With Colour

The grayness of our west coast year is already upon us. I have an interesting photo of some seals from our Saturday outing. But they are awfully dull for how I am feeling right now. So I’m digging through my massive tickle trunk of photo folders looking for some colour. Aha! June 4, 2011.

I’m resisting the rain-soaked weather with splashes of vibrant sun feelings. The seals shall be the postage stamp at the end of this post. We are celebrating!

We have a winner of the image-wrapped copy of a little coffee table book


PRECIOUS SECONDS – Mayne Island in paintings and photographs


Drum roll please Ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-tttttta-T!!!…… I know you were expecting the bear from yesterday, right? No, not today either….


The winner is….. Artist Uma Sharma from Gurgaon, India. Congratulations Uma! Your book is on its way and is expected to arrive well before the end of October. Enjoy!

A little more colour? Well, why not….

Thank you everyone who participated in Creative Potager’s first Salish Sea Sunday Savings event. Your support is always deeply appreciated whether it is to purchase an original painting, photography print, calendar or card. Or to share my work with others. It all makes a difference in the life of a full-time creative being.

Also, welcome to new subscribers! Creative Potager posts generally come out on Mondays and Fridays with the odd extra post like the Salish Sea Sunday Savings event – which I have promised readers there will be three. The next one will be Sunday October 16th as next Sunday is Canadian Thanksgiving.  Welcome to our lively creative community. Please join in as you wish.

And now, here are those seals…

Did you notice the one on the left?  Every time a wave would come it would push its body down on the rock so as to not float off.


Sprout Question: What is the most interesting place you have ever mailed your creative work?


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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

22 thoughts on “With Colour

  1. Terrill – Ohhhh, the many shades of yellow in the first photo are so uplifting.

    How fun for Uma Sharma to win your wonderful book. It’s going to cross oceans and continents to get to her.

    That funny seal of the left – bucking the wind and waves. What a rebel – ya gotta love it!

    Sprout Question: What is the most interesting place you have ever mailed your creative work?

    By invitation to a literary agency in the greater San Francisco area — in fact I’m stirring tremendous amounts of positive energy around that right now. Won’t you join me?

    • I am delighted to stir some positive energy around your literary package in the greater San Francisco area! I am imaging something being accepted and going to print.

      Well I am guessing the three people who posted comments already this morning may not yet have notice the one word they have in common.

      – Uplifting –

      Seems like a little of just the right colour can go a long ways… a good thing to keep in mind when painting too 😉

      Note: I am taking a wee bit of time off later today and tomorrow so if you don’t hear from me, all is good.

  2. I always find any shade of yellow inspiring,these are nice Terrill:) I really like the seals, I can’t walk a short distance out my door and photo seals. That seems very exotic and fun to me:)
    Congrats to MS Uma!

    • I suppose Nancy it is exotic to photograph seals a short distance from the front door. It is about a 10 minute drive but nothing is very far on our little island.

      We live almost at the center or heart of the island one third of the way up the side of a cliff. We can’t actually really “see” the ocean though if the light is right and I stand on one foot and lean just so I can see water off to the southwest in the evenings 🙂 And on a clear day, the Olympic mountains can just barely be seen over top of Heck Hill and Pender Island. I kind of like these almost-views. They leave so much to the imagination. Of course our actual view is of farmland and sheep pastures which is lovely in itself.

      By the way, I think the last I spoke with you Nancy the cupboards were bare – you had sold out of all your custom made jewelry. Do you have some new pieces ready now? And welcome to Creative Potager!

  3. What a wonderful collection of colour. Thank you for that. : )
    I was sicker than a dog yesterday–so the colour was especially appreciated today, as I attempt to recover.
    To answer…
    Mail? How about email? I remember how thrilled I was when a knitter from Israel ordered one of my hand knitting patterns. These are sweet memories as I have removed my designer hat to pick up my writer’s pen.
    All the best for the continued success of your business, Terrill

    • Thank you Leanne and glad I could contribute to your wellness today. A knitting pattern from Mayne Island to Israel posted through cyberspace – most intriguing. Your knitting and writing hats seem to stack up well together Leanne and The Sweater Curse blog is ample evidence! I will be looking forward to the second of your three part post of my interview with you this coming Saturday.

  4. Beautiful images of yellows in nature. I like color-themed posts such as this!

    I’ve mailed my paintings to Miami and NYC from the British Virgin Islands. Nowhere recently. I’m about to start getting my work out there again, though. Lots of submissions in the works.

  5. Thank You Terrill !!! Today is my lucky day….. 🙂

    I love the yellow. Though we have in abundance in here, sometimes too much!!! The yellow in your pics is soothing….serene. I’m working on a yellow painting for a friend’s new house. These pics have added a mellow tone to my bright yellow mood….:D

    • You are welcome Uma and all the best with the new yellow painting your friends house. Having original art on the walls of a new place is the best I think. Hey isn’t there a song that goes something like that? Mellow-yellow…..

  6. I mailed work to Scotland so far…but family packages go to Australia every year and for one year South Africa and then Chili ( mathematician studying black holes..)

    Loved you colour today – yes it was grey and wet and I took out a bright yellow jacket to wear all day today and feel sunny…
    Oh that little seal just needed to stay put…
    I joined the local Peace Choir tonight – the fun music and lovely people were also a ray of sunshine for my evening

    • A yellow jacket Patricia, now that does sound perfect for a grey day. All best with your Choir too. Giving voice to our joy and singing is a wonderful way to fill the day with sunshine. I even try that now and again and I can’t carry a tune inside a bucket. It is still fun. You have had the most interesting package adventures too. Wow!

  7. Terrill,

    Nice sun shiny shot! I love the first one! The light is diffused yet the yellow brings life to the whole photograph!
    I have not personally mailed my creative work. Yet I know that I have sold cards of my work through Redbubble.com around the USA…

    • Redbubble sales are the best aren’t the Jeff ? I just wish they would tell us where the sales went. Even as much as the state and country would be useful. Usually buyers come by and let me know. But not always and it is like a little unzipped thread out there and leads to the occasional thought such as “now I wonder where that work is?” I know some artists and photographers that do not mind at all – they are just happy the work is gone and the light bill is paid. I tend to like to know – if possible where my work is residing.

  8. LOVE the sunny photos, Terrill — warm, inspiring, filled with joy. We are hot and dry here (a bit unusual for this time of year), so we are watering our evergreens to keep them going. Quite a project. As for your Q: I enjoyed mailing you my book! That was a great book exchange … a great idea on your part! Hope all is well and so glad I dropped by today. You work is engaging and energizing. Who could ask for more!?! Blessings, Daisy

    • Good to see you here Daisy and I too greatly enjoyed our exchange 🙂 A pleasure to put a little energy into your day! I suspect you will be wishing for rain soon if you are watering the evergreens. How many buckets do they drink a day? Lots I fear.

  9. Uma Sharma has an eye-filling book heading her way that will dazzle the senses and stir the soul simultaneously. I also love teh use of yellow, and see the autumn backgrounds looking more like spring. The photo of the seals of course is priceless.

    Creativity at WitD has been shared worldwide and for that I am thrilled and grateful for.

    Anyway, I am thinking that the autumn foiliage will soon will ruling the roost in these parts Terrill. Ha!

    • Fall colours often make us smile and breathe deep I think Sam. I am going to be in Vancouver on the weekend and the domestic trees are sometimes ahead of the nature ones so I’m hoping for some bright splashes of autumn foilage. Have a great weekend my friend!

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