The Coast is Clear

The last few days with stretches of sun have seen for many a photo shoot. Over the next few posts I will share the bounty. Today we shall start with a lovely and way to rare opportunity to focus on the B. C. coastal mountains as seen from across the Strait of Georgia on Mayne Island.

When the coast is clear the Mountains command our attention. It is like a huge surprise and hard to believe they have been their shrouded in clouds all along.

Vancouver high-rise buildings are dwarfed at their feet and compressed in the sliver of space between mountain and sea. If I learned how to “stitch” photographs together I could give you this outstanding string of pearly mountain peaks up and down the coast. But we shall just see it in sections today. Here a Freighter comes into view. This is something that is common for the Strait of Georgia as they head for the Vancouver harbour.

I tried out another black and white for the next image as I find the neutral tones more satisfying in being able to focus on the mountains.

Still, it is a struggle and I am not completely happy with the results yet.  More learning is necessary I think. These grand beasts deserve the best I can give them. However, I enjoy this view of Mount Baker. Her soft profile now graces the background on my computer.

SEED: How does a photographer best capture mountains? This is my learning curve question at the moment. It is not as easy as one might think and I have not got what I am seeking in a photograph yet. So I went on a search and found this great article in the Landscape Photography Magazine by Darwin Wiggett “How to Photograph Mountains

SPROUT: Where is your inner soft mountain grandness showing up today? 

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12 thoughts on “The Coast is Clear

  1. Terrill –

    Black and white…color… it doesn’t matter how you slice it the images you’ve captured and shared here are drop-dead gorgeous!

    As to your SEED question…

    If it’s a learning CURVE for you, it’s a learning CLIFF for me! But I’m going to follow the link you provided to Darin Wiggett’s article and see if I can glean a bit of wisdom on the subject.

    • I was impressed with the article Laurie because it has the many levels of learning that allows a reader to start wherever they are on the curve and keep going deeper and deeper. It is not often I find this in articles about a specific aspect of photography. Enjoy!

  2. We are having such beautiful weather and I keep telling everyone about the pink camilia in bloom on my i see a great many of my primroses are also in bloom

    Mt. Rainier is just spectacular out my window…amazing…and then the Wolf moon rising in the night right beside the mountain and reflected in Capital Lake…WOW…

    Lovely pictures – wow I do not have a camera good enough to take mountain shots…

    Often in February the sun rises out of the top of Mount Rainer….we always hope for sunny days to see it happen…

    I am excited because yesterday I learned I had healed the two problems growing in my eye…diet and walking…another kudos for vegan eating. And here it is February and I have to go everywhere in my sunglasses…who cares….I can see.

    The astigmatism is getting worse but only slightly and only when tired…a new lens should help…but changing out three pair of glasses is a challenge – a bit like mountain climbing. Another peak to conquer is the email program is not working on my Outlook program….3 days on the phone trying to get this fixed….hmmm I am working at flowing with recovery and not picking a fight.
    It has made my work very slow.

    • Congratulation on healing your eyes Patricia! Wow this is wonderful news! I have worn trifocals for many years and I always say they are like driving a big truck with 21 gears – easy enough once a person gets the hang of shifting. Good luck with the computer issues.

  3. Terrill, thank you for the link!! I love the mountains and resonate with Dawrin’s description of our physical and emotional reactions to these wonderful landscapes. I also have a disproportionately large number of his first example of mountain photos…..the direct light effect 🙂

    Greatly appreciating your beautiful photo of Mt. Baker.

    • Well Colleen, I admittedly have a large number of Dawrin’s first example as well. Mountains are not easy and I am determine to master the ability to get at least a few satisfying dramatic shots. Glad you like the Mount Baker image.

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