February Flight at Sunrise over Strait of Georgia

Everyone once in a while my heart seems to stop as I focus an image into the frame. I usually must click the shutter release at the same moment as this happens if I am going to capture it for us. Such is the case with this image of the sun rising over the Strait of Georgia…


(image is available for purchase HERE)

It is dawn on the west coast in February with a bit of fog for added mystery.  Yes, it was taken shortly after yesterday’s image of “Queen of Cumberland Ferry on a Morning in February” Having just three seagulls fly up like that and being able to click the release for the shutter to get them in that perfect position is nothing short of a miracle. I know highly skilled photoshop users would put as many birds as they wanted wherever they wanted in an image. But this is not me. I have to do it the old fashion way.


SPROUT: What mysteries have you been able to capture lately? 


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10 thoughts on “February Flight at Sunrise over Strait of Georgia

  1. Terrill, I appreciate the old fashioned way, photography unplugged. There is something honest and very beautiful about photography like this. An inner beauty of sorts, something that seems to be getting harder to find in today’s world of high tech photo editing 🙂

    • What kind and wonderful thing to say Colleen! I do some basic editing of my photographs as needed but have yet to learn anything really complex like HDR or select sharpening and such. I share this so you, my images are not straight out of the camera but nothing too fancy is done to them. I am glad they strike a cord with you.

  2. Just Beautiful and I am so glad you enticed me to come back and take a look.
    Sunrise has been so beautiful all of February so far and my walks just pure pleasure with the discovery of primroses in bloom and bulbs shooting up…

    If Winter is coming back, I think it will be extremely hard on folks around here.

    Thank you so much for sharing the picture

    • Yes Patricia I have notice the snowdrops are starting to bloom by the front steps. The air of spring seemed to give off its first fragrance here a week ago. Yesterday we were sitting on the beach and I took my jacket off while enjoying the sun. And you are most welcome 🙂

  3. “The old fashioned way” — as you said — is beyond stunning, Terrill. This is wonderfulness at its best. Thank you for sharing it here.

    SPROUT: What mysteries have you been able to capture lately?

    I’ve captured it, but not “solved” it. Over at Speaking from the Heart you see, yet again, that humans do, indeed, look like their companion animals 🙂

    • Oh I saw that photograph and your excellent question yesterday Laurie. I will say no more so that others can drop by and have a look for themselves. Glad you enjoyed the sunrise. I have a new mini painting going up today of a sunrise as well.

  4. amazing photograph – i am constantly delighted at what mother nature has to share with us – thank you for being in the right spot at the right time to capture this gift

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