I Wonder What She Wants?

I can almost see the thought bubble over their heads – such mild curiosity and indifference expressed in their body language.

“I wonder what she wants?”

How can I tell them that, though interesting they might be, I am really looking at the sun coming across the water on Mill Bay?

I can’t. So with a flip, the seals flop into the sea.

Sprout Question: Who have you felt unable to communicate with this week?

NOTE: I fully realize this might be a loaded question. Please remember this is a public blog. If your answer is sensitive, I suggest answering in your private journal, on a napkin in a restaurant or in the sand at low tide. Let good judgment be your guide. Of course, you can still leave a comment stating that your answer is sensitive cargo and has been safely stored…. or destroyed 🙂

Best of the weekend to you!

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19 thoughts on “I Wonder What She Wants?

  1. Great shot! They were wondering if you brought them some fish! You are suppose to pay your models!!!

    I see that you would be attracted to the light on the bay and landscape but never miss the live/candids if you have to opportunity!

    I have had difficulty communicating with myself as of late, so it is difficult to communicate with others!

    • Ah Jeff, you started my Friday off with a hearty belly laugh about paying for my models!

      That communication with self is sometimes the trickiest isn’t it? Who new we could ignore, misunderstand, mislead and even fib the best to ourselves? I sometimes have to sit me down with a third party who asks tough questions in order to get past some of my own storytelling. Not that this is a bad thing because our number one drive is to protect ourselves – it is simply a challenge that must often be met head on to move forward. My painting photography are my best friends in this area of clear communication with self.

      Best of the weekend to you Jeff and thanks for sharing.

      • I am glad I could add some humor! LOL!

        I understand this statement all so well, “My painting photography are my best friends in this area of clear communication with self.” and realized I had not taking any photographs for almost a week, until this morning, when I made a conscious effort to do so. Plus choosing 10 photographs for an exhibit has been on my mind, just trying to select pieces that reflect different aspects of what my work is about!

        You have a great weekend as well!

  2. Terrill –

    Ohhhhhhhh, I can’t believe how CLOSE you got to the seals. Even if you were using a zoom lens, that’s still CLOSE. Just look at those soulful eyes.

    And the second photograph…I can see that as a painting. And in my mind’s eye I can pretend that I live in the white house in the background…

    Sprout Question: Who have you felt unable to communicate with this week?

    It was the parent of one of my adolescent clients. It appears they have no room for grey in their lives, only black and white.

    Make it a PHENOMENAL weekend!

    – Laurie

    • Laurie you are right – even though I was using my 70-200 zoom I was close. These fellows are pretty tame and sleep on this deck all the time in front of a large private school.

      Being able to have room for grey is a special talent that has I think a lot to do with our comfort levels and another aspect is just plain old personality. Some people are simply more prone to black and white thinking. One trick I learnt to help when faced with black and white thinking is to give three possibilities that are fairly close together. Not four and not five. Four is an even number and is easily grouped into two and divided. Not five because this is too many and then is placed in order with the two ends having the most prominence. Three. And with limited stretching and rather factual observation but preferably NOT the “middle road.” The third option should be unique from the two already being considered. Once you can feel the shift of “hey, I never thought of that” then it is possible to be more creative and add a few other options. It doesn’t always help but sometimes it does and gets a person out of those black and white sticky spots.

      I know you know all this Laurie but I am in a musing mood this morning so thought I would share because any of us can find ourselves stuck in the black and white and we can do this exercise ourselves.

      Wishing you the very best of the weekend as well Laurie.

      • Terrill – Just because I already know something doesn’t mean it doesn’t bear repeating. And THIS approach certainly bears repeating. What a great reminder as we gently slide into the weekend 🙂

        • Laurie I don’t know how you were able to decipher what I was saying with all the missing endings on words, missing words and incorrect words in that paragraph – crazy. I just went in and edited it so it should be a little better now. That was my rather sleepy dyslexic writing at its very best 🙂

  3. Such beautiful shots, Terrill. Truly breathtaking. And, a personal highlight for me, I actually know where that is.
    To answer, effective communication continues to be an issue for me. There are many reasons for this limitation–up most this week, my lack of courage to speak my mind. It does help to write about things even I don’t share it with others. Anywho, enough of that. Have a relaxing weekend.

    • Thank you Leanne. Mill Bay and the Brentwood Campus is so different than here because it is so well groomed yet I do enjoy it. These photos were taken at Halloween but I am heading back for another visit this weekend.

      Communication is one of the trickiest things. Your ability to write it out is a bonus. I paint it out and walk it out and sometimes write it out. Nothing much changes until I decide a direction of action. It may be to not say anything and change what I am doing or it may be a heart-to-heart to sort something through. These days I frequently think of this quote:

      “Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.” ~ Laurie Buchanan

      Nothing like a little reminder from Laurie to move me from grumbling, whining, or being cranky to ACTION.

  4. Terrill, Beautiful, captivating photos. Communication for me this week has been hilarious. I’m visiting relatives in Santa Fe. We have talked so much that I have started loosing my place in conversation. Start talking and loose my train of thought. It’s just long gone. Guess I am all talked out. In a good way. Have a wonderful weekend. Terah

  5. I got so tongue tied with the TSA folks at the airport…2 were so intimidating and I got so nervous I was befuddled and they seemed to like

    Now I am here and my communication is superior so far…and It girl got me on SKYPE and my buddy who is moving to Bowen Island sent me her new info…peak communication happenin’

    loved the pictures and promoting my surprise give -away on Nov 24,25,26 for one lucky commenter – Do you think you will drop by Patricias Wisdom and check it out…See what I want?

    • Patricia I am so glad you have made it to your destination! AND I am supper excited about this:

      A Gift for my Readers and Commenters!
      Yep! Come by and make a comment on Patricia’s Wisdom on Nov. 24,25,26 because I am giving away a lovely, beautiful gift to one of my readers that day!

      But I am not going to spill any beans 😉

  6. The photographs of the seals and the lake-in-autumn are awe-inspiring Terrill. And yes, those piercing eyes on the seals suggest some kind of thought process. This is a beautiful time of the year for visual treats.

    Well your sprout question is an eternal one for someone in my profession, as it does seem like not a day passes by when there isn’t at least one perception where you feel you just can’t quite communicate with some students, at least not until some more forceful tactics are employed. Ha!

    • Yes, Sam I have a small idea what the task of teaching and communicating with students might be like. These photos were taken while visiting my daughter at private school where she is a Physics teacher and house parent. I must admit to loving my brief time around the students who I find exception in most aspects. But communicating is a extra challenge between teenagers and “old” adults – like ones with as much gray hair as I have. They sometimes smile very politely but I can almost see their thought bubble – “she seems so nice but I don’t have a clue what she is talking about!”

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