ever said I had my head in the clouds…but my mum certainly was vocal if she thought I was being silly…oh my…

    I do love the pictures – they are lovely

  5. Terrill – I’m sooooooo glad you mentioned this post in a comment over at Speaking from the Heart because I didn’t receive an email notice. And I’m always on the lookout for yours because it’s one of my favorite blogs to visit.

    I love the “bookends” — opening with mare’s tails and closing with “as night settles in” and everything in-between. You were gifted with quite the grand display!

    Sprout question: When was the last time you were accused of having your head in the clouds?

    Several times this past week as I explained to clients about the “adventure” I’m going on this up-and-coming week. I just smile like the cat that at the canary, knowing full well that my cup runneth over!

  6. The photos here are absolutely gorgeous, eye-popping and rich in atmosphere. The arrival of dusk yields to the most brilliant color of all with the deep orange permeating the end of daylight. Really some arresting stuff here!

    I was just recently told by my 81 year-old father that I had my ‘head in the clouds’ after I attended every single one of the 50 films offered in a Manhattan “pre-code” film festival over aperiod of 22 days. I can really dispute his sentiments there! Ha!

    • Sam you are the perfect person to receive this post then. It is exactly these kinds of sentiments – no matter how lovingly offered that creative beings must overcome and thrive. The best part is – we do! Nice that you still have your dad around to tell things too. Enjoy! I am hoping to get up the province to visit my own parents yet this fall. I talk to them every week on the phone but rarely get to visit more than once a year. Precious times.

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