Abstract Sensing

Sometimes nature delivers the finest abstract compositions such as yesterday late in the afternoon at Georgina Point on Mayne Island. We only had a few moments of sun but they were a nice reprieve from the gray and rain of west coast winter. I was glad I was there, camera-at-the-ready, to take this photograph.

Good morning, happy Friday and the best of the weekend to you!


SPROUT: What natural abstract composition has recently caught your attention? 


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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

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10 thoughts on “Abstract Sensing

  1. Terrill – I had to do a double-take…the clouds in the far distance look like mountains! This sun-soaked moment is a much-deserved reprieve for you Mayne Islanders. I’m so glad you were able to capture it!

    SPROUT: What natural abstract composition has recently caught your attention?

    That’s easy, yours!

  2. That photo is a smorgasboard of all things yummy Terrill. To begin color and texture take the lead – that goes without saying. Then we have the communication from the nature devas (oh ya, they’re allll there) their presence is responsible for the near phosphoressence quality of energy bouncing off the shot (they LOVE a photo op). And then there is “The Story”. Oh my goodness, what a yarn could be worven around this multi-layered extravaganza of color, shape, texture, energy – not to mention the multidimentional inspiration such provides. Maybe I will. . . . .write!!

  3. The color of the rocks in the foreground is stunning. What has caught my eye lately has been weeds pushing upward through the snow. How regal they are in their simplicity. How I really should find my camera and photograph them once again. Thank you, Terrill, for another beautiful post.

  4. I’m figuring that we will all be spared a bad winter Terrill, and the photos you’ve been posting as of late are far more neutral in temperament than is usual for this time. But as always the compositions are lovely. The last abstract images I laid eyes on apart from this gem are the ones I watched in the avante garde dance film PINA by Wim Wenders which made better use of 3D than any film I’ve ever seen in this format. Absolutely stunning.

    • Oh my Sam I shall have to look up this film. You make it sound extremely intriguing. Yes, it has been a mild winter for us so far and not much for high winds. Only a few more weeks now and we will be thinking about early spring here… or maybe I am already the new growth and baby lambs – the first of which should arrive in a few days on the farm in the valley below la casa de inspiracion.

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