Not Much to See

Sometimes when there is not much to see it still feels just right, particularly on Monday morning. I like to ease into the week still blinking away the coziness of the weekend.


It is an ordinary sort of morning down by the water and there is not much to see.

I like it anyway, the quiet, unimpressive business of ordinary life. The studio is about the same. I finished one painting but I still need to take a photograph. Then I started on another. As I have been saying, not much to see yet. But would you like to peek over my shoulder? Alright, but no comments about my painting apron only partially covering my nightgown. No complaining that it isn’t quite daylight yet, nor that I didn’t make everything pretty. It is a reference snapshot. It is also going to be a bit crowded but I think we can all squeeze in. Okay, okay I will show you….

Sam, can I get you to move to right so Leanne can see as well. Laurie I know you are excited but there isn’t enough room for you jump up and down right now. Maureen, you can come a little closer and squeeze in there on the left. Jeff if you come over by me I think you can see over top of PatriciaShakeira, Sue and Josie… hum! Oh no! Here comes… we are just going to have to have another viewing when the painting is finished.



Sprout Question: What is your favourite not-much-to-see view or moment?



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10 thoughts on “Not Much to See

  1. Perhaps a tad bit romantic or naive, though I think there’s always something on which to look. It is a matter of whether or not we see, however. Photography is an excellent filter… sometimes we just look closer and see better than other days, ya?

  2. Thank you for moving over, Sam. Now, I can see fine.
    Oh, that was so much fun–like Romper Room. And, yes, you mentioning my name made up for all the years she didn’t.
    My favourite not-much-to-see moment…
    Sometimes my cats sit side-by-side outside and stare at the fence. I wonder are they mimicking their silly human who stares at walls (TV and computer screeen)?

  3. Terrill – Oh what a FUN post, gathering us all around your easels for a sneak peek! (although Sam nearly spilled his tea on my foot, and Jeff’s squishing me)…

    Sprout Question: What is your favorite not-much-to-see view or moment?

    Watching the fire in our woodburning stove — even though there’s not much to see, the flames can hold me captive for hours.

  4. Now that the sun is high in the sky and because I am tall, I can see clearly over the shoulders of the others to see your lovely progress. Morning into day is a view with not much to see that I enjoy.

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