Flying Through Home Studio Gallery Day

The Studio Tour was a great success with one original oil painting HENDERSON HILL sold to a collector of my work in Victoria B.C. Canada. You may remember that this painting was recently featured on the front of the regional magazine Island Gals. I will miss this piece but know it is going to a good home where it will be most appreciated.

Also large numbers greeting cards were clutched into admiring hands and are now ready for postage as an occasion presents itself. Notices were taken away to order my new book Precious Seconds along with information to follow my blog for new work and to order specific prints online at my redbubble storefront.


Mostly though, it was a great day meeting interesting people and talking about the wonders of the southern gulf islands. Considering it poured rain most of the day and was dark and dreary the sun shone brilliant with all the company at la casa de inspiracion.


Here are a couple of photographs from a few minutes before the first visitors arrived. I took them from above. Hence, this inspires the title of today’s post.

And if you look down into the sunroom….

There are more photographs and paintings than you can see here but one painting just outside of our view is part of a special project and I am not sharing it online yet. So you have to wait.

Best of the week to you and may you be inspired to create!



Sprout Question: What are you flying through this week?



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21 thoughts on “Flying Through Home Studio Gallery Day

  1. Yup, that’s the beauty I beheld when I wandered in. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful art with me. We left with smiles on our faces–wanting to take it all home. Some day, some day. Until then I’ll keep buying your cards. : )
    What am I flying through this week–yarn. : )

    • Flying yarn… now there is a title for a short story. Leanne it was awesome to have you and your significant other drop by yesterday. Cards are great both for the buyer and the artist. I love greeting cards and it gives me an amazing amount of pleasure watch people choose.

  2. What am I flying through? well, I’m attempting to write at least 2000 words a day on the novel I started Nov.1st. I joined NaNoWriMo, which stands for National Novel Writing Month. We try to write a 50,000 word novel in a month.
    I fell behind last week because I had to put extra time on my hats for the Craft Fair and on the display for my hats and Magda novels I was offering for sale. It was really worth the time. I had the best Craft Fair ever, saw lots of folks walking away in one of my designs or carrying my books under their arms, so the feeling of satisfaction was enormous!
    Now it’s back to the writing. Wish me luck!

    • Oh you are doing the big NaNoWriMo Amber. Good for you! I can just see your hats and books waltzing out of the Craft Fair and you smiling at your booth. This is the only challenge of all us creative beings doing our thing on the same day – we don’t get to go to the work of the other. Oh well, another time. I am so happy that it went well.

      And GOOD LUCK with the writing Amber!

  3. Terrill – Oh what a beautiful setting: light, artwork, wood, tile, and nature flirting from just outside the generous windows.

    CONGRATULATIONS on another year’s successful Studio Tour!

    A visit to your home to slide around in my socks on your heated floors is on my bucket list!

    Sprout Question: What are you flying through this week?

    Monday–this very day has been a whirlwind of checking off to-do’s. When I do finally land this evening, it’s going to be with my feet up and a good book.

        • Well one never knows Laurie! Stranger things have happened I am sure. After all these years of commenting back and forth wouldn’t it be odd if we met in real time and decided that we did like each other? Do you ever think about things like this? I mean, it has been years now that we have sharing pieces of our lives and our work through various venues. But what if this warm easy friendship really didn’t hold up to the cold light of eye contact? Good thing we are not online dating ! Well, I suppose if that was the case, we would have checked off that bucket list item a long time ago.

          Do any of the rest of you feel this way? Laurie isn’t the only one who I have this long standing kind of exchange with. Jeff, you are a close second behind Laurie. Creative Potager will be celebrating a two year anniversary at the end of December and so it has been awhile for many of you now.

          Leanne and I get to meet face-to-face fairly often and Amber once in awhile.

          But mostly, fingers on keys with words flowing seems to be our most common method of connecting.

  4. Terrill,

    It is always a joy to fly through your space! Congratulations on your sale…

    I am not sure I am flying though but I may be flying over a bunch of photographs for my Dec exhibit which selection names and prices need to be in by the 21st.

    • Ah yes Jeff, this is one of the great things about exhibits. We must get the material ready for showing. I will only confess to you, that I was busy putting in inventory numbers and labeling pieces of work the night before the Studio Tour was to open. Now it is done! I have all the new paintings in my system as well as the new prints – with prices and labeling completed as well. It is a secret benefit gifted to all photographers and artists who show their work regularly.

  5. Having computer/network problems yesterday and today…so just read this post…I am glad to here there was lots of success and connections…I was thinking about you

    I have not gone any place for more than an overnight for at least 3 years…I am flying through getting all ready to go to my daughter’s home in California for 8 days…washing, cleaning, working the blog ahead…and getting food prepared for partner and puppy while I am away. Then flying around packing my suitcase…

    I am a bit too excited too…so my focus keeps flying about and all around…hmmm

    Glad to finally get here and be a bit grounded 🙂

  6. Congratulations Terrill on a fantastic studio tour! Everything looks fantastic – the lighting is great, your atmosphere is happy and inviting. So happy it went well!

    I will hopefully not be flying through the next two days- I have two 10 x 10 birch boards to complete for a fundraiser that I have to drop off at a gallery by Sunday. What I will be flying through? Work Wednesday and Thursday evening!

  7. “Henderson Hill” is a brooding canvas. That buyer has reason to celebrate for sure. And I really enjoyed the studio tour, which as always reveals a place of order, clarity and physical beauty.

    I’m late to this post (my site’s musical countdown has finally ended after a three month run, and I can finally start getting to posts here and elesewhere more puctually) so I’ve apply the sprout question to today. Well, I’ll be rushing through only 2 1/2 days of school this coming week, as with Thanksgiving on thursday and a 4 1/2 days break, we’ll be enjoying dinner with Lucille’s relatives at a scenic location that really enhances the holiday.

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