The Song of Waves

The waves – their energy sings to me as they come to shore. The melodies may change but the music is as recognizable as my favourite band.

Sometimes I just roll with it…

Rock or Sea

Seaweed or Wave

Swish splash!

Sing to me, I say – sing to me!


SPROUT: What sound in nature is as familiar to you as your favourite music? 


© 2012 Terrill Welch, All rights reserved.

Liberal usage granted with written permission. See “About” for details.

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada


12 thoughts on “The Song of Waves

  1. Terrill – Ohhhhhh, that third photograph with the horizontal belt of green in the center pulled me right into its delicious depths!

    SPROUT: What sound in nature is as familiar to you as your favourite music?

    The leaves whispering amongst themselves.

  2. Just reading the comment above on the leaves whispering amongst themselves. Love it. The sounds above us reminds me of the sounds of bamboo clicking in the wind on the grounds of the Morikami Museum.

    And, in reference to your post Terrill. You are so fortunate to live by the ocean. I envy that. I am 20 minutes away from the Atlantic, in Florida, generally a lot calmer than where you are. I did go to Boynton Beach to end 2011 with sunset and started 2012 with sunrise. It was wonderful.

    I got really excited when I got home and began playing with the short videos I took. I realized there was a way I could bring the ocean and ocean sounds to anyone with a computer.

    As I’m writing, I’m listening to the ocean in background. Further explanation and links so anyone else can do the same can be found on

    To the music of Nature. In Wonder, Joy, and Love, Sheila

  3. What drama photos, Terrill. It always amazes me how you can capture our glassy sea dancing.
    To answer, not my favourite band, but I hear my dad’s voice in bird songs.
    Dad passed away over a decade ago. He was an avid bird watcher–always ensuring to lay out seed so they could endure our harsh Manitoba winter. (I say with the full knowledge that all Maniobains will point out, to this (now) BCer, what a mid-winter they’ve had.)

    • And no snow for us yet this morning Leanne. I hear Vancouver has a sprinkling though so not too far from us. I love the drama of the sea… she is so good at it 😉 Thank you for sharing your story about your dad. What a wonderful memory.

    • Yes the sound of sea Alison. There is nothing that compares for me. I used to drive a whole day to get to the sea and it felt like the first time I had fully exhaled since the last visit. Now it is a blessing to be only a few minutes from the shore on any given day.

    • Yes Terah, song birds area another inspiring enjoyable sound. Reminds me of when my oldest grandson was about four years old and he was helping me do laundry. We had to walk to a shared laundry room and the blackbirds were singing their song. I told him “listen to that – can you hear it? They are saying ‘it’s spring time, it’s spring time.” Well, by the time we were collecting the last load he looked at me and said “Grandma how come they keep saying the same thing over and over again? Don’t they know any other words?”

  4. The sounds of the early morning birds certainly brings the glorious music of Vaughn Williams and especially his beautiful “The Lark Descending.”

    But yes those forceful if cascading waves do speak their own language.

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