SPILLING OVER original oil painting by Terrill Welch

Do you remember back in early September when a following sea was making a grand entrance onto the shore? We had taken a long walk together admiring the arbutus trees and then the sea.

Well one of those photographs kept nudging at me to put it on canvas. So here we go.

From some very dark beginnings

I sketch in some guiding marks for the composition.

I begin to work in the primary forms.

If we look a little closer you can see these are easy and free strokes suggesting rather than predicting what is to come.

I build up the paint and enjoy the movement of water coming into the canvas.

At this point the canvas is getting too wet to do anymore.

Besides it had started to snow outside.

So I left the painting to rest and stuck it where I could keep an eye on it. Over the next week or so I would pick it up and work on it some more as it became clear what it was it was asking for. Finally, here is the finished piece.

SPILLING OVER 12 X 12 inch original oil on canvas painting by Terrill Welch

The painting is available for purchase in a new online gallery Artsy Home along with some of my other original paintings. Yes, you can now buy my work directly from this site using all sorts of means. Isn’t this grand? I will be adding more pieces very shortly.

Sprout Question: What is spilling over in your creativity?

Please note: It is December and I shall be on a vacation from regular blogging. You will still hear from me such a special holiday post and near the end of December I will be post a two year anniversary post for Creative Potager. Regular scheduled posts will then begin again the first week of January.

© 2011 Terrill Welch, All rights reserved.

Liberal usage granted with written permission. See “About” for details.

Purchase photography at http://www.redbubble.com/people/terrillwelch

Creative Potager – where imagination rules. Be inspired.

From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

Terrill Welch online Gallery at http://terrillwelchartist.com

26 thoughts on “SPILLING OVER original oil painting by Terrill Welch

  1. Very nice Terrill and I do so enjoy your words of how you apply the paint to get the image from your mind to the canvas….I very much like the energy in this work. Thank you

    I am still spilling over in gratitude for all my wonderful readers and that my IT Girl and I were able to get some movement on the blogs and make some technical corrections. (Such as Wise Ears got a fan page on Facebook and I got training on my newsletter and think I can do it now!)

    I am doing a bit of a happy dance, because I think I have enough funds to get some help from a professional online marketer in the new year….I actually made money in the last quarter of my 4th year of blogging…such a deal!

    • Oh Patricia I am doing the happy dance with you! Congratulations!!!! This is wonderful news. I look forward to all that is going to continue to spill over for you in the months ahead. How exciting! Oh! Thank you for the feedback on this latest painting too 🙂

  2. Wonderful to see the progression. Would love to see the original piece. Photos never really capture texture or intensity of any painting.

    • You are so right Jan but it makes it an absolute thrill for the buyer when the original arrives and they can feel the aliveness of the work in person. I offer a 30 day return policy for this reason. If a person isn’t completely satisfied with the original when it arrives they can return it for the cost of the mailing and be refunded for their purchase.

      And welcome to Creative Potager your High River Arts blog seems to be just the creative place readers here would like to browse. I do like the idea of “art for lunch” that is happening at the Evanescence Gallery and Art Studio. I think that is an idea worth repeating in other locations… maybe right here on Mayne Island.

      • The “Art for Lunch” is something I attend every month. Arlene, the owner, walks everyone through the art and artists represented in the Gallery that month. The lunch is wonderful and the cost is $10.00. A great way to spend a lunch hour and meet other people interested in art.

  3. Terrill –

    It has taken me the whole day to get here, but here I am — and glad of it, too! I so enjoy the way you “show, don’t tell” (a good writer’s rule) us what you did to arrive where you’re at. My goodness, but this is a beauty!

    And I love when you said, “…suggesting rather than predicting what is to come.”

    Sprout Question: What is spilling over in your creativity?

    An author friend of mine (Sheila Glazov, author of “What Color is Your Brain?) has suggested that we weave her ideas regarding brain color, and my ideas regarding The Color of Wellness, to create a workshop! I think it’s got huge potential.

    • You must have heard me thinking about Laurie. I said to myself… it is getting awfully late in Illinois and no Laurie yet. If you hadn’t of shown up soon I would have need to send out a search party 🙂 Your idea I think will sprout wings and be a kite of dreams come true. What a great idea. I agree – huge potential.

      And thank you for the feedback on the painting. I personally really like this one but I am not sure if it will be favoured by many others. We shall see. Owl’s View had a low response when I first released it as well. But over time their were people who see it as their favourite over all the others.

      Best of the weekend to you Laurie and I won’t be posting regularly now until the first week of January. It is the beginning of my quiet time.

  4. I thought I saw this yesterday, but was feeling a bit under the weather… glad to have caught up with spilling over… Beautiful shots of your process, and the sharing of your painting process is always rewarding and informative. Most people who buy art never get this opportunity to be “part” of the process.

    Maybe I will start doing some of that with my photographs and my blog? Hmm?

    I think I like the Black and white photograph of Spilling Over better. But heck what do I know?

    Spilling over into my creativity is a new lens, early christmas present, and of course an new exhibit to open to Monday! Yippie!!!

    • Congratulations Jeff on both the new lens and the opening! Yes! You are likely not the only one who likes the black and white photograph better than the painting but I just had to paint it so here it is.

  5. This painting, Terrill, has a lovely energy about it … contained, yet, vast. Bravo. Enjoy your December … it’s a lovely time of the year. The colors of the season, the spirit of friendship, the peacefulness of knowing a new year is right around the corner. Blessings! –Daisy

  6. All your work-in-progress posts are wonderments. This one brings in some sensory perspectives too with the snow and the lovely exteriors. Would love to see the finished product.

    My own “creativity” in the month of December annually is to collaborate with Lucille on the gift-giving for our brood -always a challenge to be different- and to see just how many year-end movies can be crammed in so I can make my yearly “list”. Ha!

    Have a nice break Terrill, and continue down your path to artistic greatness.

    • Dear Sam, uh um… this is as good as it gets 🙂 “Spilling Over” is complete in the last frame after the snow. It is not going to be everyone’s painting but does look very nice on our wall right now.

      Remember when we learned not to get all excited and when our children did drawings and say “wow, what a great elephant!” unless we knew it was an elephant. Because if we didn’t we were likely to get those deflated shoulders and a response like “is is a mouse.”

      Good luck buying for your children and enjoy those movies. I am going away for a couple of days so will be late to your Monday Dairies but I have two offerings in the wings.

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  9. Hi Terrill, just wanted to stop by and see what you were creating these days. Looks lovely! Thanks for sharing your creative process…and the snow flying outside. What is spilling over in my creativity? Lots and lots of words–sometimes I can’t even finish breakfast before blogging stories. Because it’s so darn much fun! Hope you are well.

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