For the Love of Brown-Eyed Susan

The gray and rain of January give a person a chill that can only be warmed by thinking of summer while sipping a hot cup of mint tea. This and a photograph of a clump of Brown-Eyed Susan taken during my August trip to Saturna Island are providing a zing to my Monday.

These beauties were in the lush garden of the Saturna Lodge B&B.

SPROUT: What are you doing to warm-up from the winter chills? 

P.S. MY original oil painting STORM COMING is on its way to a new home in Ohio today. I will miss it but I know it is going to a very good home.

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

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10 thoughts on “For the Love of Brown-Eyed Susan

  1. Terrill – The sun-filled photograph provided a delightful ZING for me too, thank you.

    SPROUT: What are you doing to warm-up from the winter chills?

    I enjoy a hot cuppa tea several times throughout the day.

  2. Thanks. . . .I needed that. I felt zapped by the power of the sun immediately after looking at that photo Terrill (and I too just finished a warm cup a tea while gazing out the window at the gray, damp wet of January in the mountains. . . . praying for an early spring:)

  3. Wow is it grey today after yesterday’s 63’F and sunshine…I resolve to find some brighter coloured clothing soon.

    Loved the picture, just the thing I needed to see

    • Patricia I have a few brightly coloured red, pink and blue scarves that I throw around my neck this time of year. This always helps. Glad the picture worked… North America must be under one big cloud today. Everyone seems to be experiencing the same thing.

  4. Love the golden flowers that will make any day brighter. Also, love the painting you sold!!! Congratulations…

    Do you like the Artsy site a lot? I’ve been looking for a web site to sell some of my art, and this one looks very promising.


    • Thank you Monti and yes Artsy Home is a good fit for me. The site is easy to use and they do a good job of promoting my work. No networking on the site required to get exposure. Love this aspect of it! I only joined in December and this is the first painting they have sold for me but so far I am impressed and would be very comfortable recommending them.

  5. Hi Terrill,
    I smiled as I saw the title of your blog and photo today, as the 20″ x 24″ canvas sitting on my easel is of the same type of flowers. Even unfinished it just gives me a shot of cheer to combat the grey of winter. Other than that, I tend to enjoy a warm drink of hot chocolate or chai and a good book or movie to combat winter chills.

    • Oh Sue that is just too funny! That is what we get for being sisters I guess. I think about this photograph often but have not listed it for sale. I want to get one sort of the same but more dramatic – a project for this coming August. I am looking forward to seeing your painting.

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