Life and the Bounty Hunter

What I was intending to do this morning, more than an hour and half ago, was to let you know who won yesterday’s draw for sixteen 4 X 6 greeting cards from the second Salish Sea Sunday event. Instead, I have been captured by life’s bounty hunter. I am being held hostage and know I will only be released upon death. The thing is the walls of this prison are non-existent and there are no fences and there is always something to do, to smell, to hear, to feel and to discover. I stay willingly with gratitude and remain forever in the clutches of life’s bounty hunter – curiosity.

If you are still roaming free of curiosity, children are often our best example of how to get caught…

My curious mission this morning came about because Patricia is looking for an oven and Jannie had a roaster in her coffee, only to find Melody was farting with her nephews and Laurie is listening while Leanne is covering her head but Sam is still looking – only to return to Creative Potager to find that Jeff is accepting demands from anger.

So who was the winner of yesterday’s draw? Envelope please….. Laurie Buchanan from Speaking from the Heart!!!!!

Those of us who know Laurie – which is most as she has not missed commenting on a Creative Potager post in almost two years – know that she never does anything in halves. Not only did she liberally share the second Thursday Teaser and get her name in the draw three times but yesterday, as the second Salish Sea Sunday Savings event went live, she gave it another generous sprinkle throughout cyberspace on twitter, facebook and G+ for no other reason than – she could.  I am sure that she was single-handedly responsible for half of the visitors who dropped in.

This kind of simple-abundance sharing and support is part of the life-sustaining income stream for a sole-entrepreneur photographer and artist such as me. It takes a wee bit of time of course and I am ever grateful to have been dialed into Laurie’s Sunday. Laurie’s support goes far beyond enjoying and recommending my free offerings through these blog posts. She has put her carefully managed dollars and non-consumer habit into investing in my Mayne Island Tree Spirit calendar and in this year’s new book Precious Seconds – Mayne Island in paintings and photographs. She is a serious fan and collector of my work and it gives me great pleasure to package up sixteen 4 x 6 greeting cards that I know will be put to good use by someone who appreciates them.

If you are not already subscribed to Laurie’s blog Speaking from the Heart, a friend on facebook, following her on twitter and have her circled on Google plus do it now! In the more than five years I have been visiting and keeping company with this delightful, talented and spirited writer and healer I now call Laurie my friend – though we have never met face-to-face or even talked on the phone. Laurie, you make life’s bounty hunter – curiosity – dance naked in the moonlight while you blow it kisses of possibility. Thank you for being you and for all that you do.

Thank you too to all of you who participated by sharing and purchasing goods from yesterday’s event. The next and final Salish Sea Sunday Savings event of the year will be three weeks from now on Sunday, November 6, 2011. Watch for the Thursday Teaser and hope to see you there!

Sprout Question: Be honest, when was the last time you were bound, gagged and carted off by curiosity? Or were you one of those jumping up and down waving in the crowd shouting “pick me! PICK ME!?”



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14 thoughts on “Life and the Bounty Hunter

  1. YES, it IS possible to LAUGH and CRY — at the same time, because that’s what reading this post has made me do. I spontaneously combusted into tears and laughter — all at once!

    THANK YOU Terrill for your over-the-top kindness. I oh-so appreciate YOU!

    Sprout Question: Be honest, when was the last time you were bound, gagged and carted off by curiosity? Or were you one of those jumping up and down waving in the crowd shouting “pick me! PICK ME!?”

    This is the second day in a row that I’ve been held hostage behind a closed door that has my handwritten sign: “There better be blood, flood, or fire!”

    This thing — curiosity — has me working on curriculum for UW Madison that’s asked me to teach four classes there in April. I’m curious as to where this opportunity might lead. It’s extremely exciting — if I weren’t already levetating off my chair, I’d be aloft from the pins and needles of it.

    I’m so excited, Excited, EXCITED that I won the greeting cards.

  2. I am deeply bound up in curiosity right now…the lovely books I am reading and reviewing coming up and just figuring out life in general. Curiosity always brings back my optimism when I have been in a funk.

    Thank you for the shout out

    Ah yes! I saw that Laurie had truly networked for your art…Congratulations are in order and how lucky is she to receive such beauty in her mailbox!

    Loved your pictures here….and all the smiles and your amazing words…YES! Raise the flag of curiosity indeed

  3. Oh, you better believe I was one of those jumping up and down shouting. Didn’t you feel the vibrations at your end of the island?
    Congratulations, Laurie! I completely concur with Terrill’s pronouncements regarding your generous support. Me and my blog have greatly benefitted from your nimble fingers. : )
    Thank you, Terrill for your bounty of delightful photos.

  4. Terrill: What fantastic, wonderful, marvelous news!! There is not a more deserving winner out there than the incomparable Laurie Buchanan. Yes she has commented on every Creativepotager post, but even more impressively, her comments have been of the highest quality.

    I love love love the photos of your grandchildren and those ravishing nature shots. And many thanks for the shout out too!!!

    • You are so right Sam… Laurie’s comments are of the highest quality often providing a hint to what she will be posting next. Her hooks always land soundly on their mark with me and I am curiously waiting in the wings for whatever she posts next. The grandchildren photos are from our Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. So awesome to get some time with them and their families.

  5. Terrill – I wanted you to know that the BREATHTAKING cards arrived today. THANK YOU! I’m soooooo glad I asked you to select them for me, they’re WONDERFUL! I had forgotten about WINTER REFLECTIONS SHAWNIGAN LAKE —- it brought back the great memory of when you posted it. There are two that are brand new to me (or I was asleep in class that day): SEA SKY LIGHTHOUSE — Yowza, but that’s incredible! And POPLAR GROVE — ahhhhhhhhh.

    Readers – I believe Terrill has one more SALISH SEA SUNDAY coming up. Be on the lookout for it. When you see it, simply follow her user-friendly instructions at a chance to win. I’m so glad that I did. What a TREAT!

    • Laurie I may never have shared the lighthouse one in the past on Creative Potager and the poplar grove is from my son’s property in Oroville Washington. I sent it because you like trees so much. So glad you like my choices 🙂

      Yes, November 6th is the final Salish Sea Sunday Savings event for this year. The Thursday Teaser with the draw details will be out November 3rd.

      You know, at first I must admit to having some doubts about how readers would feel about this very purposeful marketing and sales event on “their” Creative Potager. – a place where I usually post my photographs and painting for viewer enjoyment with a discrete LINK to where the work can be purchased. However, it has gone well. And I sure do appreciate all your support.

      If you have any suggestion for what you would like to see more of or done differently, I am always interested in hearing from you.

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