West Coast Shore Photo-study

I wonder, has anyone mentioned that being a nature, land and seascape photographer is an expensive slide into professional shooting equipment? I have had good Cannon semi-professional DSLR equipment for a few years now. My EOS 40D with an EFS 17-85 mm lens has served me well. I think that PRECIOUS SECONDS – Mayne Island in paintings and photographs has shown us that, wouldn’t you agree? However, I knew that to take the shots I next I wanted capture I needed to add another lens.

(image may be purchased here.)

It is also time to move up into professional level equipment but there is a cost attached to this decision. The best glass for the scenery and sturdiest equipment suited the rugged terrain I am usually navigating comes at a price.

After careful research I took the profits from the sales over the summer of both prints and original paintings and I went shopping. It reminded my of a line in an Ian Tyson song “she’s gambled and gone like summer wages…”

(image may be purchased here.)

A perfect song actually for this west coast shore study.

(image may be purchased here.)

With a new camera Flipside backpack, I am off with David on another photo shoot to Saturna Island this week and will put this new puppy – Cannon’s 2010 EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM – and me 🙂 to a real test. For now, I hope you enjoyed my west coast shore study. We shall see on Friday’s post how I made out.

(image may be purchased here.)

Sprout question: What creative subjects are you poised to study?

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

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14 thoughts on “West Coast Shore Photo-study

  1. Hey Terrill, just wondering if these photos (love them by the way) are shot w/your new equipment? I had a Cannon Eos for non digital after my Nikon and really liked it. Will be interested to see what you think of this new one – digital I presume.

    • Yes these images were shot with the new digital lens. I do love it though I have to learn to frame for its best use and much narrow angle. I will get lots of practice this week and will better be able to answer your question after my return.

  2. Well well you are expanding!! Good for you, I talked about a longer mm lens for sometime now, but have yet to accomplish that fact. Using your sales money is wondrous and wise choice… Good for you.

    I love the photographs! There is nothing more interesting to me than an old log, root long to capture my attention… There was one at Easton sitting in the middle of one of the ponds, I will have to dig those shots up!

    What creative subjects are you poised to study? I have been considering something completely different for me… and have discussed it before, and now have two young men interesting in the project… a photographic study of Transgender people, I am still working on the detail but this is a big adventure outside my range…

    • Thank you Jeff. Yes, a log or piece of drift wood is much like a dog with bone for me – can’t leave it alone. Jeff with the integrity that you bring to your people photography and am looking forward to the results of your study. Outside of your current range maybe but well within your capacity to bring forward some dynamite results.

  3. Terrill – It’s clear that you’ve done your homework and that the outgo of money, combined with your talent, is a solid investment — West Coast Shore Photo-Study goes a long way toward proving that already.

    Sprout question: What creative subjects are you poised to study?

    With the arrival of fall comes the continuation of school for me (MFA in Creative Writing).

    • Ah the joy of attending classes Laurie. Is it distant learning or do you get to actually spend face-to-face time which seems to have become so rare these days in post-graduate learning? Glad you like the first run with the new lens… it shall be a bit of a learning curve but that is just the way I like it!

  4. Hi Terrill,

    So you went ahead and bought the new lens … good for you! You will put it to good use!

    As for creative subjects I am poised to study … I am taking an oil painting course called “Broadening Your Horizons” by Destanne Norris which starts next monday that I am really looking forward to. In the meantime, I have been taking photos of chickadees and nuthatches as they are devouring the seeds off my sunflowers. They truly don’t care that I am only a foot or so away; even landing on me or brushing me with a wing as they zip by!

    • Oh Sue, I swallowed hard two or three times as I handed over the cash for this one! But I am hoping you are right and it will pay its way over the next few years. Your course sounds great! I am looking forward to what you think of it. Have fun with those birds too!

  5. Beautiful post and pictures and I think a new lens will do well to add to your skill and perspective – I know my daughter is always learning something new with her camera and exploring – she too has a “good” eye for beauty and telling a story with pictures.

    I am learning pain relief of the DIY kind these days, but I am thinking I might need to Learn how to be sick and not keep resisting and fighting my entire life story….
    I did meet a person who knows how to SKYPE so maybe that will help with Wise Ears…? I am learning Baby Steps too…and how to Trust What I Get!

    I tried to take a picture of ZIP to put on my next to last blog post….I am still laughing because I would need a video camera! What a rascal he is…good company too

    • Patricia I can just see you laughing and trying to catch a photo of ZIP 🙂 I thought of this resent post by Peter Renner the first time I read your comment and now when I have come back again with time to comment I think of it again. Here is the link to his blog post “sickie” http://heartmind.ca/2011/09/15/sickie It is your comment about learning to be sick that is the connection I think. The new lens is working reasonably well and I have posted images today that are mostly from it. The narrow angle is a bit of a challenge but I am starting to learn its capacities.

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