Does anyone read blogs and does it matter that you write?

Short answer: Yes they do and yes it does!

Sold – photography print on canvas  of  Building with a View #2  in series of five by Terrill Welch

(available for purchase HERE)

There is a wonderful story that goes with this sale. Yesterday, as I was standing on top of a bench-seat in order to hang a small painting in the Green House Bar and Grill here on Mayne Island,  I hear a woman say

“Are you Terrill Welch?”

I turn, raising my eyebrows slightly at the smiling stranger and reply “yes I am”

The woman came bounding forward.

“OMG! I read your blog all the time! I am from Edmonton and whenever it is miserable there I go to your blog. I love your work! It is such a pleasure to meet you!”

Her husband is more nonchalantly and says – before saying hello to me –

“Is this the blog you always send me links to at work and tell me I just have to see it?” and as his wife is nodding he then smiles at me and says hello.

She is laughing and says “oh I send your blog posts everywhere – to my husband, my dad, all my friends”

Teasing she adds “you are famous in Edmonton you know.”

(For those not familiar with Edmonton – population 752,412 in 2007 and it is in Alberta, Canada – right next to British Columbia and about a two-day drive away from Mayne Island. Many make this trip at least once a year and sometimes several times. Anonymity intact!)

Before the couple even get their lunch ordered, this piece is selected and set aside for purchasing when they were ready to leave. She was able to ask for it by name and fortunately it was one of the photography prints I had selected to show this time.

I tell this story because if, as an artist, photographer or writer, you ever doubt the impact of your blogging efforts and all the time you put into posting your work – think again. It does matter. It does make a difference in connecting your work to those who will and do enjoy it.

I had never met this delightful woman before. I did not know this reader as one of my regular readers who comments here on Creative Potager.  And the post with this photograph was made on February 19, 2010

I allow those who have a subscription to my blog to receive the whole post so they can read it and share it – the consequence of this is the views do not show up in my viewing statistics. But none-the-less, she is a regular reader and was able to comment on past and recent posts with great joy.

A fine moment for any artist, photographer or writer.
Thank you, thank you to my dear reader who has quietly enjoyed these posts and shared them with her family and friends. Thank you to all those readers I have yet to meet. And thank you to those readers I know well and who comment and share my work regularly. You are wonderful! You are a joy! You make my heart glad to be alive!


SPROUT Question: __________________ (you decide:)


P.S. This wasn’t the only sale yesterday as I was putting up the new show – but that is another story! 😉


© 2012 Terrill Welch, All rights reserved.

Liberal usage granted with written permission. See “About” for details.

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29 thoughts on “Does anyone read blogs and does it matter that you write?

  1. A lovely photo. This story drives home your comments to me earlier today. Your art and your comments are deeply/sincerely appreciated.

    • Thank you Charles – so glad this and my other comments have been helpful. You know, I get great pleasure in communicating with others about some of the things that matter most to me. It is more than painting or photography – though that is extremely important to me as well. But really it is the pure pleasure of being alive and enjoying the gift of each day. Creating, blogging and readers are part of that gift.

  2. Congratulations on your sales, Terrill! And on meeting one of your blog readers and collector. That’s so exciting. This post was written for me today, in case you were wondering. I subscribe to your blog posts, so I always see them in my email, but you haven’t seen me here much lately. Time just slips through one’s fingers sometimes. But more importantly, I’ve struggled off and on with the question of blogging and whether it matters, and each time I go through that thought process, something jars me out of whatever mood that is. Things like wonderful comments from people who say they are inspired, and those are such a treasure. Thanks for writing this.

    • Martha I have come to your blog many times for inspiration and enjoyed your posts. I don’t always comment but I sure do enjoy reading. So I am thrilled if this post helped in some way to fuel your blogging juices. And you are most welcome as always!

  3. OMG! How wonderful is that! Your famous, and sought after artist! How cool! Congratulations on the sale, I think the visit is a bigger gift than the sales!!!

    I recently met family and friends of a photographer friend of mine, who when introduced by him, they said “Oh read your blog, we love it!” who knew!

    I think I will keep at it!

    • You have me laughing Jeff! Famous is only a perspective – an odd warped ripple in our everyday living. Like you say the bigger gift is the visit rather than the sales. I am very pleased to hear you are keeping your blog too – good idea!

  4. I tell this story because if, as an artist, photographer or writer, you ever doubt the impact of your blogging efforts and all the time you put into posting your work – think again. It does matter. It does make a difference in connecting your work to those who will and do enjoy it.”

    I have huge doubts on my score this week about folks reading…but you can see your influence growing and spreading and delighting.
    I like your work and I enjoy sharing what you share…

    I am trying not to put so much heart into my blog – it works for others but apparently not for me..
    I still do it because some are reading and listening….I still have lots to say…

    • I think Patricia that satisfaction comes from a match of expectation. My number of online reads and statistics haven’t changed hugely over the years. My subscriptions have increased though but are still not huge. What brings me such pleasure and joy is my regular conversations with people like you. I am not out to create a sensation or even a living with my blog, art and photography sales. I am here just for the joy of it. Yes the numbers mean something but I don’t loose sleep over them and they are not attached to my ability to pay the bills or buy groceries. Nor is my ego or sense of self wrapped up in these platforms or exchanges to any great degree. This gives me lots of room to sit back and enjoy the ride. My heart is fully engaged though – I put everything I have available into whatever I do – win, lose or draw. This is just part of who I am. If I can’t do this – then I stop doing it at all and go do something where I can. Having said this, every person is different so we each must do what is right for us. All the best of today Patricia and a warm cyber hug.

  5. Wonderful story Terrill. It is indeed gratifying and heartening to find out this kind of information up front, though in your case I am hardly surprised. I’d say it’s clear enough that you are Mayne Island’s most celebrated resident, and deservedly so! As far as Edmonton, I always dreaded the appearance of the Bib Bad Oilers and Wayne Gretzky when they visited my beloved New York Islanders at Nassau Coliseum back in the day. But I know it’s a thriving place to live for sure.

    Your painting here, which I did see in the prior post is a real treasure!

    • Oh Sam I am a long way from being the most celebrated Mayne Island resident. There are many here who would not be able to name me as I passed by on the hiking trail 🙂 Yes Edmonton is very much a thriving place. Thank you so much as always for your kind words and support. I am on vacation this week with my young traveling companion. We are on Saturna Island and hope to bring home photographs, drawings, paintings and memories.

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