Seaweed Triptych

I was fascinated to learn that our eyes only see clearly a small area at a time and then the brain translates and stitches the image through memory into a whole view. At times we seem to be fixated on creating photography with overall sharp focus, leaving no room for the eye to rest and the brain to create and complete the image – as it so loves to do.

This triptych plays with the concept of viewing one eye frame at a time.

I may not leave it like this but have an idea about printing it on canvas and using paint to complete the work as mixed media decorative works.

We shall see.


SPROUT: What are you waiting to see?


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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

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14 thoughts on “Seaweed Triptych

  1. Intriguing photos, Terrill.
    I’m waiting to see a new movie on the big screen. My husband and I have been trying for three months now, but–with the long list of “off island must dos”–we just haven’t been able to swing it. A small price to pay to live in paradise.

  2. I love this! Abstracted but detailed, lots to look at in all 3 shots.

    Not only am I finally trying to get control of my camera to get shots like this, but my eyes only work well one at a time, and I’ve been doing exercises to encourage them to work together. Fascinating to actually break it down.

  3. I liked the photographs very much and that perspective of one frame….

    I just picked up my new glasses for reading on the computer…WOW…I am seeing much more clearly and reading without head ache and tired eyes, but woe is me if I forget and try to walk around with them on…I feel drunk and anxious…oh what those eyes see and tell us…fairly amazing

    • With my trifocals Patricia I have this sensation every time I forget to look through the right window into the world.But I am well practiced now after more than 20 years so it doesn’t happen often.

    • Yes they kind of do have that DNA feeling Alison… I have to really believe in my vision because just to get the prints on canvas in the size I want to work with will be well over $600 – that is a lot of money to stake on an idea with no commission or buyer in sight. So I am going to think on it really hard before stepping forward.

    • I am still puzzling over these images Sam. I may order them medium size and give my idea a try. All the best with the Film Forum 🙂 And the best of the week to you. I can’t believe you were able to pop by and then dive through all of this weeks posts. A pleasure chatting and connecting with you as always.

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