Sitting on My Ordinary

It is an ordinary quiet week here at la casa de inspiracion. In fact it has been quieter and more ordinary than usual. With only a few outside commitments, I have even been sitting on my ordinary – well, backside. Shhhhhhh! Don’t tell anyone.


Oh I did dive in and order new print stock, clean the studio and get a few other household chores out of the way… but only worked at these pesky necessaries for a short while each day. Mostly it was a week of relaxing and the easiest route to an end goal. Do you ever take a few days to do this?


Sitting on my ordinary is about being with the everyday in an unhurried fashion.


It is about quietly observing and nurturing and replenishing my inner strength and resilience.

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It is about honouring and reflecting on – exactly where am I anyway and what is it I really want to be doing?

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Most often it means time in nature feeding my soul.

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These four images are a result of  “sitting on my ordinary” this week. So as you can see, it doesn’t mean doing nothing but rather doing what you love in a way that gives back.


Best of the weekend everyone!



Sprout Question: How do you sit on your ordinary?



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16 thoughts on “Sitting on My Ordinary

  1. Terrill – Your opening paragraph made me laugh! And while I enjoyed all of the photographs you included in this post, the first one — the black and white one — is the one that made me catch my breath.

    Your definition of “Sitting On My Ordinary” included:

    Honoring and reflecting on where you’re at. Taking its pulse to make sure it’s what you authentically want to do.

    Next came feeding your soul “food” that’s positive, uplifting, constructive, and healing.

    Finally, it’s giving back.

    “Sitting on YOUR ordinary” is very powerful stuff!

    Sprout Question: How do you sit on your ordinary:

    Using the elements of your definition…I’d have to say that sitting on my ordinary occurs during meditation. Different from prayer (I feel that’s when we TALK to “Divine Love”), meditation (at least for me) is when we LISTEN. What I hear, in turn, becomes blog posts, articles, curriculum, and/or sections in other writing projects I’m working on.

    I wish for you an ORDINARY weekend 🙂

  2. After Summer’s adventure, I too hear Autumn’s offer to slow down and relax.
    How do I sit on my ordinary…
    by trusing in the natural ebb and flow. Whether that is dancing with my muse to the music of words or with yarn on my needles, I trust all will accomplish in time–enjoy the now.
    Hmmm, I wonder who helped me to find this peace? : )

  3. Terrill,

    I think I am sitting on my ordinary right at the moment. I read this when it was first publish but let it linger for awhile…

    I don’t think all of my brain is on track today, so just kind of letting it be…

    What ordinary extraordinary photographs!

  4. I have been sitting or lying on my miracle balls and meditating this week; also writing and reading a great deal… writing whole posts in the comments sections of blogs, which I am posting about.

    I am working on letting go of the weight and the inflammation – I have been determined

    I have 15 books to review before the end of the year
    I am working on finding funds so I can go to San Francisco

    I am doing so much….I just curled back under the blankets this morning to listen to the rain on the roof and feel cozy….and taking this time has lit my fire

    …so now I am vacuuming to direct this energy into a constructive outcome….

    and reading your post about outcomes of ordinary, which is an extraordinary post and refreshed my soul Thank you for sharing these pictures and words which give back and renew.

    • You are welcome Patricia and I am glad I am not the only one that writes blog-length comments in response to posts I am reading. Fifteen books to review eh? Wow! What is in San Francisco? After reading your cozy thoughts about curling up under the blankets I think I might do the same this afternoon. I have started reading Colette’s Break of Day for a second time. It seems like the perfect read for this afternoon.

  5. Love the layers of color in picture #2 – I guess that was Mother Natures “ordinary” for that day.

    For me, ordinary has become my new normal. Over the past few years I’ve ditched the need to do much of anything other than just be ordinary. . . . which some may constru as having “let myself go” (but not in a good way – an old phrase from my mother’s era I remember hearing when middle aged woman started getting to much middle and just didn’t care enough to do anything about it.) but I’ve made friends with it, the ordinary that is, I’m still not pleased with all that excess in the middle.

    As always, thanks for the post Terrill and enjoy your weekend.

    • Picture #2 Alison has been truly composed by the elements of winter storms. If you notice the tops have been snapped off the trees and the branches are scraggly and wind warn. This day is calm but you can see that sometimes hurricane force winds have bashed against this shore. I am very much a middle aged woman who could be described as “letting herself go” but I must confess to having never held myself back 🙂 or in 🙂 So here is to enjoying our middles! Eat well, stay physically, emotionally and spiritually strong and let the rest well enough alone. Best of the weekend to you too Alison!

  6. I love the idea / the contrast between “ordinary” and your work, Terrill. Your work is so splendid as you highlight nature and its “ordinary” wonders. Feeding our soul is so very important and I once read that the “soul craves beauty” … I believe it. I wish they would teach children these things in grade school, so kids wouldn’t grow up thinking they have to be externally, visibly “busy” 24-7 to have worth and value. “Busy” is often an escape, in fact. Alas, enlightenment comes ever so slowly to our high pressure world. Have a beautiful weekend. –Daisy

    • Oh Daisy you say the kindest things in the most unarguable inspiring way! I do agree with you and the dangers of external “busy” and how they are sometimes equated with value and worth. However, together and between those of us who have posted here today I think we can overcome such beliefs. If not, we sure will enjoy the practice of engaging our everyday and ordinary. A beautiful weekend to you as well Daisy.

  7. We do surely need such moments of relaxation, reflection and the down time to re-charge. For you Terrill, this would seemingly be a kind of holding pattern period, where a sudden inspiration may grab you when you least expect it to. Like Laurie I was also rather startled to see that black and white photo, but it establishes the proper mood of course.

    I haven’t had much down time lately as it’s been a torrid stretch with the writing alternating with school-related responsibilities. But with Halloween around the corner it will as always be a blast to see the kids in their costumes. I guess I’ll get my real down ttime after teh first week in November when our most recent site countdown ends. Ha!

    • Yes Sam it is kind of a holding pattern. One that I relish because it provides a deep well of creative energy for whatever is next. I bought three new 12 X 12 inch canvases today so who knows. I like that you can draw a line in the sand Sam for a time when you will get some “real down time.” May there be long moments of “sitting on your ordinary.” 🙂

  8. Take that silent hand , be at peace hold tight the things that mean the most. A drifting fog may flow on by, there you stand alone. Be thankful for that moment as blessing do not come, look into the moving waters see the happiness of yesterdays.Of love kindness visions in will never walk alone

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