GREETING DAWN original painting by Terrill Welch

As the seagull tucks its head around the morning light sings out a warm greeting. This oil painting is 6 x 6 inches with a 2 inch wood cradle and is the smallest painting I have ever done. No frame required. This very small richly textured sunrise seascape is part of a new series “Squared to the Sea.”

GREETING DAWN would enhance a bedside, small bathroom wall, examining room or waiting area giving rise to serenity and peace.

UPDATE: February 10, 2012 This painting is now SOLD and off  to Dakota U.S. 

SEED: I am enjoying exploring this expanded sunrise and sunset palette of colours in both my painting and photography. I wonder what secrets these colours hold for us? Do they have a special place in our heritage of colour experience? I am starting with this children’s website for Weather Optical Illusions.

© 2012 Terrill Welch, All rights reserved.

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

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22 thoughts on “GREETING DAWN original painting by Terrill Welch

  1. Lovely and so small and I liked the link to the children’s page.
    I just posted a picture on Facebook that the weather person at KING5 news in Seattle took, of sunrise over Mt Rainer with 2 pink rings on top. I am sure Jeff Renner knows about the rings and could explain them but I will just say they were stunning.

    I am wondering if there is some symbolic meaning to all the lovely winter sunrises we are having – and how lovely of you to capture so many with your camera and paintings… I am thinking of something like Native American Lore or Leonardo Di Vinci kinds of thoughts – storytelling

    My Father was in the Canadian Navy for WWII and he always said, ” Red at night sailors delight, Red in the morning sailors warning!”

    All this pink?

    Thank you for sharing

  2. Terrill,

    I like the idea of smaller works, even though over and over I see art getting bigger and bigger…

    Those moments of dawn are so fleeting one moment the sky is dark blue, or the sun peaks over and the world illuminates with pale red, pink, orange… you have captured those moments…

    There is wonderful textual language going here, the colors seem to make the world separated, sky and sea, yet one enhances the other! I think very Van Gogh !

    • What an interesting thought Jeff… I thought of him too when I was setting up the palette for these recent paintings. There is a saying that larger doesn’t mean better when it comes to paintings. I too like seeing some of the smaller works. Though an ample canvas is a pleasure to swing the brush across 🙂

    • Oh Leanne! I am deeply honoured. Note: because of the live link this ended up hiding in my spam filter where I retrieved it this morning.

      I feeling incredibly guilty because I have not followed up on giving out the award that Laurie gave to me over a week ago. Now a second one!!! Yikes!

      Leanne and Laurie did I ever tell you that I am last person you want to give a chain letter or a chain type award? I know how much fun it is to find new great blogs to read so it is not the intent that is the issue. I am just pitifully awful with follow through on these kinds of things. So I am going to give myself one more week to give out my awards and then I am going bow out and acknowledge defeat.

  3. Terrill, will be lovely to have your artwork here in my office, aka SunnyRoomStudio. A reminder of perpetual time … as opposed to clocks and calendars that really have no lasting meaning. Thanks for your beautiful vision … I love the “frameless” approach … in our impermanent world, why frame anything? Now off to walk Orion, the cheerful, high-energy puppy in my office squeaking his toys, etc. Still struggling to keep up with him around here, but hopefully, he’ll be a serene stargazer one day! In the spirit of making special days even more memorable, Daisy

    • Daisy it is with great pleasure I scouted out the perfect size box and double checked to make sure this painting is dry enough to ship. There are a few more small details before I finish the packaging of this wee tiny painting to travel to its new home at SunnyRoomStudio I just know it is going to be very happy there with you 🙂

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