A Good Day By The Sea

Wild wonders are left washed in natural design after the many days of high winds, high tides and rain.

Seaweed clings in its deep sea green vest to the sandstone chest of the reef.

Reflections shine clear and true in the shallows.

It is a good day by the sea.

(image is available for purchase HERE)

I have more to share from yesterday’s time at the water’s edge but it shall have to wait.

Oh! A small celebration. My photograph of the three Orcas is featured on the cover of the regional Gulf Islands Island Tides newspaper latest issue. The online version is here athttp://www.islandtides.com/assets/IslandTides.pdf

Happy Friday and all the best of the weekend to you!


SPROUT: What makes it “A Good Day!” for you?


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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

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13 thoughts on “A Good Day By The Sea

  1. Terrill – That final photograph where you capture “splash” is my favorite! CONGRATULATIONS on the three orcas being selected as the cover for Gulf Island Tides Newspaper — that’s fantastic!

    SPROUT: What makes it “A Good Day!” for you?

    My “pet peeve” is feeling rushed (hurry, hurry, hurry), so any day I don’t feel like I’m racing the clock is a GOOD day. Any day I can additionally enjoy a hot cuppa tea in the afternoon is a GREAT day!

    • Thank you! I don’t mind the hurrying so much Laurie as the feeling of being late and behind where I want to be in a day. I like to be on early side of any commitment and then slide in with my best attempt at seamless grace. So tea in the afternoon is a GREAT day! And today it is tea in the afternoon with our good friend Leanne and this is extra special for sure.

  2. More lovely pictures – thank you that makes my day great
    A second day of sunshine makes my day great and good, a hearty walk, and some conversation a long the way, or a terrific book….

    It always helps if I remember to smile…even when cleaning the filter in the washing machine! Then it just feels good too 🙂

    Thanks for thinking about me and my Amazon connections. I am leading my book group discussion on the 21st about that book in February…I was wondering if you had any impressions to share?
    I think the book is available as a free download from the King County Public library right to your computer…you can check it out for a month. It has been around for awhile. You just have to join..
    I bet the library in Vancouver or UBC has the same OVERDRIVE program for borrowing books too?
    I have gotten download research from Simon Fraser U too…FYI

    • I am a slow reader Patrica and do not read well on the computer. I have ordered the book and it is expected to arrive between Feb 8th and 22nd – not much chance I will get it read and able to provide any impressions for your book club but one never knows. I will try though if it gets here earlier rather than later.

  3. Each photo is exquisite Terrill, can’t even pick a favorite out of this batch as they each have such a personal feel and flavor. . .I love them all equally.

    A good day for me is EVERYDAY. . .providing I look long enough to find the “good” in it!!

  4. The newspaper photograph of the three Orcas is intense! And it’s fantastic it is featured! And the seashore photos yield a sense of mystery. I’m rather surprised at all the wind and rain for this time of the year!

    Having just gotten over a nasty run of the flu, with all the dire symptoms and ramifications, I can say without reservation that a “good day” is simply one where you wake up feeling comfortable. It may seem modest, but it sure is everything.

    • I couldn’t agree more Sam with about walking up and feeling comfortable. I woke with a “change-in-the-weather” sinus headache yesterday that didn’t let go until dinner time. This morning I woke comfortable – the best! This is the itme of year we get most of our rain and high winds. In fact so much so that many of the full-time year round residents go to a hot sunny place for a month or two. We are among I am sure only about 300-400 people milling quietly around the island, walking, visiting and enduring the days until it shifts and we know spring is on the way. The day I took these photographs felt like that shift was starting to happen. Yes it can still be miserable but a person knows it won’t last.

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